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Gigabyte AORUS 500GB 5000MB/s PCIe Gen 4 NVMe M.2 SSD $99, 1TB $199 + Shipping @ Shopping Express


Cheapest Pci-e 4gen right now. $150+ everywhere else. Discounted automatically once in the cart.

1tb $199 with same code.


PCIe Generation:
PCIe Gen 4

Read Speed (MB/s):

Write Speed (MB/s):

4KB Random Read (IOPS):

4KB Random Write (IOPS):

Terrabytes Written:


Form Factor:
M.2 (2280)

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  • $199.00 for 1TB same code.

  • Might be worth getting 1tb instead

    500gb version is gen 4 pcie, but the sequential write is slower than samsungs 970 plus (which is pcie gen 3)

  • I have the intel 660p 1tb nvme, is it worth upgrading to this? Will I see any noticeable difference?

    • It's doubtful that you'd notice a difference.

    • I switched my 660p 2tb boot out for the Aorus 2tb.
      The 660p isn’t very snappy and did my head in. The Aorus fixed that… is it worth it though? Only you’d be able to answer that. In most cases I’d say it’s not worth it just for that but for me I needed the extra space anyway.

      • I came from SATA SSD to NVME 660p and noticed the difference increase in speeds. Now I'm thinking if I should pay more to maximize the NVME technology

        • If you switched from a SSD to NVMe, the change in performance would be noticed,
          but if you switched from a 3.0 PCIe NVMe to a 4.0 PCIe NVMe, the change would not be as noticeable.

          This was recently illustrated in a TechSpot article, where they tested a number of 3.0 NVMe against a number 4.0 NVMe, and it was stated the difference in performance was not enough to recommend upgrading [1].

          Granted, one of the limitation in the article by TechSpot is that the AORUS was tested but the 660p was omitted. However, in this review by Tomshardware on the 660p, the 970 Evo performance was included; and is one of the NVMes in the TechSpot article [2]

          Tomshardware showed that the 970 Evo was only a second faster loading a game, than the 660p. Unexpectedly, in the article by TechSpot, the 970 Evo was reported as being faster than the Aorus at launching games, but again this was only by a few seconds.

          Granted, Tomshardware did show that the
          average transfer rate of a 50GB file for the
          970 Evo is 933MB/s and that for the 660p it's 522 MB/s. However, that only equates to a 40 second difference for a 50GB file.

          The same difference in file transfer speed should be expected between 660p and the Aorus. Especially, as TechSpot stated that
          file transfer time of the Aorus and 970 Evo was nearly identical.

          Basically, I'd put the money saved, towards upgrading another aspect of the PC.


          • @BlameTheCat: For games it’s definitely not noticeable. Personally I can wait another 1 - 4 seconds. The only thing about the 660p is I found it to be unresponsive rather on the desktop and opening up browsers etc. I felt better response from Samsung sata 3 m.2’s tbh. Transfer speeds were fine and it’s a perfect good secondary for all things considered.

  • any news on ps5 compatibility?

  • I'm tossing between this or the Samsung 980 Pro 1TB NVMe… which one is better?

  • Works on 2tb version too. Still a very good price at $379.

  • Op, any SSD?

  • This is a good deal IF you're getting a 1TB or 2TB version in my opinion. There's a significant write speed difference between the 500GB and 1TB/2TB versions. If you're going to buy the $99 500GB version, you might as well buy a Samsung, silicon power or other high quality pci-gen 3 nvme SSD.

    • Read is the most important thing. 5k Vs 3.5k 3.0gen

      • yeah i guess it depends on your use case. Samsung 980 pro has like 7k so i guess it all depends on how much you want to spend. To me it doesn't make sense to buy a gen 4 drive with a slower write speed than an equivalent gen 3 drive. That's why i think you should be buying the 1TB version minimum.

  • Goodsign. Hopefully the gen4 expansion for next generation consoles won’t cost an arm or leg soon enough 🤷‍♂️

  • Anyone know if this is backwards compatible with PCIe 3.0 like the 980 pro? Wanting to buy a M.2 while waiting to jump on upgrading my build.

    • Yes it's backward compatible. Putting it on a gen 3 board means you'll only be able to get gen 3 speeds. However like plenty of people have mentioned, unless its sequential writing/copying between an identical performance drive, you don't notice a difference.

      • Thanks, appreciate it! Source out of interest? Is it an inherent design feature given the slot is the same?