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I'd like to take upon your wisdom to choose a washing machine. After reading pro and cons about top or front loader, I think I'd like a front loader. Trying to find specs on washing machines is quite challenging as the naming/models, the country of production or even benefits between each of them is quite difficult to gather. It's much easier to pick a TV or a PC …

So far I think Ozbargain likes Bosch, LG and Samsung but would any of them wash whiter than the other? What I need is quite simple: going out without smelling bad nor having stains from whatever food I had. It seems there is quite much more to it as there is quite a diversity of machines and I feel like picking one is like playing roulette. My wallet can take about $800 for a new one and I don't mind the noise, nor do I need it to be pretty, as it will be in the garage.

Thank you for taking the time to read!

I'd be grateful for any recommendation

Edit: I don't actually smell nor have stained clothes, I meant "What I need is quite simple: a washing machine that washes without breaking nor do a poor job"


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    going out without smelling bad

    might involve the use of deodorant or employ a better personal hygiene routine, air out your clothes so that they are completely dry before putting them back in the cupboard

    bad nor having stains from whatever food I had

    usually try and dab and clean off the stains immediate after they have been applied would help greatly in the eliminating of the stain.

    would any of them wash whiter than the other?

    more to do with the detergent and pre-soak, stain removal pre-wash routine than the machine itself.

    • Thanks for the advices but it was more to outline what usually washing machines would do and wasn't to be taken stricto sensus

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        I think this reply was indicating that the requirements you have - removing odors and stains - has much more to do with the detergent and stain treatments than the choice of machine will ever have.

        A $50 15yo machine from gumtree with the right detergents and treatments will clean much better than a new $1000 machine with a poor application of cleaners.

        The main thing you pay extra for is the capacity, features, how nice it looks, how quiet it is, and hopefully how long it lasts.

    • going out without smelling bad

      this is often due to overloading the machine. the clothes need room.

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    I've found the smelling bad was fixed by chucking mine on auto, and not just daily wash. 45 minutes wasn't cutting it for my clothes, and it needed more like 1:30 to 2 hours, or else after 2 weeks, my work shirts smelt horrible.

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      Also leaving door open air out and not letting washing sit in the machine.

      Washing items warm once in a while with detergent should clean out the insides of the machines you can't see which might hide moisture.

    • Stinky colleague at work swears by Dynamo Odourless

  • I've found that bad smells come from using the quick wash and/or cold water options which isn't enough to rinse the soap away.

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      Try using less detergent.

      Will front loader, they use very little water so you can easily use too much detergent.

      Try using half of the suggested washing detergent. Will be better for your machine too.

      And also run a hot cycle once in a while.

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      If you are using a front loader it often also comes from not cleaning out the groove in the rubber seal, it collects an awful lot of crap pretty quickly and smells if you don't clean.

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    Best one by far was Maytag but you can't buy them in Australia any more… SpeedQueen is next best…

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      My washing machine is Miele but my condenser dryer is Maytag. Frankly the Maytag’s idea of cupboard dry is my idea of still wet.

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        Both are commercial brands which are built to stand up to constant usage, not necessarily better at washing clothes I would have thought.

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        but my condenser dryer is Maytag

        I'm talking about their front load washers…

        There is a reason why they were used in commercial laundries.

        They were very quick, washed really well and hardly ever broke down.

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          My First Miele lasted 13 years and the current one is, roughly, 12 years, to date, and still going strong. It is a matter of getting quality and it is likely to last.

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            @try2bhelpful: Except that a Miele takes about 3 hours for a full wash, the Maytag took 50 mins.

            We currently have a Miele, only because we couldn't get another Maytag.

            • @jv: It depends on the setting. There are options for a shorter wash cycle.

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              @jv: When we were staying in Atlanta we rented this place. The washer and dryer were insanely quick. The housekeepers could strip the bed, wash and dry the sheets and remake the bed as part of cleaning the apartment. We also had a cooker that got up to temperature so quickly we joked it was connected to a nuclear power plant. American appliances can be completely OTT.

