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[NSW, VIC] Up to $400 Bill Credit (Min 2yr) + Up to $200 Woolworths Gift Card When You Switch Electricity+Gas to AGL via Econnex


Follow the link to see AGL plans https://www.econnex.com.au/agl-april-offer/

To receive the full $200 gift card both Electricity and Gas needs to be switched. Please ensure if you are applying for Gas, that your property has the ability for Gas to be connected.
You must be the authorised person on the Energy/ Gas account for the property.

A valid phone number and email address needs to be provided.

Econnex does not charge you for using their services.

Fine Print
• Switch your electricity and gas ONLINE and receive up to $200 GiftCard
• Sign Up Your Electricity & Gas on an AGL Residential Plan & Get Up To $400 In Credits.
•. For NSW and VIC customer you can get up to $25 credit on your electricity bill and up to $25 credit on your gas bill every 3 months for 24 months. That’s up to $400 off your energy bills with AGL. If you leave before the end of the quarter, the bonus credit will be paid on a pro-rata basis.
• For QLD customers you can get up to $160 for Electricity and up to $160 for Gas credit is applied over 24months.
You will receive $100 Woolworths eGift Card when you switch your electricity only with Econnex.
You will receive $100 Woolworths eGift Card when you switch your gas only with Econnex.
• Econnex is undertaking this offer on behalf of the retailer.
• Offer valid from 10th Apr 2021 until 30th April 2021.
• To be eligible to receive the Woolworths eGift Card you must signup up online via Econnex and have successfully switched your energy supplier via Econnex.
• This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other corporate offer or discount.
• You must be aged 18 or over. Econnex may request you to provide a copy of your valid ID for identification purposes.
Not available in SA, NT, WA, TAS, or outside of the Energex network in QLD or non-quotable meters
• Eligible Recipients will receive Woolworths eGift Card by email up to 120 days after successfully switching your energy.
• In case the switch or connect is canceled within the first 30 days the transaction would be deemed invalid.
• The Promoter is CIMET Sales Pty Ltd ABN 72 620 395 726 referred to herein as ‘Econnex’ (Promoter). Econnex is powered by CIMET.
• Woolworths Group Ltd ABN 88 000 014 675 is the issuer of the Woolworths WISH Gift Card, but is not the promoter of the offer, nor responsible for fulfilment of the offer terms. Woolworths WISH Gift Cards are redeemable at participating stores only. Gift Cards are valid for 3 months. For a list of participating stores and full Gift Card Terms and Conditions visit https://everydaygiftcards.com.au/
• Econnex Terms and Conditions: https://www.econnex.com.au/terms-and-conditions/
• Econnex Privacy Policy: https://www.econnex.com.au/privacy-policy/

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  • +3 votes

    What are the tariffs?

    How do we know this wont end up costing us more over the 24 months?


      Hi Jv, This is dependant on your location and usage. You can see the full list of tariffs and charges onsite you can also upload your details from your last bill to see a direct comparison from your current provider/ plan.

  • It sounds great, but if a smarter than me Ozbargainer could tell me what's the trick, I'd be really grateful!


      Hi Bubbleshark, There is no trick - AGL is offering the bill credit and Econnex is a comparison platform where there are frequently $200 Giftcards provided for different retailers. The best thing to do is check your current bill against the plan on offer.

    • The rates are bad.. really bad

  • just used your last offer and switched to origin and have the $200 gift card, can i switch back to AGL using this offer?

    • -1 vote

      Hi jj123, technically if you have surpassed the requirements of the previous promotion then there is no impact if you were to choose to switch again. However, we do recommend you stick with your new plan for a little while and check the tariffs and charges to make sure it works for you.

    • I'm in the same boat. I assume we are still eligible as this deal is with AGL. Confirmation from OP would seal the deal for me.

  • where do i find your rates so i can compare?


      Hi There, The full rates are available on the plan page, click on the 'view details' button.

    • you'll need to put in your details and submit first. then it's under the AGL 'view details' button.

  • It's very wordy.
    Basically it's $8.33 additional discount per month, and $100 gift card per utility (for NSW and VIC).

  • thanks OP just signed up

  • Gift Cards are valid for 3 months

    Woolworths gift card don't have expiry date

  • is there anything stopping me signing up to this, receiving the $200 in e-gift cards and then 3-4 months later churning to someone else with a different promotion?


      As long as you stay with AGL for the required period as per the T&C's, you are free to switch providers. Econnex does recommend reading the fine print from the retailer and consider whether switching is best for you.

    • If you churn before fixed period , they will take away all monthly credits you have been given so far..OP is not very clear about this..

      • Where have you seen that?

        From my reading of it if you joined and left after 5 months, once the $200 Gift Card has cleared, you would still receive the first $25 credits on both Accounts, then 2/3 of the 2nd one.

  • I'm currently on AGL. The eligibility says "This offer is available to new and existing AGL residential customers who switched online via Econnex". Does that mean that I can switch to the same plan as I have today and it will work with the offer?


      Hi prashmohan, if you are an AGL customer you are able to upgrade your plan to be eligible for this offer however, if you are already on the AGL plan listed you are ineligible. Hope that helps.

      • What do you mean "upgrade"? I am currently with AGL Essential electricity and gas plans, which are cheaper than Essential Plus plans. Currently Essential plans are available on your website, but unavailable on AGL website.
        To be eligible for the promotion, can I talk to AGL and change my plans to Essential Plus first? Then sign up with Ecconex to change back to Essential plans? Thank you for your help!

