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Samsung T5 2TB USB 3.1 Gen 2 Portable SSD $264.29 Delivered @ Amazon AU ($251.75 Price Beat @ Officeworks)


Lowest ever price from Amazon AU according to CamelCamelCamel. Save another $15 for Prime trial users with code.

I was successful in price beating it at Officeworks (where it is currently still listed at $338), which brought the cost down to $251.75. The person I spoke to on the phone said because it was more than 25% below the Officework’s price, the price match would have to been confirmed and would take a while for the order confirmation (which it did – I got the price beat at 10am, didn’t get the order confirmation until 12:45pm).

To price beat it, you just need to tell them the Officeworks product name (“Samsung 2TB Portable Solid State Drive T5”), the Amazon product number (B074X1P1MS), and tell them that the model number (MU-PA2T0B/WW) is the same. (I was told it’s online-only, so you can’t price beat in store, but you get free metro delivery or click&collect included in the price beat).

I currently already own a 500gb T5 (since 2017) and a 1tb T7 (since last year), and I’ve very happy with both. Essentially the T7 is a better bet if you value read/write speeds, and the T5 is better if you’d prefer more storage per dollar spent – but both offer (equally) outstanding portability without risking data loss, reliability & durability compared to portable hard drives.

Currently 0% cashback at Cashrewards for this Amazon product category, but you can always get 3% off Amazon AU giftcards from Suncorp Rewards etc. if you’re unable to price beat it at Officeworks.

This isn’t the lowest price it’s been (got down to around ~A$200 with eBay Plus deals in the past iirc), but it’s still a good deal if you want a 2tb portable SDD and you want it sooner rather than later.

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  • Don't forget, although faster the T7 apparently is not compatible with some hardware. Cameras or videos or something.

    Doesn't affect me so I don't remember the details.

    Good deal.

  • Upvoted for the comprehensive post. Nice work OP.

  • $246.64 here with PLUSHB10 at checkout.
    Will need to add this to get the extra 5% off

    *Code is for eBay Plus users only

    • Pretty good but I'd still rather have Officeworks with faster delivery and easier returns

  • Was not successful pricebeat over the phone. Was told need to go to the store. But being online only can't get the store to pricebeat.

  • Just did the price beat with Officeworks, no problems, confirmed straight away, free delivery next business day

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    Was $199 a couple of weeks back during the afterpay sale.

  • cmon when are you going to drop to $99 for the 1TB version? Still waiting on it.

  • I've got the 1TB version of this and can't even get it to work on a 2020 Mac Mini - frustrating!!!

  • +3 votes

    I can confirm this SSD works perfectly with all Mac (intel and M1). It works formatted as ExFat and APFS. Not sure why other people have issues. If you keep it in ExFat you can also use it Samsung tablets (I have a Galaxy Tab S6) and windows computers. Hope it helps

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    What a time to be alive. I still remember my Pentium 90 from 1996.

    • +2 votes

      will you whippersnappers get off my lawn.

      gotta leave the turbo button on my 486 for that super fast 75MHz.

      • 486! I had a 386DX and dreamed of a 486.

        • 386SX masquerading as a DX from Dodgy McDodgeshop PC shop was the best.

          Or getting Windows 3.1 to run on a 1Mb 286 - poor little machine.

      • I must be ancient. My first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. 16kb of memory and 3.5 mhz cpu, with a cassette tape drive for storage and a small thermal printer. I used to get magazines with computer programs printed in it (for games) that I had to then re-type and save on the cassette tape. Hopefully it recorded it properly to the cassette with the right frequency otherwise it would be lost and I would need to start again. Also, the programs in the magazines always had bugs that I needed to figure out. I was about 10 years old at the time if I recall correctly.

        Happy days.

        • Look at these old farts boasting about their ages….

        • I had the predecessor, the Sinclair Spectrum ZX81 with the external 16kb memory chonker unit that you pushed into the back of it. If you moved the unit at all, it would disconnect and you'd lose everything. This was black and white and you plugged it into the tv for a monitor.

          I learnt BASIC on this (from the excellent manual that came with it) and also from those magazines @ 11 years old. It was my lead in to becoming a programmer in later life.

          I yearned for the colour ZX Spectrum but could never afford it, but I did get a Commodore64 in later years.

          • @MrBear: It was really quite surprising what could be accomplished with only 16kb of memory. The bugs in the magazine's code forced me to learn BASIC but I loved problem solving so it was part of the fun. I can't recall ever having a manual, I had to figure out the syntax based upon other code examples that worked.

            I went from the ZX Spectrum to an Amiga 500 but I regret not having experienced the Commodore64, I totally missed out on that bit of culture.

            Funny enough, I also ended up in a software company. I.T. was awesome back then - it's like you could have a grasp on almost everything, but it's so diverse and complex now and not so much fun IMO.

        • @Hoofee
          "I must be ancient. My first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. 16kb of memory and 3.5 mhz cpu, with a cassette tape drive for storage and a small thermal printer"

          … Luxury…. we were so poor… (It starting to look like the famous Monty Python Yorkshire-men skit) (C) All Rights Reserved Monty Python)

  • Quick question how does this perform for ps4 pro as external drive?

    Would it be better than internal? Does PS4 pro support usb 3.1?