      • You need a heatpump dryer. Yeah they also leave clothes damp, but after a second quicker drying routine they come up good.

        • If I use the timer, instead, it does dry the clothes. I thought it might be better to have the “sensor” dry rather than bake the clothes but all of the “sensor” settings left the clothes feeling damp. I raised the issue with Maytag and they fobbed me off. Frankly, the dryer is, mainly, to fill the hole next to the washer. We air dry most of our clothes.

          • @try2bhelpful: I'm pretty sure heatpumps don't necessarily dry better. They're just cheaper to run, don't vent to the atmosphere but at the cost of taking hours to dry. Source, I have one.

            • @DisabledUser72085: Mine is, incredibly, cheap to run because I, barely, use it. :) last time we used ours we had to remember about emptying the water container and cleaning out the lint collector.

            • @DisabledUser72085: They are better than the old dryers. Which also take forever to dry huge loads. Old dryers also fry the clothes pretty well.

              I've found doing big loads in the heat pump good if do one cycle, remove what is dry then remove the damp clothes and do another cycle. Yeah the sensors aren't great but they do cut down cycle times if clothes are truly dry. They seems to protect the fabrics a bit better.

              • @serpserpserp: I'm sure they're better than old dryers, new is generally better than old, but they also make modern vented dryers which probably dry just as good at heat pumps but with higher running costs and added vented humidity.

    • Maytag was great until they got taken over by Whirpool who tried to reduce production costs.

      My parents and my sister had Maytag for many years and they were great. I bought a Maytag based on that. The first one lasted 3 days and I had to fight to get a replacement. That lasted 2.5 years. I'd bought an extended warranty and that was paid out as "uneconomic to repair" and I bought a Thai made Bosch. It's been great.

  • Front loaders are more water and energy efficient and are much gentler on clothes (why some clothing items say front loader only), they will shake the hell out of your house however.

    • The best way to avoid that is reduce the rpm on the spin cycle. You can also look at putting rubber matting underneath.

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      1600rpm on my Bosch and no shaking

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      they will shake the hell out of your house however.

      Did you remove the shipping bolts?

      • Havent got one personally but been doing research and asking friends their experience

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          I have had both (currently a front loader), would actually say the front loader generates less vibrations.

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        they will shake the hell out of your house however.

        Did you remove the shipping bolts?

        And is the machine level?

        • I just bought one, and apparently the Inverter/Direct Drive models shake a lot less and make much less noise, maybe this is why people are having different experiences.

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      I agree.
      - Go with a front-loader (more energy and water efficient)
      - Get a good quality machine, I recommend (a midrange/10kg/$1000) LG unit
      - Use a liquid detergent (the Almat ones from Aldi are great and cheap)

      …I'm not too sure about the Combo Washers with the dryer attached. They're quite heavy, pricey and not as efficient as two separate machines. And what you wash as a maximum (eg 8kg) can't be dried completely (eg Max 4kg), so that's a bit annoying. But I understand that some people, set it up before leaving the house, they only do a half-load of washing, it then gets dried, and when they come back they have a half-load of clean clothes ready.

      • Go with a front-loader (more energy and water efficient

        They are only more energy efficient if you aren't using cold water.

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          I, and most people, do their laundry with hot water. Cold water, or those "express wash" really don't cut the mustard most of the time.

    • Front loaders are more water and energy efficient and are much gentler on clothes

      They are only more energy efficient if you use hot water.

      With cold water a top loader is more energy efficient.

      • Really??? I never knew that and would be interested to find out why.

        • Because a top loader does a full cycle in about 50 minutes. A front loader takes 3-4 times longer plus needs to keep the water at the desired temp all of that time

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    I went with Bosch and love it!

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      Love mine too, has great cycle and delay options which are easy to use. Not all washing machines are that simple!