  • Just for others to be aware that when simular Origin Energy offer was made by this company the gift card only was valid for 3mths and not unrestricted like normal Woolworths gift cards. Also was only a Woolworths supermarket gift card only.

  • Daily supply charge 116.424 cents per day
    Peak Usage - First 11.178 kWh per day 22.022 cents per kWh
    Remaining 23.485 cents per kWh

    Hell no, this isn't even close to competitive.

    For comparison this is my plan with reamped which isn't even the best offer Vic compare showed me:

    Daily Supply Charge

  • Gosh you have to click through lots of pages just to get the basic rates + supply charges so that I can plug those figures into my spreadsheet. For us (NSW, inner city Sydney) for elec + gas the total excluding bonuses works out to $250 more per year than we are currently paying (on Globird Energy Combo), so even assuming you get the full entitlement of $300 worth of bonuses per year, and don't run into any stuff ups or problems, and you've a Woolworths supermarket near you, and the woolies gift cards don't expire in the brief 3 month window you get to use them, it's still really marginal, especially given all the faffing about with changing energy suppliers, and the long delays for it to actually take effect, plus then you have to remember to leave at the exact end of 2 years or you'll be paying way too much (versus say Globird who don't have a discount that they remove every year or 2 years and hope you'll be too lazy to change, instead the rate is just the rate). The basic problem is that AGL's electricity rates are too high (23.25 vs 21.09 c/Kwh) and for gas the supply charges are too high (65.142 vs 40.92 cents per day). IMHO it's not a great offer, it's too marginal, too complicated (what happened to just offering good rates without silly discounts?!), with too much of a catch if you forget to move away in 2 years time - so I will pass.

    • how long have you been with globird and i assume you like them over other providers?

      Globird probably doesn't change the discount %, but they could jack up the prices before disc right?
      I saw someone mentioning ppl that mentioned that.
      With this plan, at least the AGL prices don't change for 24 months?
      Am I missing something here?
      I'm looking to switch as well when there's a good deal

      • Since March 2020. I don't particularly care for one provider over another, I just want a decent rate, but as part of that rate you have to include the value of your time in faffing about. Eg I was previously I was with origin, and every 12 months they would automatically remove their discount, so the rate would be terrible. At first you had to phone them, and threaten to leave, and they would give the old rate back. Then later they wouldn't, so I changed to another provider (AGL) with a good sign up bonus and reasonable rates, and then 4 months later origin's retentions team called me and magically they could do an even better rate than before, with a $200 sign up bonus, so I switched back. Then after 12 months I called the retentions folks, and this time they couldn't do much. (this background goes to showing the amount of faffing about involved in limited-time discount offers from the major energy providers).

        So I did a comparison search at wattever.com.au (highly recommended), basically you put in your postcode and usage (use the average from a few previous bills), and it shows you a table of providers sorted by price from the best to worst. (I personally found it better than the govt energy made easy site). Some offers were really complicated (like joining an AFL team to get a better rate), so I just went with the best value simplest offer, which for me was globird.

        There's no lock in of prices, so they can increase, but you're not under any contract, so you can leave. Prices have not gone up or down for me so far. But if they did I would just recheck for the best value offer, and if it was someone else, I'd change. There really is no loyalty towards energy suppliers, nor should there be, it's all the same power through the same poles, all that changes is the company's name on the bill, and energy companies have never displayed any loyalty to me (eg removing discounts every 12 months and making it my problem to get them back), so I'm completely mercenary back.

        As to whether prices will go up or down in the future, I have no idea. Coal power stations closing down, but large amounts of solar and wind coming online. And the marginal cost of renewables is $0, so there's an argument that prices should fall rather than go up. But then there's issues around storage & stability & feed in tarrifs. Clearly the power producers don't see a financial future in coal for baseload power, which suggests that average prices will stay the same or fall. So I'm not too worried about locking in a price now, I think the time of rapid price increases is done. Besides in previous years when I compared variable versus locked in prices, there was a definite extra price for locked in prices, and it just wasn't worth it.

        If you're looking to switch, reamped & globird both looked good last time I looked, so personally I'd check wattever.com.au + manually check those two, to see what the best rate is, I don't think you'd go too far wrong with that approach.

        • thanks mate
          i'll do the check at wattever to compare

          I did think about moving to reamped advance, but some ppl mentioned the estimates can be way off making you paying more each months, so i'm now down to this AGL promo and globird, unless I can find new alternatives at wattever

    • +100 for Globird - Great rates and customer service. Been with them for nearly 5 years.

  • I'm moving home next month, if I disconnect EA on my old home and sign up AGL with my new address, am I eligible for the offer?


      Hi Lawbee, Movers are eligible so you can sign up with the AGL plan - just remember to put in your moving date.

  • These rates are garbage.

    At least for Jemena.

  • Do you have an sign up offers it we do the AGL Solar Saver plan?

  • @Manyo, I just signed up for both electricity and gas with AGL via Econnex. I received confirmation of the order, but I haven't receive anything mentioning or referring to the 2 x $100 eGift card for Woolworths. How do I know I'll be getting the eGift card?


    Hi Fungus, that's great - once you are approved from AGL and the first 30 days have surpassed Econnex will be notified and will begin processing the gift cards. So long as your account is successful, you will automatically receive the gift card within the period stated in the T&C's.

  • Hi Manyo I goona transfer my gas to agl via econnex as my electricity already on agl solar saver, doesn't worth charging to other plan so still I qualify for $100 gift card for gas?
    Thank you


      Hi CThomas, yes you are more than welcome to switch just your gas account and still receive the $100 voucher.

  • please advise, s this offer expires midnight today , what is the latest to submit the application?