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Vodafone $30/$40/$50 Prepaid Plus Starter Packs for $6/$8/$10 Delivered @ Vodafone


It's an online only 80% off flash sale on prepaid plus starter packs, that ends on the 22nd according to the offer dropdown

Must be activated within 12 months from purchase JohnnoT6
limit 2 per customer outlander

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    Is there a expiry date for those start packs?

    • Must be activated within 12 months from purchase

      • For cashback to be validated, it may need to be activated in 30/60 days.

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      Not generally. Even when they have an expiry date on the pack, they seem to last indefinitely.

      This part will trip people up though

      limit 2 per customer

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        how sure are you of this? i have 8x vf packs lying around

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          I have had various Vodafone sim starter packs that were too old to be able to be activated ( some were purchased at Coles/Woolies etc and some came bundled with included data/credit with older 3G modems few years back from HN deal ).

          Over 4 years ago Voda sim starter pack did not seem to expire, then supposedly only within 24 months of manufacture, now some maybe only within 12 months going by above comment.

          I was able to exhange/swap some of the older sim packs for current ones at Vodafone Company store, but not all.


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            @ozhunter68: I think it's changed.

            • @hex7272: Looks like it has changed a few times over the years. You mean changed to the new current 12 months now?

              How sure are you of this? Experience ( serious question )?

              P.S. I only have stock of up to 6 months ahead up my sleave these days for this reason.

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                @ozhunter68: yes.

                a pack wouldn't activate for me once. way past 12 months

                • @hex7272: Thanks for reply. But way past 12 months could still be 26 months or more which goes back to the 24 month rule.

                  To be sure need to know the exact month ( the manufacture date is on pack, but need to manually write on sim pack the purchase date as that now seems to also be a thing and is what I do last year or so ).

                  Had similar issue with an older Boost sim starter pack which was manufactured a two or so years before I tried to activate but only purchased less than 12 months before activation. Chat said to go buy a blank $2 Boost sim and get back to them to transfer the credit, but too much hassle and within ten minutes I activated a Kogan $5 XL 30 day sim instead ( mainly for data anyway and not my main number lol ).

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    Thanks mate! Bought one. Doing the port out, port back in for one of the JB or TGG deals.

  • Any bonus going for the $8 or $10 (ie puts you in long life territory)?

    • If you activate the $40 or $50 one on the pay as you go plan you have $365 day expiry.


      • Can we choose to select between the Prepaid Plus and Pay And Go at the time of activation?
        The discounted rate only shows on the Prepaid Plus. The Pay and Go seem to be full price.

  • smooth, like butter.

    monthly plans should reflect these prices :)

  • can this be used to recharge current prepaid?

  • Do the VF retail stores or Officeworks match prices?

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      Shopback has 59.5% cashback plus $2 bonus till Sunday. Net cost 43c for $30 pack.

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    SB VF prepaid sim Cashback T&C

    ×Both postpaid and prepaid cards - Activate the SIM card within 30 days of purchase.
    ×Prepaid cards - SIM must remain active for 60 days after activation (unless expiration date is otherwise stated by Vodafone).
    ×Cashback is validated within 90 to 150 days from the date of purchase.
    ×Cashback is paid once per order/transaction, regardless of the number of plans purchased on that order.

    • ”SIM must remain active for 60 days“

      I port a spare number to it for 28 days plan and leave it active (no recharge) till SB approves it. I remember it is 90 days after activation that VF disconnects the number activated from starter pack. Maybe 395 days depending on how recharge is defined.

  • In Cashback website, the Vodafone cashrate rates are Prepaid SIM Card 59.50% Starter Pack 24.50%

    Under Vodafone Mobile deals, it states
    Get 80% off our $30, $40 and $50 Prepaid Plus Starter Packs
    Up to 73.50% Upsized Cashback

    If I purchase a $30 prepaid plus starter pack, what is the cashback rate? 59.5% or $24.5% or 74.5%?

    • 59.5%.

  • To be clear, this is pay e.g. $10 (-cashback) and get a plan worth $50. So I can get the 365 year long plan?
    And cashback through shopback will be for the starter pack at just under 25%, cashrewards would be 0?
    Or is it prepaid sim, so shopback 59.5% cashrewards 70%?

  • Can I choose mobile number in these packs? Or do they give us a random number?

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