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Asus TUF-AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 Router $268 Shipped @ Amazon AU


Been on the hunt for a decent WIFI 6 Router that won't break the bank.

Noticed this today on Amazon prime for $268 including next day shipping. Umart has it for $259 C&C or plus delivery.

What's the difference between the TUF-AX3000 and standard AX-3000?

Same internal spec but better heatsinks and a more tuned firmware:


Was debating between this and the TP-Link AX50.

TUF-AX3000: 512MB RAM, 256MB Flash. Broadcom BCM6750, 1.5GHz Tri-core CPU.

AX50: 256MB RAM, 128MB Flash. Intel AnyWAN GRX350, 800MHz Dual-core CPU.

Clear winner with the ASUS.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Can't beat ASUSWRT. Hands down the best firmware UI on the market.

    • You must be kidding. I have an ax88u which has better hardware but should be with same UI. Some configuration pages imo are just stupid, e.g. LAN IP range and DHCP. Frankly speaking I never saw something like that I have to change each setting on a different tab and if I switch tab without saving first I'm going to lose the setting I just changed. Making it worse, if I change any of those settings and save, the router reboots and the other settings needed to make DHCP works are not changed yet. Then I'll have to manually config ip address for my computer so that I can make the other settings right. Besides those major problems, there are lots minor quirks such as when a session timed out, instead of showing the logging in screen, it shows you a normal console with blank contents., showing the up time but not the WAN connection time etc.

      • EDIT: Read it wrong nvm

      • Then you're doing something wrong. Of course changes to IP address and DHCP scope will require a reboot of the router. But how often do you need to make changes like that?

        • Seriously? Why simply change a LAN IP range is doing something wrong? And why I cannot change them all together? Are there any use cases for home users that LAN IP range is different with DHCP range? For all other routers I used, whenever I changed LAN ip range, the DHCP configs got update automatically and all I had to do was simply review and save. Most routers put those two settings together on the same page/tab, some do put them on different pages/tabs but I could navigate between them without losing data. You were right about one thing that I don't change those settings often but that does not make it looking less stupid.

          • @cliffj: I understand what you're saying. It's not uncommon for LAN and DHCP settings to be on different pages. I've seen it done this way on many different routers. Next time why don't you set a static IP on your PC to start with, change DHCP scope settings on the router, reboot, change LAN IP on the router, reboot, change IP setting on PC to DHCP and everything should be good to go. As for your other minor quirks, I have not experienced these before. Are you running the latest version?

    • Asuswrt-Merlin FTW if you want that little bit extra. Several Asus routers are currently supported.

  • Does this work with FTTN using ADSL PPPOE?

    • VDSL2 modem + Asus TUF-AX3000 = compatible.

      • I like the idea of upgrading to Wifi6 for the added speed and security, but my ISP gave us a shit entry level modem. Would it defeat the purpose of getting this modem?

        • The Asus TUF-AX3000 is a router and doesn't have a built-in VDSL2 modem. WPA3 requires supported devices. Did you get HFC, FTTN, FTTB, FTTC, FTTP? How fast is your NBN?

          • @Twix: 90 MBPS we're on fiber. It's pretty fast

            • @Bunnyburger: Neat. Is that Fibre to the premises?

              • @Twix: Yuppo. I wanted an all in one actually, so I could ditch the subpar modem. It's the weakest link in my internet.

                • @Bunnyburger: Nah don't get an AIO. On FTTP purchase a router like this Asus and plug it right into the NBN box.

                  • @Twix: Thanks, sorry to keep asking questions but what about FTTB? Same thing?

                    • @Bunnyburger: For FTTB you need to put a VDSL2 modem before the Asus. VDSL2 modem + Asus TUF-AX3000 = compatible.

                      • @Twix: Ahhh gotcha, the crappy ISP supplied VDSL 2+ modem won't matter? Not many quality up to date modems out there it seems.

                        I hear some of these modems have pretty lousy code in them. Like if you look inside a Huawei, it's all Nortel's

                        • @Bunnyburger: Nah ISP VDSL2 modems are fine as a dumb modem and have been tested for FTTN and FTTB. The differences are in CPU, RAM, Wi-Fi and if it has 4G fail over.

                          • @Twix: How much important is CPU and ram for a router? I have a TP-Link VR1600 that I got form my ISP and it can provide my maximum speed of 250mbps over wifi to my devices( in the same room). Will a better wifi router with better CPU help if I am only streaming or downloading movies and games. I have noticed even though I have 250Mbps connection my Xbox only downloads around 100Mbps when downloading games. Will a modem like this help in such situation. I thought it was slow because of Microsoft server as my speed test was showing 250 Mbps .

                            • @Safoan: A router with a fast CPU and RAM can help if you have heaps of connected devices, 250 & Gigabit nbn and use a onboard VPN.

                              250 Mbps = 31.25 MB/s. Where are you getting 100 Mbps from?

                              • @Twix: I am getting around 100Mbps download (10-15MB/s) when downloading Xbox games. I have HFC NBN with 250mbps connection and 5-6 devices connected to the internet.

                        • @Bunnyburger: Funny that the ISP supplies a VDSL modem router if your NBN is FTTP. As Twix said, you only need a router without modem.

  • Can I add a hard drive to this and use time machine on it?

  • Hi all,

    Does anyone have this router and can confirm if it works for HFC connections?

    Thanks in advance :)

    • It doesn't have a coaxial port for a cable internet connection so you'll have to use something else for the modem and connect the Asus to it.

    • NBN NTD + Asus TUF-AX3000 = compatible.

