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$200-$400 Trade-in Bonus for Purchasing Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Series (128GB from $1049, RRP $1249) @ Samsung


Get up to $315 off your new Galaxy S21 series 5G. Plus get up to an extra $400 off when you trade in now!
Additional discount available on Galaxy S21 5G ($200), Galaxy S21+ 5G ($300) and Galaxy S21 Ultra ($400) from from 5:00pm (AEST) 12 April until 11:59pm (AEST) 29 April 2021 unless withdrawn earlier.

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    They've gotta be struggling with selling them.
    Pity every manufacturer is living in fantasy land with $1000+ phones and still expecting people to upgrade every couple of years

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      Not to mention some specs are lower than or non existent compared to the S10 series!

      Their tablets too are priced at crazy prices! And they only lowered the S7+ to a more affordable price later.

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      You'll find the S21 range has sold miles better than the S20 range. These tradeup values are (finally) similar to consistent deals in the US over the past few years. So I wouldn't say it's due to poor sales, but we are getting a fair treatment

    • The incremental upgrades are just not enough at the moment. The only real upgrades are in the camera, and if you're like me and have a good mirrorless or dslr, that’s pointless. Im still sitting on my iPhone XS and see no reason to upgrade yet. I literally only use my phone for emails, messenger, Spotify and audiobooks now. I imagine a lot of people would be similar. So the upgrades for $1000+ every 1-2 years makes no sense unless you love nee tech and tinkering.

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    A month or so ago, they were giving 500$ bonus for trade in. Unfortunately, I am not happy with my experience with ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on S21

    • Yes, the ultrasonic finger print is very annoying to use.

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        If this the same as the scanner on the s20? If so I hate it. Sensor in the back or power button is so much better

        • Finger print on the s20 is so much worse than on my old moto g. Unbelievable really

      • +2

        My S21 Ultra FPS is the best version of any underscreen FPS I've used. What are your issues with it

    • Im not impressed with the device overall (s21+). Doesnt seem like a device thats worth the >1.2k price tag. Has less specs than previous models, almost nothing included in the box. Wouldve took the Oppo X2 pro deal if I didnt invest in this..

      • FWIW I wouldn't pay $1.2k for any phone so I guess your point is valid. I don't care that there's no charging brick or crappy headphones in the box. I have plenty of both and I reckon most people would.

        It does suck a bit that's there's no SD card slot, but 256gb will be stacks for me. The lack of headphone jack doesn't bother me. I'm really happy with the performance and battery life. Even the slightly lower res screen isn't noticeable at all.

        I paid ~$700 for my S21+ and I'm really happy with that. But yeah, $1200 is far too much, IMO.

        • The missing SD card slot was annoying for me (was only able to get the 128gb model). Charger brick wouldve been good, as my bricks at home are slow. I also dont care for the headset, but a gel case wouldve been good, especially at how much the device is supposedly worth..

      • Wouldve took the Oppo X2 pro deal if I didnt invest in this

        Can you translate this to English?

        • As it's such a good phone and feels more premium.

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    $119 trade-in for an S9+ 64gb for those playing at home

    • Do they ask for phone condition as well. Screen on mine is cracked.

      • You download an app and you have to run through a series of test. Asking for phone condition is one of them.

      • Unfortunately a cracked screen automatically fails

        • +3

          That said, last time I traded (galaxy note 8 I think, for an S20 FE 5G), I got $15 as it had a cracked screen…. But it was still eligible for the big trade in bonus, making it actually an ok deal. I think the bonus was $200 at that time though, and I'd been quoted at $250 or so to fix the screen.

    • $95 trade-in for an iPhone X 256gb

    • $110 for the S9+ 64GB for me :(

      • +3
        • the $400 trade in bonus which makes it $510
        • Yes, but Ryanek said he got a trade-in figure of $119 (not including the bonus).

  • +5

    Looks like Samsung really nerfed the promotion, the previous $500 promo was supposed to run for much longer (29 Apr) but expired on 8 April instead

    • +2

      That's why they include the clause, "can be withdrawn anytime". Not impressed but it is what it is

    • exactly what i was thinking… so this post is is more of an anti-deal notification?

      • I wouldn't assume that OP has that kind of intention.

    • Id say it was because they were also giving codes for $200 off and also people had a $50 newsletter sign up code. These codes were able to be stacked to give a massive discount. I got my S21 Ultra for just over $900. Eventually they stopped it and probably changed the promotion to recoup some of that money back.

