Maxi Trac Recovery Hitch Receiver with Bow Shackle $19 @ Repco


5,000kg Load Capacity
Horizontal & Vertical Mounts
Machined From Billet Steel
Alloy Shackle
12 Month Warranty

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    $17.10 with your ignition membership

  • Any thoughts about this vs. threading the pin that holds the tow ball receiver through the loop of the snatch strap? I know wrapping the tow ball is of course the wrong way to do it/dangerous, but thought that the pin method was "correct" and wondering what advantage this has over that?

    • I'm also curious

    • So the pin is still the correct way of doing it.
      But the pin is inside your tow bar essentially and the snatch strap/tow rope has to go inside.
      If you do a recovery at a bit of an angle the snatch strap may start to frey earlier that it should last.
      This allows a recovery at an angle without damaging the snatch strap.
      So this is a more correct way of doing it as it preserves the snatch strap more from damage

    • Have seen bent pins, also some straps are hard to fit in the hitch or simply don't fit in the hitch. Also possible strap damage in the hitch.

      Hitch pin will do, but if going for a day trip or a trip where I'm specifically doing tracks I'd always take one of these.

      • I have seen bent pins,

        That would probably be caused by some hero backing right up against the car hes recovering, nailing it in second then third and giving it all its got - the ones you see on Youtube….

        We done 100's of recoveries over last 20yrs and never bent a pin once.

        • I’ve seen a bent pin before, supposedly the owner knew how to recovery correctly, pin was also supposedly from eBay…

    • When you put a strap on the pin you are putting a bending load through the middle of the pin which means it is more likely to break at high loads. When you use a hitch like this, the load is better distributed and there is less of the pin put into bending/yielding. This is the correct thing to do and will be far stronger than using just the pin.

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        ^this 100%.

        The pin is not designed to have bending force on it… its designed to be 'squeezed' at the ends by the hitch walls.

    • Provided you're using a pin and not one of the lock type ones which seem to be lighter duty you will most likely be fine with using the pin. In the 80s and early 90s these hitch receivers didn't exist. Everyone recovered either via the hitch pin, or if you had a non-removal tongue you would remove the ball and put a shackle in the tongue.

      I've never seen a bent pin, ever. Bent towball tongs happened occasionally. But like everything it depends on how rough your being. It could theoretically wear the webbing on the strap, but I've never seen a strap fail at the eye either.

      The only reason I'd carry or use one of these is if you have a tow bar that collects mud at the hitch pin point. Mitsubishi towbars are horrible for this as they put the tong below the cross bar and run gussets on either side. So if you're using the pin its inevitably full of mud and shit in the gussets and you need to wash your hands after each use. No issue if you're the one stuck, you were going to be getting dirty dealing with the strap anyway. But when you're recovering the person behind you again and again it gets old.

  • Seperate to the pin only vs one of these argument above - I see everyone use these with the shackle horozontal - but does it makes more sense to have the shackle vertical, so that if the two cars are not perfectly aligned then the shackle can rotate on its pin rather than relying on the strap moving on the bow of the shackle, and putting an eccentric load on the pin?

  • Cheers OP. $17.10 with the free repco membership is a good deal.

  • Check the corners of your tow bar before buying. I have an Ironman towbar and anything with sharp corners won't fit.
    Had to get one with bevelled edges from George 4x4

  • So this slides into your tow bar sleeve and the single pin is sufficient?

  • Can you convert your normal customer membership to ignition?

  • I really want one of these but really don't need one. Tough choice…

    • Only buy it if you are going off-road and there is chance you need to be recovered from bogged situation. Otherwise don't buy it as it is just an added weight and something you can accidentally kicked it with your shin.

      • Personally I bought it for doing off road whatever, but in my head I figured even if I only end up using it to help someone in a tough situation every now and then, it'll be worth it.

        • Yes, like I've said if you do off-road, then this is worth getting. I have the Ridge Ryder brand from SCA when I go off-road.

  • Probably wouldn't hurt to throw one in the toolbox in the tray, good find

  • If you leave one of these in permanently, zip tie the shackles bolt in and just cut the zip tie when you need to use. It will definitely work its way out if left unattended.

    • Yep. Happened to mine once during a long off-road drive, luckily there was another car in my group behind me found it and picked it up for me.

  • is this only useful if you have towbar? i have a ute but no towbar.

  • Just use your pin and save $20

  • I have a Trigg Polyblock towbar, which sticks out quite a bit and likes damaging peoples legs.
    So I remove it when not in use and replace it with the recovery hitch, and no bow shackle.
    I orient it with the hole pointing up, and use it as a step when I have to move stuff around on the roof rack.
    At this price, it's seems like a great idea.
    In terms of weight, if you swap it for the tow bar and leave the towbar at home, you're actually reducing weight !
    And potentially enabling yourself to help someone in the future.

  • Nice one! Can't say no to 4by gear.

  • It's a very good deal, just a shame they only come in the bright orange, I think that's a deal-breaker for me.

    • You won’t be driving around with the shackle in place so only the tip will be visible. If that still bothers you spend 30 seconds with some sandpaper and then hit it with a rattle can to make it any colour you like.