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$0.99 Shipping with No Minimum Spend @ MSY


Just noticed MSY has $0.99 shipping if buying online at their beta website beta.msy.com.au - They haven't promoted it well nor can I find any terms and conditions, but I bought a $10 item shipped to metropolitan Sydney and shipping was confirmed 99c. The only info/graphic I can find about it is this pic which you find on their main website.

I don't know when ending date is, given I can't find any terms and conditions.

Addit - I tried cart->checkout on their "old" website, and it's normal shipping cost, so it must go through their "new" beta site for discounted shipping. If any sleuths out there can actually find my terms and conditions/ending date that would be handy.

Addit 2 - There seems to be a lot of talk on MSY itself, FYI they changed owners in the last 2 years, see here. Comment incorrect.

Addit 3 - MSY finally announced an end date for the promo - 30th April.

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    on New Website

    WHAT !!!!!

    When did they realise it's not longer 1999?

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        Phew….. thanks….

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        Good memories walking into an MSY, taking the price list off the rack, circling what I wanted, and half of it would be out of stock.

        • Then you discover PC DIY two shops down with stock and warranty, no line and a welcoming environment. Even carpet. Changed my life.

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          Do you have this CPU in stock?

          No. Next…

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          Walk out buying ¼ of the parts for a self built PC…

        • Rule #1 of shopping at MSY:

          Ring first for stock

          Rule #2

          Walk into store throw money at them, no talking required.

          The best experience at MSY is pre-ordering your items, walking into store and both you and the employee just maintaining eye contact while you buy items, no talking.

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            @dbmitch: Good for the times they actually answered the phones.

          • @dbmitch: ^^ 100000x this!!

          • @dbmitch: Thats just the best of a terrible experience lol.
            Sometimes they still dont ring even if you order and all the stuff is there.

            • @RI4V4N: MSY is always a terrible experience, this is just how to make the best of it. If you can walk out with your products at the price they advertise, that's all you hope to expect :P

          • @dbmitch: My strategy was to 1. Research online and cross check with parts.pdf 2. Walk into the Auburn store and ask for what I want, no chitchat. 3. Just walk to PCDIY when I get turned down.
            Unfortunately I went to Ultimo once where this didn't work and I got suckered into buying something I didn't like. I stupidly asked for a recommendation when I got turned down since I didn't research alternatives and there were no stores nearby I could get to. Learned to always have a backup plan.

            • @cheng2008: The no-talking rule also applies when they don't have what you want, just walk out silently, while maintaining eye contact like a madman. :P

          • @dbmitch: Don't they have a message bank that's been full since 2003?

        • Can I get a copy of the OEM Windows license. No unless you buy CPU.

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        new facade, same core.

        Reminds me of “emperor’s new clothes”.

      • Yeah bring out the PARTS.pdf

    • I kinda wish they kept the old look for the lulz

  • About time they did this.
    Some 3070's in stock there, although not at a reasonable price.

    Eth difficultly likely to double over the next 2 months again, look forward to all the greedy miners trying to panic sell their cards when their profit dips to half. Even the next most profitable coin is still not worth mining.

  • Still can't do a modern webpage right. Sorting items by price ascending and items still out of order. Do they even have an IT department or guy?

    • Sure, he's the same guy who does their warranty stuff…

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        And serves the counter.

        • Nah, the counter guy is way better than the warranty/IT guy. (Not good, but way better…)

        • And answers the phones..

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            @iMagoo: and NOT answer the phones

            • @b0b: Exactly 😉

              • @iMagoo: Their Slacks Creeks store seemed fine the few times I've been, but I remember going to their Varsity Lakes store some years ago. After not getting through on the phone, I arrived to find the kid who was manning the shop playing some MOBA on the PC at the counter while ignoring the phone which was ringing non-stop. I approached the counter and stood there for a bit, but he remained silent and didn't make eye contact or even acknowledge my existence so I eventually asked him if they had the item I needed, to which he begrudgingly responded like "idk, go look". I'm not the kind of person to get upset by this kind of thing, but it was truly some shit to behold.

  • Before you ask..yes the PDF catalogue is still there lol

  • MSY updating their website??? What is this sorcery. :P

    • They were advertising for Magento devs for like years…. I browsed this ‘new’ site a week back and random bits just didn’t work ..lol I guess they found that dev that doesn’t mind getting paid in out of stock parts ….

      • I browsed this ‘new’ site a week back and random bits just didn’t work ..lol I guess they found that dev that doesn’t mind getting paid in out of stock parts ….

        Probably the teenage son of a family friend

  • Msy is so early 2000’s

  • Who still remeber these guys: http://www.fluidtek.com.au/index.htm

    surprised their website still works….

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      4 gig mb mp3/4 player (IN STORE PICK UP ONLY) $75

      Bargain !!!

      • I've always pictured you to look like Eddie. Maybe just maybe that's who you really are?

      • I wanted to check their website to see if the cart even worked….. nope

        Important Information
        An error has occured and the transaction cannot continue.
        Checkout services for the merchant you are trying to access, has been disabled or removed.