    • Yes, I have this exact router and have had it for 2 months from Umart.

      I'm on HFC with Internode. Plug the ARRIS modem into the TUF and it goes awesome for me

    • For sure this one works. Almost any router will work on HFC as NBN provides the modem. Why I'm saying almost any but all is because that some ISP e.g. TPG requires VLAN tagging on WAN port and not all routers supports that.

  • Is it worth getting one of these for a mesh system? Only depends on the size of one’s house I guess?

    • Yeah depends on the size and where the connection point comes into the house. Do you already have an Asus router?

      • Nah I currently have an old Netgear R7000 Nighthawk.

        • The Asus TUF-AX3000 supports mesh with Asus routers. How fast is your internet? Are you having any problems with the Nighthawk?

        • The R7000 in my opinion is still one of the best routers you can get. But the Netgear firmware is absolute junk. Flash it with ASUSWRT-MERLIN and you will get most of the features from the latest ASUS routers and the same UI. I've been running this for several years with dual WAN failover and it's rock solid. http://xvtx.ru/xwrt/about.htm

          • @aldroid: Can it do aimesh?

          • @aldroid: Cool thanks dude. I think I will, I was looking into a third party firmware a while back but the R7000 was not supported due to the Broadcom chipset and closed source drivers or something.

            I’ve not been that interested in other firmwares, as I use it as a pure access point (basically invisible). I have a FreeBSD server for gateway, dhcp, fw, proxy, file serving, etc. But I have been wanting to set up a guest network (wifi) that gives out a different IP and I don’t think the Netgear interface does that. Think I’ll do it anyway.

    • Oops, for = or. Mesh OR this beast?

  • Thanks, OP, Ordered.
    Finally getting a decent router for FTTP 250mbps.

    • Yeup already mentioned up above in the description.

      Was going to get it from Umart, but postage and handling would of cost the same for standard delivery to Melbourne.

      Amazon Prime was free expedited shipping…….Though I didn't think there's any deliveries on a Sunday.

  • Is this a decent upgrade over the Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2? I'm after better WiFi coverage less so faster speeds

    • I'm in this boat too, i've just been moved up to 1000/50 and it struggles to get over 300-400 over wireless not even 10m away, however with a wall in the way.

      I'm guessing AX reciever and this router will get something higher.

  • Hello,

    Am on FTTP NBN connection via Vodafone. Vodafone supplied a modem that connects to NBN box in the garage.

    Just wondering if
    1. I can use this router with Vodafone modem?
    2. Is this router good for a double storey large house?


    • Nah, for a large double storey I wouldn't bother with this. Best solution would be to ditch the Vodafone modem all together and put in a 3 node mesh wifi system. Something like the TP-Link Deco or Tenda Nova (if on a budget).

      • Sorry forgot to mention I have lan ports (for wired connections to laptop, desktop and cctv) in some of the rooms and also need good wifi coverage for mobile devices

  • I've been using the RT-AX58U AX3000 ($299 current price) for 6 months and it picked up a fault (I'm sure fixable but Amazon just gave me a refund). Would i be better off buying this or the router in the deal? I'm not a huge gamer but is there any fundamental differences between the two given this is cheaper?

    Thanks in advance

    • As stated above in description.

      Hardware wise they are the same. Only differences I have been able to find is:

      TUF is larger due to bigger heatsinks and solid state capacitors.

  • So Router arrived yesterday (much to my surprise that amazon deliver on a Sunday).

    spent most of this morning setting up the router. Have 8 Devices in the house that connect via wifi. Google TV, Chromecast, iPads, iPhones, PS5, Wii, Laptops, printer etc. Only device hardwired is my Desktop.

    I'm in a 97m2 2 bedroom apartment. Modem is smack bang central in the apartment.
    Comparing this to a Archer VR600.

    Wifi coverage is now exceptional. Use to only get wifi reception to the 2nd apartment from mine, i now get it to the elevator lobby on my floor (5 apartments away).

    The best part is the AiProtection for the kids devices. I can schedule time/date disconnections including web filtering with ease. I mean it is very easy to set up.

    Yet to test out the internet speed as TPG stuffed up my FTTB 100/40 disconnection date and prematurely disconnected my service 5 days early.
    I will be with Spirit Telecom 100/100 in 2 days, so unfortunately can't compare apples with apples, but will compare the connection to as best as I can.

    • Just to clarify…..

      My apartment to the elevator lobby is about approx. 20m away.
      Compared to about 6m coverage of the VR600.

      Even then I'm at half bar reception on 2.4ghz. 5ghz I'm at 1/4 bar.

    • how did you set it up? Mine arrived today and it wouldn't work with my iinet HFC connection

      • If you just plugged the HFC modem into the WAN port, you probably need to enter username and password on the WAN page. iinet should be able to supply.

        • Have already got username/password and entered it.

          I tried restarting/resetting the NBN HFC modem and leaving the router on for 10-20 mins to reconnect but no internet.

          Tried fiddling around with some settings on the router as recommended by iiNet for asus routers and still no joy. Manual PPOE settings don’t seem to be available in the firmware currently installed on it - my next option would be to try an update.

          I’m really not too fussed - Amazon’s return policy has me covered.

          • @15fps740m: Sorry just got the net back.

            I had a fault Ethernet cable come with mine (black one included in the box).

            Was thinking the modem was faulty initially but yeah, replaced the cable and it was all sorted.

            I connected the AX3000 to the modem via WAN port and it automatically set up everything. So NBN WAN to WAN on AX3000.
            Went into setup and it did most of the work.