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Razer Naga X Ergonomic MMO Gaming Mouse $75 + $0.99 Delivery @ MSY

  • 16 Programmable buttons
  • Specced for every mmo
  • 85g Midweight ergonomic design
  • 2nd-gen razer optical mouse switches
  • Razer 5g advanced optical sensor

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    How does this compare to the Naga Trinity - using only the 16-pad instead of the 2 other pads available on the trinity?
    I have the trinity and have never once swapped my pads.

    Asking because a programmable macro mouse is essential for me - and my first trinity broke in 6 months but was replaced under Officeworks warranty for a new device.

    At this price was thinking of getting one of these as a backup. There's not actually much choice - there's the Logitech G something which is just too big, or the corsair scimitar which I haven't tried yet.

    • On the same boat, like to know the comparison to Naga Trinity

      • I've used the Naga since 2014 and was used to the weight from playing Dota 2 but would always manage to accidentally press the 4 key when lifting the mouse.
        The Naga Trinity does weigh a bit (around 120 grams)

        I've since switched to the Naga Pro for the wireless ability and it's still a pretty great mouse for anything that needs a bunch of macro keys. I also picked up a Viper Ultimate and find myself using my Viper Ultimate daily as the weight is so much more comfortable.

        If you find yourself never switching the plates and have ever found the weight to be a bit uncomfortable, this may be a good option as it's roughly 85 grams and comes with the delicious 12 macro keys.

        TLDR: Naga Trinity feels heavy (120 grams) and now using the Viper Ultimate as my daily (74 grams) I still use my Naga for MMOs.

        • Thanks, how is the button feels like on Naga Trinity and X?

          I'm still on my Naga 2014 (7 years old and still going!) and I love the mechanical side button on the side.
          Not sure if the Naga X has the same kind of button.

          I've seen couple of review, Naga X is missing left/right click from mouse wheel.

          • @siegfried: The side buttons definitely feel a lot clickier or more responsive on the Naga Pro. I think these come with their new optical switch but they can be a little too easy to press sometimes where I find myself accidentally pressing the 4 key a lot more on my Naga Pro when picking up the mouse compared to the Trinity.

            Can't really comment on whether the left/right-click on the middle mouse wheel has been taken away on the X but it's still on the Naga Pro (Seems there is no left/right middle mouse click on the Viper Ultimate)

            I only switched out my Naga from 2014 because the scroll wheel went all funky on me but otherwise it was a solid mouse.

    • Semi related I love my Corsair scimitar

  • Good deal, I price matched @ JB

  • …these many buttons are just overkill, how would you even hit the right one in the heat of the moment and not squish the whole bloody pad at once??

    • Maybe it's just a matter of getting used to it. I'm sure the buttons are stiff enough to resist accidental presses like that

    • muscle memory.. just like any sports….
      data entry/ accountants can use numpad with their eyes closed
      typist can find the right hands placements n type perfectly with their eyes closed…

      they play out scenarios in their head n narrow down their potential response to 2 or 3 skills.. which they r most like going to move their fingers back n forth between the few buttons..

    • Welcome to mid 90s when everyone owned a g15 for the macros and was always that one dude with a wolfclaw at the lan.

  • how do you get 0.99 delivery. Costs $13 for delivery for me.

  • thank you for sharing

  • Damn I had this on alerts for a Naga, but this apparently doesn't have the tilting scroll click. Shits useful as heck I still use my 2014 version but want to use the newer razer software X( rip scroll tilt click?

  • I have been using previous version(naga 2012) of this for 10 years and still works like new.

  • Justin time for TBCC