[Kogan First] Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Black $119 Delivered (Direct Import) @ Tech Warehouse via Kogan Marketplace


Requires Kogan First. Good deal if you don't mind direct imports.

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Currently (9am 13th April 2021) leading the polls for Best Wireless Earphones or EarBuds under $250 in 2021.

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  • Can anyone comment on the sound quality of these vs the bud pros? I've been using the OG samsung buds for quite a while (free with my galaxy s10 of course) and the little batteries are starting to wear out quick.

    • This guy is a well known IEM reviewer, he actually preferred the sound quality of the Buds vs the Buds+, but considers the Buds Pro to be the best sounding TWS he's reviewed.

    • I've had the pros for a few weeks. They sound like 20% better than the plus however the fit is a lot more uncomfortable because it has a large part of the body protruding outwards unlike the plus. The plus I can wear for 12 hours plus with no discomfort. The pros will give me ear fatigue and soreness after a few hours.

      Even if the buds pro have anc, the fact that the earbuds are oval shaped it means none of the 3 earbud sizes provided will give me a decent seal. When I'm outdoors I can hear more background noise with anc on compared to the buds plus which has a better seal and hence better noise isolation even if it's passive alone without anc.

      So basically to me buds plus with no anc is better than the buds pro with anc and poor seal due to the oval shaped earbuds

      Kept the buds plus and returned the buds pro. The only downside is that the buds plus drivers arr slightly problematic when connected to Windows 10 but other than that it's perfect.

  • Does JB hifi price match Kogan ?

    • +4 votes

      Their price match policy excludes subscriber or member only prices so most likely not in this case.

  • Any difference between direct import and Australian stock?

    • I reckon it's mainly warranty claims. With direct imports you have to go through Kogan / Tech Warehouse.

  • Samsung Buds Plus or 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro? => https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/620501
    Anyone owned either and can comment on ease of use? Usability, call quality and connection quality are priorities over sound quality for me