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OnePlus 8 IN2019 128GB 5G UW Smartphone (Onyx Black/Polar Silver) US$464.20 (~A$598.64) Delivered @ BHPhotoVideo


Now $698 delivered. Marked as expired

Was looking around and found this, limited time save 50% on OnePlus 8

Says it should work with all carriers on product page. Has B28.

Only $10 more than this previous deal

Sale ends around 2PM AEST it seems

Update: sale has ended but price hasn't increased yet, unsure when it will expire

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  • does this have dual sim tray?

  • Oneplus 9r is better at this price just released yesterday.

  • does this phone have X ray camera

  • Does this have VoLTE & VoWiFi capabilities?

    • Only speaking for the 8 pro here but it does have VoLTE only after some tinkering in the settings. Not by default

      • So was VoLTE feature available in the phone's settings? Or did you have to download something to have it activated?

        • It required a download and a computer to do. Wasn't the hardest to do but understandably also a deal breaker for most.

          • @Gravy Train: I did this on my OP7 but I don't think it's working as expected. VoLTE feature shows & is enabled but when on a call, my internet does not work…

  • Since the description mentioned this deal saves 50% (probably the way this shop sets their price and not OP), I thought I should chime in and mention I got my 8 Pro right after launch last year for under A$1200

  • vivo pro 5G 256gb $499, is much better

  • I feel OnePlus has gone downhill since they released the mid-rangers that are more like low-end phones.

    They now market themselves as an upmarket brand, but service and products are subpar and don't match it.

    My OnePlus Nord N10 5G has got to be the worse purchases I've made in a few years.

    Spend a little bit more and buy from a proper upmarket brand like Samsung.

    • I'm interested in why you say that because I bought one too.

      • I can't say for the OnePlus 8 series as I only have experience with the Nord N10 - never buying another OnePlus poc again.

        Few things I dislike about the Nord N10:
        - the Snapdragon 690 was hugely hyped up, but is a subpar mid-range chipset. It's really a premium low-end chipset if you ask me. It's constantly having little lag hiccups.
        - the storage option they chose for the device causes the device to take a while to load anything that's more than 10MB in size.
        - software front is a total shamble. we're now approaching Android 12 and yet, it's still sitting on Android 10 and no signs of Android 11 anywhere in the horizon. (it's fine that they won't support it beyond Android 11. But com'on, at this rate, we won't ever get Android 11! Even the security patches are 2 months behind)
        - fingerprint scanner is a mess. doesn't work 80% of the time unless you first press the power button then use the fingerprint scanner.
        - cameras are absolute trash.
        - edge-to-edge display design is garbage. even with a case on the device, it's constantly picking up taps from the fingers that are holding the device - the fingers are not even touching the screen.
        - quite often I tap a button, instead, it registers the button next to it as having been tapped - I have small fingers, imagine someone with large fingers!
        - no tap to wake device
        - no always-on display (they removed/disabled it)
        - build quality is subpar.

        All in all. They did a terrible job. I understand they need to cut features to make a decent margin from the device. It's OK to not have a fast 120Hz OLED display or wireless charging, etc. But when you release a device that is terrible in EVERY aspect AND charge premium mid-range price for the device; all while ignoring all the customer complaints and providing zero after purchase support. That's just wrong.

    • How so?

  • Certainly a great phone.

  • Pay $150 more for a OnePlus 9 is a better choice than this?