    • Yep, have no idea what OP is talking about (bad smells etc) and have had two successive Bosch front loader machines which I've used on pretty much all of the different cycles, so I guess that they have been even better than I thought. Do people really have smelly clothes after washing? Super weird.

    • Same! German made one with the auto dose. You don't realise how good it is until you have one and never have to guess how much detergent to use at all!

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    Put any decent name washing machine on the standard wash and they do fine.

    LG has 10yr warranty for motor. Doesn't help if panel dies.

    If you get 6yrs out of one you're still doing well.

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      Mines been working without any issues for +12 years.
      LG's really stumped the competitors when they came out with their Direct-Drive technology. Seen a lot of faulty Bosch and Electrolux machines, despite costing double of the LG contenders. I really do recommend them LG. However, I'm sure the market has changed now, with the others likely getting higher quality over time. I think Miele is the "gold standard", but expect to pay x3 of what you would pay for an LG. I would stay away from Samsung machines, they're still plagued with some issues even today, also not sure about Fisher-Paykel I don't think they're that great.

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        I love our LG, especially how it has rusted the lid.

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          Funny you mention that. Have had my LG combo front loader washer/dryer for 12 years and it's been rusting around the front for ages too.

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            @symowallo: Another vote for lg.. our front loader hasn't missed a beat in a few years..

            Our samsung top loader before that had a failed water pump after a year, then a control board failure.. then had a recall to fix a connector that caused house fires..
            Then had a recall because the fix wasnt sufficient and could still cause house fires.. then we got a full refund hence the lg.

            Fwiw the house fire issue was well documented. It was to do with a connector that wasn't properly insulated against moisture.. the first fix was to seal it against further moisture with essentially a plastic bag.. however the fix failed to address any already present moisture.

            They were quick and we had no issues with warranty.. but will just steer clear anyway

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        'LG's really stumped the competitors when they came out with their Direct-Drive technology'

        uh - except that Fisher & Paykel developed direct drive washing machines in the 1980s - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fisher_%26_Paykel

        first advertised in August 1992 - https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/4897675/direct-drive-...

        and now LG 'invented it in 1998' ? - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washing_machine

        interesting use of the term 'invented' …

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        I bought a very cheap Samsung 7kg Front Load about 7 years ago and it just died on the weekend. It's fixable, but unfortunately unless I do it myself it's just not worth it as it will cost more than I paid for the machine. Make of that what you will, IMO 7 years is just not long enough for a sustainable planet. Cost benefit wise, it's probably fine on a $400 item. At the end of the day, I think important components like the main bearing should be made to last at least 10-12 years, old machines would last 20 sometimes.

  • wash whiter than the other?

    Depends how stained your items are. Use a pre-spray, soak / scrub if it is stubborn.

    Remember to use a laundry detergent too :)

    IMO - if you only rely on the washing machine to rub clean your clothes, etc… I think they'll get wore out quickly from all the rubbing.

    • I meant washing better than other rather than literally whiter than the other … I feel like a lot of people think I am some kind of shrek

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    It’s outside of your budget, but I’m very happy with Bosch with iDOS


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    I favour LG. My Samsung rips holes in woolen products and occasionally coats everything in gunk, something my LG never did.

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    Fisher and paykel. Our front loader has lasted nearly 20 years.

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      They're owned by Haier (Chinese brand) now. Yours was probably made in NZ, but that's a thing of the past.
      Having said that, they still seem OK.

      • Haier are very decent for a chinese brand, they're making the Aldi ones I believe and I know a couple of people with them and no issues.

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    With washing and other machines these days, engineers take all factors into play to design a machine that works very well.
    … then marketting and compliance gets involved, and tweaks things to make it use a little less power, a little less water than the competition.

    End result is a machine that uses a fraction less resources but fails to effectively function.

    Luckily for washing machines this is an easy fix. There's a water level sensor that you can adjust so that the machine adds more water to the wash.
    It ain't perfect, but its better

    And for reference I have a samsung. When the board broke on my machine, they replaced it out of warranty within a week for free because it was a known problem, so extra marks for them. Really though everything seems to be designed using the same parts, so go with whatever suits your fancy.

