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  • Awww no Pixel 4 XL 128GB. This is Australian stock right?

  • Does Pixel 4 has fingerprint reader? I remember they removed it for this version?

    • It doesn't. It came back for the Pixel 5.

      Source: I have the Pixel 4

      • Considering that's a great source, do you think the 5 is worth the extra 300 odd dollars ?

        • Yes; fingerprint scanner is back (try unlock your phone while wearing a face mask), more RAM and better battery life. Alternatively, try hold out for the Pixel 6.

        • Check out the pixel 4a 5g as well. It has the same processor and the same camera as the pixel 5 and was released at the same time (despite the name). Slightly less ram, no 90ghz, no waterproof, no wireless charging are the main differences. Depends if they are important to you. If not you'll save at least $200 vs pixel 5.

          Not to be confused with the pixel budget pixel 4a, which has a lesser processor and camera set up, not just a case of missing 5g.

        • If you are a light user like I am as I am now WFH indefinitely, the Pixel 4 XL is perfect except for the no fingerprint scanner. If you are out and about the face unlock doesn't work with a mask and not all apps support face unlock so U have to swipe up and punch in your PIN.

          The battery lasts 2 days for me and I only charge from 20-80% all the time. Having said that, my SOT per charge is like 2-3 hours only.

          If I now had a choice between the 4XL or spend an extra $300 for the 5, I would pick the the 5. If you don't need a phone now, I would just wait and see what the 6 looks like and if it packs the rumored Whitechapel in-house silicon from Google. That should give it longer support with updates and security fixes (hoping it would match Apple).

    • great question. No fingerprint reader is a dealbreaker for me. It is the best thing about my pixel2

  • Refurbished devices also available:

    Bullshit. They are just used. Apple does not supply parts for refurbishment to third parties.

    • +2 votes

      Hi manic,

      We don't claim that our devices are manufacturer refurbished (unless of course they are). In this context, "refurbished" is a generally industry accepted term for the types of devices we sell, which are often pre-owned or ex-demo but have gone through a rigorous inspection, cleaning, and sometimes reconditioning process, and are supported by a full seller warranty.

      From Wikipedia:

      Different companies and industries may have different types of "refurbished" products. Since the electronics industry doesn't have a firm, widely accepted definition of "refurbished", its exact meaning may vary from one product to the next, or one company to the next. In various cases "refurbished" may be synonymous with "reconditioned", "refreshed", "repaired", "recertified", or "like new". Note: The term "remanufacture", however, is a distinct term used for products that are returned to the identical-to-new condition in industrial closed-loop processes, and which often possess the same warranties and guarantees as a new product.

      In the refurbished mobile phone sector, it is very likely that the mobile phones have been used on a daily basis by the original user. It's very common for them to then sell their current phone when looking for upgrades. This is when refurbished phone sellers would receive them through various methods (such as trade-in sites) and use modern-day software to check that all hardware & software on the phone is working as intended.

  • Hi again manic,

    Thanks for your interest.

    Perhaps you'd prefer the dictionary definition of refurbished:

    Cambridge: made to look new again by work such as painting, repairing, and cleaning
    Merriam-Webster: to brighten or freshen up
    Dictionary.com: to furbish again; renovate; brighten

    For your edification, we sell these products under the "Seller Refurbished" item condition on eBay alongside many other stores.

    We stand by our products and the way we present them, and our thousands of happy repeat customers support this.

    Please refer to our FAQ if you have any further queries.

  • um, did the prices go up recently? I remember looking at things last week, and they seemed cheaper.