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Logitech G915 Lightspeed Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - GL Tactile $259 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Hi Ozbargainers,

I've been keeping an eye out on this keyboard and saw it on Amazon AU for $259 which while not the cheapest ever on OzBargain - $239.20 it's the next cheapest.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Great price. Bought this at JB price matched from Amazon for $298 recently. Such a great keyboard.

  • I've also been following prices on this for a while but is this worth it for the price?

    I don't really game but I do want to jump to a good wireless mechanical for the typing expertise

    • When I got it honestly it felt/looked a little underwhelming for the price but I enjoy it as a keyboard. I think I'd have been happier at a $200 pricetag.

      - Never had a problem with the wireless/bluetooth, works without issue.
      - I love the bluetooth/wireless switching buttons. Makes using it with my work laptop so simple

      - RGB in Ghub never quite matches the LED. Pure white always looks blueish. Had the same problem with most logitech products I've tried.
      - Can't change LED colour of the bluetooth/wireless mode buttons.
      - They put the symbols on the number keys below the number (opposite to every other keyboard). It's fine until I look at - or = and my brain forgets which one needs the shift modifier.
      - I got brown switches (whatever Logitech call their version) but they feel a little mushier than other cherry brown switches


      615 is half the price, without rgb.

      • This is what I have. The G615 has both bluetooth and wireless received so i can connect via Bluetooth to work laptop and connect the wireless USB received to my gaming computer. Also the G615 uses AA batteries so you can just swap them out when they're running low and don't have to worry about a non user replacement internal rechargeable battery.


          Likewise, the lack of backlight is the only negative I see, but it's MUCH cheaper.

  • I’ve had tactile and typing version typing is way better then tactile tactile actually feels mushy like membrane while typing is clicky like mech blues.

  • The keys are closed on this keyboard you can accidentally click other keys if you touch type.

  • Waiting for mx keys 😀

  • Very good keyboard have a TKL version, just a little pricy ( got mine overseas for 180aud)

    • Paid $130 for mine still new and sealed in it's box at cash converters over a year ago. Couldn't believe it. Obviously stolen and pawned and I would have paid double that back then. These sold out at double that today.

      I hadn't even thought about getting one, but after I got it, I saw what the fuss was about.

  • Using micro usb for charging….

    • Is that really an issue though? My wireless mouse and my wireless headset all charge using micro USB. Don’t think I would’ve preferred USB C and definitely better than proprietary chargers.

  • This is a Great keyboard. But for the $'s I think Das Keyboard is a better choice. But it does come down to personal preference.

    • Wireless vs Wired.. Totally different bracket.

    • As well as being wired this Das Keyboard is also full-height. G915 is low-profile which has the benefits of slightly shorter key travel and doesn’t stand as high on the desk. It does come at the cost of not being able to get custom key caps, though, and I don’t know if you’d be able to fit o-rings for extra sound reduction.

  • The keys are low profile which is great for me. They feel good. The big issue for me are their Macro keys along the left side of the board; it means that the left shift and the esc keys are no longer on the left side corners of the keyboard and that throws my brain off when typing and gaming. The software is confusing and I can never set and forget the colours. Battery life is great. Overall the keyboard is good, but I wouldn’t buy it again because of the Macro keys. Oh and also it’s very very heavy.

  • OOS?

  • What a price. I have one and it is absolutely worth every penny.

  • I've also been following price on this for a while but I am after the clicky version.

  • No offense but like how tf is a keyboard worth $300 let alone $600. It's literally just a keyboard?

    I have a $50 mechanical keyboard I got about 10 years ago and see absolutely no reason to upgrade.

    • Depends if you want a basic functional keyboard or extra features like slim design, wireless and RGB really. People want different things.

      • May I know what is the use of RGB? Different keys could be lit up in different colours?

        I nearly never look at the keyboard as I touch type, so this isn't going to benefit me, yes? Have I misunderstood something?