    • then marketting and compliance gets involved, and tweaks things to make it use a little less power, a little less water than the competition.

      Thats gov standards at play as well. People look at the energy/water usage stickers and go, oh this one only uses 20l per wash, oh that one uses 50l….

      • Where were you when I was washing machine shopping for that 5 star rating.

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    I have a new LG front loader washer/dryer with steam functions and love it. Am enjoying the 'add item' feature that lets you easily pop something extra in mid-wash and the steam functions leave the clothes soft. Am very happy with the standard of washing.

    I had a Samsung front loader before this machine and was happy with that too. It always did a good job. The only thing that annoyed me about that machine was that the door didn't open as widely as you'd expect.

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    What I need is quite simple: going out without smelling bad nor having stains from whatever food I had.

    Use the longer cycles, maybe even a extra rinse cycle too. Speed isn't your friend when it comes to washing clothes.

    Also try a stain remover spray for the food (or you know…. put food in your mouth instead, but I get it. Mistakes can happen).

    If it is still smelling bad, add some antibacterial wash to the cycle or bump up the temp a bit, the cheap antibacterial stuff from aldi/coles works just as good as the costly stuff.

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    I like Bosch.

  • My LG front loader is around 13 years old and so far hasn't missed a beat. Clothes are washed clean but still need to soak stains or do prewash for things like tomato paste, as you would with any machine. I would definitely look at another LG, if this one were to die.

  • All the brands of front loaders mentioned should be fine, personally I have an LG for about 6 years now and doesn’t miss a beat provided it is looked after.
    I lived in “furnished” rental in Perth for a while with a Simpson top loader and I know exactly what you mean about clothes smelling after wash.
    Regarding front loaders shaking the house, it shouldn’t do this, it either needs a service or levelling screws need adjustment (using spirit level on top of machine adjust both front screws until level , then back, then left and right sides. Repeat until level all way round. Put on machine on high spin cycle and if there is still vibration make small adjustments to one of the front screws until you find the sweet spot)
    As mentioned, always leave the door open after wash to let the machine dry out otherwise water can go stale and machine will make clothes smell.
    Most machines will have a “Tub Clean” option, running this empty every month or so with two cups of vinegar in the tub and two tablespoons of baking soda in the detergent drawer will make the tub like new.
    If clothes are still smelling after wash, check the drain hose and filter, sometimes these can get blocked up and prevent the machine draining properly.

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    Samsung or Fisher & Paykel.

    Front loader cycles are much longer than top loaders and getting longer. You may want to take that into consideration.

    Change in average cycle times
    Type of washing machine 10 years ago Today
    Top loading washing machines 55 min 58 min
    Front loading washing machines 99 min 235 min


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      Who washes for 235 mins??!?

      My wash cycle is 59mins on the front loader

  • Just bought a LG front loader and so far, so good. I was going to buy Bosch until I read the Choice review which rated LG higher.

  • -1

    Read the CHOICE washing machine test!

    • +1

      It requires a paid subscription doesn't it? $$$$

  • The answer is sunshine, let your clothes air out in the sun to eliminate odours and even stains to some degree. Sunshine cures all ills. The major downside is fading from sun damage so just air out clothes that you would replace fairly often like heavily soiled work clothes where cleanliness might trump a reduced lifespan.

    This is one solution, I'm sure with the right chemicals you can achieve a similar effect but sunshine is free and effective.

    I airdry all my clothes, to save on power but it also make everything smell fresh and clean, in the last few years, I haven't noticed any radical degree of fading even though I sometimes leave my clothes out side for days on end, time will tell.

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      Sunshine cures all ills.

      Except skin cancer

    • +4

      Hanging coloured clothes inside out helps a lot with fading.

