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Samsung Galaxy Fold (Space Silver) 512GB $999 @ JB Hi-Fi


What can I say. It may be from 2019, but this is probably the cheapest brand new, local stock with warranty foldable phone EVER. If you want a foldable, this is the time to strike.

https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/578586 was the previous cheapest local stock deal ($1497, November 2020)

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  • Weren't they 2k on release

    • I think they were 3k on release….but thats an absurd rrp that no one should pay even on launch day. (samsung phones drop in value pretty often ngl)

      • Yes, $2,999 RRP on release.

      • +2 votes

        They align with Apple's perception - if it's expensive it must be good. Compared to Apple they are more reasonable value for money.
        But, who wants to pay that money for tech that gets outdated every year? Only iFans & this is to attract them with better design than boring iPhones.
        Obviously, those with extra money don't care to have something that others cannot comfortably afford.
        Paying 1700 (3-year payments on Vodafone) for Galaxy Note 10+ was not easy, but no much choice with indispensable S-pen & all the useful features that the iPhone can dream of. $108 for Samsung T5 1TB (*2) USB-C extension made it great companion.
        I would not buy anything without S-pen or microSD/USB-C.

        • I mean, this was the first iteration of literally a brand new category of mobile devices, with all the costs associated with that.

          Remenber when early ipods cost like 700 dollars? That sounds completely absurd now, but back then they were a new product with new tech. If you didn’t want to spend that kinda money you just bought a discman for like 150 bucks and waited for the market to mature, same with early smartphones and PDAs. Same with foldables.

  • Is this the Old Samsung Galaxy Fold ?

    • +23 votes

      Yes. Problematic one compared to Galaxy Z Fold 2. Wait for that to drop in price.

      • Yeah the durability of these aren't so good, unless you're really careful it's gonna be an issue

        • My brother has the Galaxy Z Fold 2 via Woolworth deal, and I think it isn't worth it due to how durable or lack of durability it is. Sure, I don't like my phone as a brick, but I have been dropping mine alot and it still works fine. If I drop this one once, that's $999 gone. My current phone is S9 (hand me down) cause I rarely buy phone for myself.

          Always for my parents or my wife and then I will use theirs afterwards, and they drop their phones frequently. XD
          The S9 is 4 years old now, and still going strong.

        • From memory….

          1. Screen has a film that works as part of the display… so DON"T peel it.
          2. Hinges are prone to getting dust and sand in it and you grind it with the gears, causing it to become not very smooth
          3. The gap between display and body at the hinge meant dust and sand coule get in behind the display and damage the display
          • @hippo2s:

            1. Everyone thought it was screen protector.
            2. I recall some of the sands are gear fragment grinding together.
          • @hippo2s:

            Screen has a film that works as part of the display… so DON"T peel it.

            I remember reading that and thinking it was the reviewers being morons, but it really does look like something that would rip off so easily

            • @Merlict: Not only that, it looks like it really, really really ought to be peeled off.

              They solved it on F2 by putting a massive plastic lip around the edge that makes it very hard to do by accident.

          • @hippo2s: These were the review units which forced Samsung to withdraw them from shops prior to release and go back to the drawingboard. These issues shouldn't exist in the Gen 1 units unless you got a hold of a preview unit.

            • @Cyphar: Nope, i recall seeing follow up videos from those reviewers. These issues were addressed by (but not solved)

              1. an extra insert between the phones out of the box that explicitly tell the user 'don't peel it'. So that's not really addressing the issue.
              2. They changed the tension or something, but if something does get in…does still grind it up.
              3. They changes the shape of the end covers or something to better prevent stuff getting it (and help with '2') - but dust still gets in.

              I'm not saying it's shit, but those were the issues users had, reviewer or not.

          • @hippo2s: And the inner display can get scratched by your fingers!

            • @dealsucker: well…that's just the tech atm… it's a soft plastic screen. you can't have best of both words…

              • @hippo2s: Its a massive compromise in my opinion apart from using gestures or swipes across a plastic screen which if you have in the past would know how compromised it feels. There is also a dip in the screen right in the middle. Its why when Apple do eventually launch one, it would have been done properly.

        • I have had this phone now since release and still going strong even with a few drops. Only thing that's not durable is the inside screen. I have a small scratch on mine but it's not really noticable unless you're looking for it. The only special treatment I have given this phone in comparison to the slabs is that I don't take it to the beach with me, I always turn it off and leave it in the car. This is to avoid sand and if you've seen JerryRigs videos you'll know what I mean.

    • Sweet hat.

  • +3 votes

    Always wanted one, glad I didn't as the second is infinitely better. I'm predominantly using the front screen and that'd be an awful experience in the original.

    • -2 votes

      is infinitely better.

      I find that impossible to believe.

    • As someone who has this phone, the smaller front screen is pretty bad. But it's also quite handy when I want to quickly do something, i.e. quickly check the weather, read a message or sneakily browse the web during meetings. It's a bit like one of the reviewers initially said, the screen is limiting but that also helps to cut back on procrastination.

  • Wish I could afford

  • What a brick..although a good design but never would feel comfortable with such thick phone in pocket these days.