        Customers cannot purchase from this site at this point in time.

        Please contact the merchant, by clicking 'Back' in your browser, and locating the merchant's contact information.

    • It's all caps too, so aggressive

    • Classic Eddie. Everyone has a story about him. Chain smoker who would give his daughter away if it meant he didn't have to do an RMA.

      • Just had to say "this is cheaper at MSY" and he'd go off on a rant.

      • Aw gawd - he was an epic jerk - I once got tossed from his shop with him threatening to call the Police on me as I argued an RMA he wouldn't accept on a GPU that was faulty within a few days. I recall him pointing to a little plaque he had saying he donated to the local Police station and they'd take his side no matter what was said.

        He was one of those rare urban myths where the reality was worse than what was said - he was drinking bourbon and smoking behind the counter of his little fiefdom. He used to love bullying little kids and passive IT folks. Just an obnoxious individual who needed a good slapping.

      • there are plenty of stories on Whirlpool about him, 10 - 15 years ago.

        when he was operating from the corner house,
        he would give freebies to those that were in a car-crash
        as they were turning into the street.

    • did CSS even exist back then? it looks like pure HTML

      •               <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF" bordercolor="#000000">
    • Wow windows vista! Is the website just an archive of old memories now ? I only used umart in my times

    • His dad passed away, a month ago or something like that.
      ( not from COVID )

    • what a price!!!



  • MSY still in business? wow… i thought they were long gone.


      They've reopened a store near me, was shocked

      Went to another, got lied to about a cables spec yesterday. Luckily only $3 but principle annoys me

      • Heh! lying would me the person actually knew the truth and hid it… most likely he BS’d you … you give them too much credit by saying they lied lollll

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    Hopefully the courier throws the box at your head on delivery to recreate the feeling that you're in a MSY store and one wrong move and you're in a box avalanche

  • Can I buy the shipping itself for $0.99?

  • MSY staff always treated me nice and respectful, they never tried to take advantage of my lack of knowledge and have awesome prices.
    Long live MSY !

  • hahaha MSY i remember walking in, and the people serving you dont talk much, dont say hi, dont say bye. you ask for an item, they say NO next plz, you ask em something even remotely technical they say we don't give out recommendations

  • never thought a store would have worse customer service than MSY. I was wrong when I Went to CPL the other day to pick something up

    The person behind the counter was actually yelling at a customer about returning something. I actually thought they were going to come to blows

  • Msy is no nonsense. You have your items already chosen beforehand from the website, go in, get the deed done. No bullshit small talk just cheap price. Their stores are such a nostalgia trip. Also forget about any support afterwards lol

  • Msy is for cheap prices with slack warranty processes, most prices are $2 cheaper then umart.

    For expensive items I would go for umart or pccasegear or computer alliance.

    Cheap items like under 50$ Is fine with msy.

    They are not there to give you service , they are there to give you the part and say goodbye, people seem to think by going to them they are going to diagnose the issue for free while talking to them.

    That being said, I’m not a fan of MSY, only will buy things I don’t care about warranty about. (There still is manufacture warranty)

  • Addit 2 - There seems to be a lot of talk on MSY itself, FYI they changed owners in the last 2 years, see here.

    FWIW this was an attempt at a reverse takeover which never eventuated.


  • They might as well not have a phone connected …. haha . Nobody ever answers

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    Remember when they had to put this on their websites main page lol


  • Are there any good deals? I'm looking for a Zen 3 mobo and PSU.

    Was looking at the MSI MAG (X570 Tomahawk Wi-Fi) AM4 ATX Motherboard but it's actually cheaper elsewhere

    • I find them comparable to Umart/PC Byte, but not really outright cheapest nowadays unlike back in yesteryear. FYI I bought a Displayport to VGA adaptor for $10, that's the cheapest I found online, and $0.99 shipping, I wonder if MSY actually makes a loss.

  • Their changing their web site 😞
    I loved their early 90s design with attached PDFs
    This would be like ozbargain ditching the blog style

  • Actual footage of an MSY store in the 90s:

  • lol contrary to common experience i bought my first build from msy ages ago and they were actually really good with my psu RMA when it died

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      Yeah same - I had a PSU die after almost 5 years, still in warranty. Brought it in, they tested it on the spot and confirmed it. Gave me a loan PSU until they heard back from the manufacturer. Ended up with a full refund a week later and no downtime. After reading all the dramas people have had I was pretty shocked by how good they were. MSY Auburn

    • Same here - I bought 4 DVI and 4 DP cables a few months back, 5 didn't work at all and 2 were all shades of green, when I took them back to the store a week later the guy was like "yeah they do that" and refunded me straight away

  • They probably didn't want us to know about their new website and the .99 cents shipping

  • I have only had to take back 2 things to my local MSY at Elizabeth

    N NAS which they swapped over on the spot and also a PSU which they also swapped over on the spot

  • So the question is, what is a good deal?