    • +1

      We got rid of our clothes dryer about 7 years ago when we moved into our new house as we had a carport where I put up 2 folding clotheslines for days when it was raining

      It made a big difference to our power bill

      • Why pay for something that is free, it takes a little more time but the end result is superior. We have a dryer, it gets used occasionally but not for the day to day drying.

      • this must have been a regular dryer? not a condenser / heat pump variety.

        • There will still be power bills even for these. We prefer to dry our clothes on airers on our second floor level. The heat rises and they dry, reasonably, quickly.

    • +1

      Good advice unless you suffer from asthma and/or hayfever (allergic rhinitis).
      According to my specialist, air drying (particularly of bed linen and towels) is a bad idea because the items become big pollen catchers which you then take indoors.

  • I hear what you're saying. I think they will all be good. My strategy is to buy the one with the biggest discount to get the best value. One would assume a higher RRP means better quality. Just do a quick Google search on reviews and ensure there are no terrible reviews on the one you see on special.

    Personally I get them second hand because then you get more reviews because they are older and more used models. Just need to ensure people are selling for valid reasons obviously. Like you say, it's only in the garage, so I suggest get a second hand one :). Only get a new one if it has features you specifically want that you may not find in older models… No idea what modern features a washing machine may have….

    Also, as for reliability, I don't think new ones are more reliable than say 5 year old new looking ones.

    • +3

      My strategy is to buy the one with the biggest discount to get the best value.

      That doesn't always mean it is the best value.

      One would assume a higher RRP means better quality

      That's not necessarily true.

  • I have a 15 year old Maytag like others have mentioned above, though it violently shakes since it was moved out and back for some plumbing work. Have tried to level it to no avail. Anything else I should try?

  • Would never have a front loader ever. Wait until they need to be fixed, they're much harder to service than top loaders. My next washing machine will be either a SpeedQueen or Fisher & Paykel.

  • Recommend LG front loaders. Have had 5 in the past 15 years. One failed after 10 years of heavy use and another started making drum noises 2 months out of warranty which was fixed for free by LG.

  • My LG is 6 years old, never misses a beat. Bought a LG cause my parents have had the same one for about 15 years.

  • I had to force LG to return a trusteam washing machine after 5 years of constant faults and months at a time of waiting for repairs with no working machine.

    I now have a Bosch and I’m very happy with it.

  • but would any of them wash whiter than the other?

    Why would they?
    No washing machine has the ability to bleach. That's why you add bleach or napisan to the wash.

    What I need is quite simple: going out without smelling bad nor having stains from whatever food I had

    Find a washing machine that fits in your budget, then use a good detergent.

  • +1

    Boshch is the best. Ozbargain agrees

  • Front loaders are more efficient and they do a better job of washing clothes, however the seals tend to fail over time an they develop leaks so you are trading longevity for efficiency

    • -1

      Front loaders are more efficient and they do a better job of washing clothes

      They are only more energy efficient if you use hot water.

      With cold water a top loader is more energy efficient.

      • -1

        More water efficient at least

        • That is why I said energy efficient

    • yeah seal definitely fails, however they are pretty easy to replace, did mine over xmas after watching a quick youtube video for my machine.

      • im sure its easy enough, but people tend to throw stuff out for minor failures like this, good if you want to get a free washing machine on hard rubbish day

    • Really? I had a front loader Samsung for 15 years and the seals were still fine. If you keep the door close and never wipe it then I can imagine the seals going moudly and deteriorating but if you always leave it open and wipe clean once in a while they can last for a long time.

  • I had an Electrolux time manager and absolutely loved it, lasted 7 years before needing a new bearing (family of 8, very frequent use), in hindsight I should have replaced the bearing and kept it.. not sold it.

    Our current one (Samsung) infuriates me, it can never balance the load so endlessly runs the drain pump until you remove almost everything and then spin them one by one, the wifi on it drops out constantly, the door seal occasionally leaks, it locks touches randomly and now the drian pump is getting noisy - never again.

  • My Haier is doing pretty alright and was well priced

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