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Elitelux 32" HD TV $134.10 (Was $210) + Shipping @ Mecola


Officeworks doesn't stock these TVs unfortunately so cannot do price beat, but still a good deal for someone in the market for a small TV.

EliteLux 32″ HD DLED TV Specifications
Display Maker Display Type Display Colors
Aspect Ratio Contrast Response Time
16: 9 3000:1 8.5m/s
Resolution Viewing Angle Brightness
1366x768 178°x178° 200cd/㎡
Unit With Stand (LxWxH) Net Weight Gross Weight
720x423x78 mm 3.9 kg 5.2 kg

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  • I understand there's a market for small TVs, I absolutely do, but I can't stomach paying this much for such a small tele, ESPECIALLY the normal price there. The last time I bought a small tele was a 32 incher w/ a built in DVD player at Target like 4 years ago for 80 bucks for the kiddo as an impulse buy.

    • I do get ya but its all about demand. I have a few tvs in the 24" range some that run off 12v and obviously these are more expensive than a common 32" because they're designed to be used on a campsite etc.

      32" HD tvs are basically pensioners sets.

  • Would it any good as a business monitor (emails, word processor, spreadsheets slide shows)?

    Nothing high spec like graphics design or gaming..

    • Chroma subsampling might be an issue and it might make text look blurry around the edges. But that's not the main issue. The display only has 1366 x 768 resolution, which would make pretty much everything look pixelated due to low pixel density and super blown up if you were to use it as a ordinary PC monitor. Not ideal for things like Excel spreadsheets or web browsing.

      Low-res TV's are made for viewing at a distance, not close-up.

    • Would urge against it mate

  • Plus shipping makes this within $5 of the same set from harris technology.

    Likely a much better waranty experience should you need it. Bigger company. Public trading. Massive growth over covid. Usually means they're less likely to stooge ya.