  • Pretty rubbish quality I have to say, sorry Samsung

  • Wow, awesome~

  • It'll break. Don't bother

    • I'm personally waiting for Samsung, or someone competent, to take the design of the Huawei Fold X.

      It should be a "phablet" that is pocketable, which folds outwards, to make a "slate". Just throw in a good battery size, flagship camera, processor, and make it reasonably durable (survive a 2m drop) and I'm sold.

      • the new Huawei mate x has gone down Samsung folds route so I think that design is dead.

  • Make it $99 and I'll think about it.

  • FWIW I've had the fold 2 for about 7 months and I'm still loving it. It's actually a lot more durable than one would initially think…I don't "baby" it and I've already dropped it onto tile on one occasion, no damage.

    Rumours for the fold 3 are pretty exciting, may have S Pen support.

    • With a screen this big it really needed to have S-pen support in the first place. Though I guess that wasn't possible when the plastic screen is softer than brie cheese and a fingernail could damage the display.

    • I've already dropped it onto tile on one occasion, no damage

      How is that even possible

    • S Pen support on the internal plastic screen? Unless they invent a folding glass, I dont see how they can do it.

      • The rumours of the S Pen have been recently debunked.

        Although everyone agrees, that when Samsung kills off the Note lineup to replace it with the S-Plus series, they should bring the Note features and S Pen to the Fold lineup. That would be quiet useful on the larger screen.

        With all that said, Samsung has a big R&D facility and they are actively testing out new materials and methods. I'm sure they will have a half-glass-plastic developed soon enough (2019-2023) that will allow it to be interlayed with the digitiser, capacitive layer, and OLED panel. I guess the question is if they can have it mass produced, and affordably, and that it passes their durability standards. I think Corning has been looking into it as well.

  • Note that the Aussie spec version (which JB are selling) is only 4G compatible.
    Some other versions were/are 5G compatible.

  • You're buying a 2 year old prototype for $999

  • Dont bother folks!!!

  • This also has twice the memory of the Fold 2 if you need it. There is no SD expansion in either version.

  • Really deceptive wallpaper they’re using on the promotional photos for these phones, nothing new of course, but front display is comically tiny

  • This will sell out faster than the Vivo X50 Pro all the edians will race over the counter!

  • I'm using fold 2…I really love it
    I dropped few times, it's more durable than iPhone x…in terms of screen
    This screen is not easy to broken.
    Most time I use it for Excel, YouTube, schedule
    I definitely can't go back to bar type phone

  • Look like a computer, I thought wow Samsung is now making desktop.

  • Almost all comments are negative but still +78 votes so far

  • Now Fold 2 at this price would be very tempting, I guess in another year perhaps

    • If I can get the fold 2 next year at this price point….I'd strike. Didn't strike now because I don't need a new phone


    Wasn't the flip same price in Black Friday? So not the cheapest ever.

  • Happy to buy again at $999 next year if it is the fold 2 512gb.

    If only Microsoft have a windows 10 cloud app for google.

    This would be the perfect lite portable device when travelling compared to bringing a surface pro or apple tablet.

    Now all we need is a portable solar charger 🤣

  • My S21 Ultra experience:

    19th Jan: I pre-ordered an S21Ultra in its online store .
    1st Feb: I received it, very happy with phone and camero and the wirelss charging trio. Battery is a bit issue but ok.

    10th Feb: It breaks down. It basically disconnects SIM card and drain battery 50% per hour by itself. I brought to the store, the staff says exchange/refund takes 2-3 weeks. IphoneOppo and Huawei gives you exchange on the spot! But i said OK and let them do the exchange.

    After 5 days, samsung online chat agent says it is a faulty phone and i will receive my exchange.

    After 10 days, agent says due to availability it may take 3 weeks.

    After 15 days, agent says my faulty phone is still on its way to the warehouse

    After 20 days, the E-commerce team said due to availability, it will take another 3 weeks.

    After 25 days, Samsung store said they just shipped my faulty phone to the warehouse.

    After 30 days, the E-commerce team said the warehouse still did not received my phone. it will take another 30 days and i said it is NOT accepetable. after 2 hour phone call, they agree to give me a case manager to look into this issue.

    After 35 days, E-commerce team the warehouse received it but forget to label it as "received". Now after 35 days my faulty phone is finally received by them.

    After 40 days, they said a case manager is looking at my case again.

    After 42 days, i received my exchange phone.

    I total i made 9 emails, 2 of them got replies, one reply says i should just wait, one reply says i should call them. i made 10 calls, 4 hours in total, no progress will be made until you sound angry.

    • +2 votes

      Good thing this deal is for a purchase from JB then. You can get a swap on the spot within the ELF period.

  • 200 i might consider

  • when corona was only a beer

  • I get a dead page.

  • dont buy this. GO with FOLD 2. I am using that for 7 months , absolutely love it.

  • 1k for 1st gen tech that had clear durability issues!!!!
    Some people have too much money to spend

    • Wow when this came out they had over 10 issues with cracked bezzles, crack folding bubble screen from led, sand and debris going into the golds, all who bought this are idiots good luck with warranty with this one as it’s not covered

  • Anyone got a screenshot of the price(Black) ? Would be highly appreciated as I can claim back the price difference on my credit card