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Switch to & Hold HCF Health Insurance for 4 Months, Get up to $400 Prepaid Mastercard @ One Big Switch


Probably one of the better deals for those looking to switch.

  • Offer is decent, essentially money ($400 / $150 prepaid card) depending on policy
  • Insurer is HCF (public fund) and is one of the better PHI providers (imo)
  • Have to hold the policy for 4 months to redeem prepaid card
  • Please read PDS and all T&C and see if this is right for you

In my case, I need hospital gold as a single male. There's only like 2 companies that are cheaper (by about $1 or so) and their extras weren't as good. So for me, reduced PHI and a $150 gift card after 4 months.

I could imagine this being a great deal for single parents/families.


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    I'm about to churn from this mob. Nothing is ever covered… nothing. When I was considering carpel tunnel surgery their estimator made it seem like I'd get a decent amount back. I ended up $4K out of pocket and only $107 back.

    So check the policy and make sure it covers stuff you actually can use.

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      Isn't that the same with them all nowadays?
      It seems like every second month I get an email from AHM telling me they're removing an item from my current coverage, and every other month there's an email with a premium increase….

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      Same with all private health funds. It’s just one big scam.. better to just put the cash in a saving account and use it. Throwing good money down the toilet paying for fat cat funds that don’t give anything back.

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    Used hardly anything with covid (normally a couple of dental visits, handfull of massages etc etc). Haven't used a thing in 12 months …So naturally..a premium rise.

  • Does anyone know how this compares with CUA health they have a $400 promo atm as well

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      CUA Health is a better offer because you are required to hold the policy for a lesser period (60 days), compared with the unfavourable 4 months applicable to this offer.

  • Depends on what you need I guess ^_^

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    More like one big commission.

  • Not sure if valid with Corporate rates. Remember HCF discount available via RAA etc.

  • Old story - but sceptical of this company. Should i be?


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