Xiaomi Dreame V9P Stick Vacuum Cleaner $209 Delivered @ AI Ecosystem


G'day OzBargain Community,

Showcasing an offer to the OzBargain community.
AI Ecosystem is offering Dreame V9P Stick Vacuum Cleaners at 30% reduced rate on it's website.
Moreover, an additional 20$ discount can be availed by using the promo code V9PRO at checkout. Hence a final price of 209$ with GST and delivery fee inclusive.

All sales fulfilled by us come with GST invoice and a 1 year warranty.

A brief comparison is also noted below for ready reference.

Model V9P V10 V11
OLED Display No No Yes
Rated Power 400W 450W 450W
Battery Capacity Standard 60mins,Max mode 8Mins Standard 60mins,Max mode 10Mins Standard |90mins,Max mode 10Mins
Inhalation Power 120AW 140AW 150AW
Dust Cup Capacity 0.5L 0.5L 0.5L
Product Weight 1.5KG 1.5KG 1.6KG
Patented Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor Space 4.0 Brushless Motor
Finger free operation mode Need to press trigger Need to press trigger Lock Mode Available
Suction 20,000Pa 22,000Pa 25,000Pa
Filter 8 Cone Filtration 8 Cone Filtration 12 Cone Filtration
Simplified Trash One Button to release One Button to release One Button to release
Money Back 30 days money back guarantee 30 days money back guarantee 30 days money back guarantee

Please click on the link here to go to the product page. As always, we love to hear back from you on any of your queries or concerns.

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  • Has anyone had any positive results with one of these ? We are definitely in the market after really being let down after paying a decent amount on a Dyson Animal series

    • There are plenty and well loved by the OZB community.

      Just bought the V10 and it’s perfect for spot cleaning but it’ll never replace my Miele corded

    • Depends what disappointed you in the Dyson Animal series?

      Do you really expect a Xiaomi Vacuum to be better than a Dyson unit over double the price?.

      • The disappointing thing was paying such a decent amount of money for something which stopped working a few times after the warranty ran out.

        I definitely don’t expect it to be Dyson in finish and function, but I also didn’t expect the Dyson to be such a dud

        • Yeah Fair play, but I'm sure many people have had it working for a long time past warranty, so might have to chalk this one up to bad luck.

          If you are worried about higher value items dying right past warranty then this one's probably more for you, as when it dies you can just buy another :)

        • +1 vote

          Complain to Dyson and insist they replace the faulty parts - as they're required to under ACL. They refunded me for my DC38 after initially trying to charge me for a service/replacement when it broke about 2 months after the express warranty expired.

  • Just my personal experience on Dreame v9 (1 year) and Dyson V10 (2 year). Dyson v10 has stronger sucktion power and slightly longer battery, but I use both on medium for almost all task (except max for mattress), using the right head is much more important than sucktion power.
    The soft roller head is great for the hard floor but it’s “VERY BAD” on carpet, the carpet head is great for carpet and only ok for hard floor. (I will choose carpet head for all floor). For maintenance or empty the bin, they are both pretty easy, just note if you empty the bin every time after vacuum and way before the dirt reach max, usually they can be empty without any hair or dirt stuck inside the bin after a press or a push.
    *this deal come with soft rollers head which isn’t good at carpet cleaning.

    • Thanks for the info. Can I ask - does this unit come with the carpet head or is that an optional extra? My reading of the website is that it only comes with the soft roller head.

  • Whats the difference between V9 and V9 Pro?

  • I have this for nearly 2 years and love it for the price. Unless won't do the whole house, but who has time for the whole house.

  • looks like a good deal but the website feels a little dodgy. I went to checkout and it was already prefilled with someone else's information.. not dummy information, but someone else's address/email etc.

    EDIT: Tested on various browsers and computers in my house.. still showing the same user's information pre-filled into the cart.. really odd.

    • +1 vote

      Showing the same for me - at an address in postcode 2015. I'd be staying well away from this store.

    • -1 vote

      hello iuselect/ Comfortablynumb,
      Thanks for bringing the matter to our notice. We've just notified our IT personnel and they are looking into this right away. Sorry for your unpleasant experience. Will update as soon as the issue is fixed.

      • I mean it's not really unpleasant as much as it is a breach of the Privacy Act. You need to look at your obligations under that act and probably chat to a lawyer

        • -1 vote

          Good morning,
          The issue is now resolved.

          Issue: Woocommerce Persistent Cart Showing Carts with values from last order
          Resolution: Excluded the cart & my-account from caching as these are dynamic pages and should not be cached.
          Issue Resolved
          Cart Worked as expected.

          Apologies again for the suspicion. We are a genuine small family business and have an account on eBay too.