  • +5

    I'm using the exynos 2100 s21 and it is by far the smoothest samsung experience i have seen. No lags and i am a heavy user.

    • +2

      had it for a month, the most pleasing one ever

      • Apart from the annoying fingerprint sensor working half the time, I have to agree with this, the most satisfying exynos I’ve ever used. Usually, I would have sold them long time ago, but I’m hanging on it.

  • +1

    Does the trade in offer stack with Samsung education store phone discount?

    • I would like to know the same too. But there doesn't seem to be a discount on edu store, or is it just me who cant see the discounted prices ?

      • Just you

    • i remember trying this last year with the S20 series… and apparently the answer was NO back then. Not sure if it has changed now, though.

    • It’s less extra trade in. I traded an s10 plus for $235 + $300 bonus trade credit for an S21 Ultra 5G came in at $1024.20 in total. Added half price Samsung care+ too for an extra $124.50.

  • Wonder if that they still hand out those bonus $200 vouchers

    • I got one last weekend

      • they give $200 vouchers out through email?

        • Through live chat with Samsung.

          • @Munkeyalan: What do you have to say for them to give it?

            • +1

              @jayboi: "Hi, I hear you're offering discount codes for the S21 range? I'm looking at the S21+"

              • @Munkeyalan: do you need to speak to an agent and ask for the discount codes/vouchers?

  • -1

    You can use $200 voucher via chat.

    You can also add $50 voucher as well.

    You don’t need to return phone and can just pay the offered price.

    • +1

      tell me more - how do you get the voucher?

  • +2

    For $200 voucher


    For $50 Voucher

    Sign up for their marketing email

    For Phone Return

    "Thanks for your query. If you wish to not return your old device, you will only be charged the amount that you were offered for your old device($15 in your case) and it will no longer be a requirement to return the old device to us. Promotion offer will still remain as it is. Hope that information was helpful. "

    • Can all these discounts stack up? The price of S21 series went up comparing to previous $500 trade in bonus time.

    • -1

      They stopped the stacking. I would say it was a system glitch that allowed coupons to keep being added until they got onto it, did seem to take them a couple of weeks to work it out/fix it though

    • How'd you go with the non-return? Have you been charged the $500 bonus yet as non-return would technically make it an 'ineligible tradeup'

  • +1

    I have a $200 voucher and the agent said it cannot be stacked with deals like trade up, effective since 30th march

    • -2

      May be true as i did txn before 30 march when it was $500 off

  • +1

    Pushing down the discount a bit so when Click Frenzy comes, they can bring back the old deal and call that a Click Frenzy Deal ROFL….

    Seriously retailer these days are so low at almost scambag level.

  • +4

    Just be aware that as per the other thread (for the older $500 trade-in) that that the company that handles the trade ins seems pretty dodgey. People are getting emails saying that their phones have issues or dont meet the trade in quality on inspection and will be charged the trade in value. These are phones that have nothing wrong with them, some have a little wear and tear which you would expect for a phone a few years old with a $15 trade in value. It seems this gets them a phone to sell (as they are saying they wont pay to ship back) and then some money from you.

    It seems its better to keep the phone and cop the charge for the trade in value. Obviously thats better if you have a phone that they are only offering $15 or $35 value for. That way you get the $400 bonus and dont get screwed by them.

    I was lucky and never received a return envelope, any emails about my trade-in phone or a charge for it.

    • Online chat advised that I will be charged for the 500 trade-in credit plus non return fee if I don't return my old phone. Instructions on the email states we have to go and drop it at AusPost. I have returned my S9 64GB for $95. I just walked in with my old phone and got the trade-in bar code scanned and they packed it all themselves.

      • I have returned my S9 64GB for $95

        That phone is worth more than $95…
        Could have used it for a 7/11 chopper

  • Has anyone had luck getting away from non return credit without having to pay 500?

  • (128GB from $1049, RRP $1249)

    OP from did you get 1049? I can see starting from1249. The start from 1049 price is before or after the coupons?

    • +1

      I tried the 200$ coupon - it worked. Stack it up with 50$ code for email as well.

      • how'd you go? did it process past "Processing"?

        • Yep, it did. Paid 684 for s21 by trading note 8

          • @guru23: nice. I tried it with the previous $500 voucher. It moved from "Waiting For Approval" to "Processing" almost half a day had passed and it moved to "Awaiting Dispatch" and then 2hrs later cancelled..really bummed lol. i eventually got it through another order excluding the $200 voucher.

    • yeah i think OP has taken pricing from the previous promo which ended end of March

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