        • Yes it is multicolour lighting. Not everyone can touch type. It helps in the dark. Some people just like it. As I said - everyone has different preferences !

        • I trained using manual typewriters and I still got this keyboard. So if you are confused why people buy this, you are probably not in its target market.

          Here’s a possible use case:
          - wireless
          - dual connection profile to 2 or more separate machines
          - mechanical
          - full keyboard

          Happy for people to show me other product options.
          Notice I didn’t mention rgb

    • It's one of the few wireless mechanical keyboard from a good known brand. The TKL version is awesome for portability

    • …Until you used one and noticed the difference then you wouldn't be able to go back as when you did, your $50 keyboard has been ruined for you.

      • I have played on many different keyboards as I was an esport player a few years ago. Obviously there's the different cherry switches but as far as I could tell there was no other major difference.

        A good mouse on the other hand is night and day.

  • Why not buy a cheaper wireless mechanical keyboard not from big-name companies or build a custom?

    • Because of the low latency. The wireless on the G915 is on par with wired when it comes to input lag. It was even tested with professional gamers who couldn't notice any difference from the wired version and neither have I.

      There's only a slight difference when connected tthough bluetooth instead of the dongle but even then it's barely noticeable. The portability and peformance reliabilty alone justifies the cost for many people, but there are a lot of other features which make it worthwhile. I never saw the point until I had one, and I could never go back now.

      • Oh okay, reminded me that bluetooth gaming is absolute dogshit, and that USB wireless is hard to find. Well, thanks for the long response.

        • Not absolute dogshit as it's still not all that much difference from wired and It's only slightly noticeable. That said, the bluetooth isn't for gaming, it's for connecting to other devices like TVs and phones etc. You can switch between different devices on the fly like your PC and TV via a click of a button.

          Not sure what you mean by USB wireless is hard to find as it's a wireless USB keyboard that also has bluetooth. Anyways, you can use it wired too if you want but there's really no need for it.

    • The latency is on par with wired, which you won't find with Bluetooth style wireless.

  • Still using my trusty G19 :D

  • In all these years, this rates in my top 3 keyboards of al ltime, but I replaced it with the G915 Tactile TKL as the macro keys on the left just weren't right for me, and going to the compact TKL meant I didn't have to strain my mouse-arm as far from the keyboard.

    It melts into the desk, allows fast typing, looks really neat. Usb-c charging is also an odd omission, users wth this keybaord are likely to own a MX Master mouse with usb-c port.

  • is it good for cs go game?

  • I want to get one of these, or the wired one.

    But first I need to find a store with display models so I can compare the tactile vs linear switches before dropping that much money.

    • It's nearly impossible to find one of these that you can try in-store haha.
      Really wanted it before I tried, then thoughts after trying were mushy and wobble keys.
      Can't tell whether actually using it would be a pleasant experience or not but the experience couldn't convince myself.

  • I was going to get this, but got a Keychron K1 fullsize instead.
    Just as good I think.

  • Have both the 815 and 915 in brown and both full boards. Definitely worth the expense if you are gaming a lot or enjoy very flat profile boards.
    Be mindful to get the colour and size that suits.

  • Hows the macro keys work? Is it easy to set on the fly? I want to use it to set quick shortcuts on the fly that I am using for excel or onenote.

  • It's a nice keyboard. The "brown" key equivalent is a bit mushy as others have mentioned, but you get used to it and the sound will be a lot more bearable when on calls or in the office (others in the office will hate you if you bring in the clicky blue keys). I bought it primarily because it's wireless, small (compared to the G613), and I can also quickly switch to bluetooth if I want a full size keyboard when typing out to my phone or ipad. Probably not a good idea, but you can also save yourself time logging into a work laptop with crazy long password requirements by programming your password into a macro key. I suggest tax deducting the whole cost, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered with it.

  • Do Logitech have any silent switches like the cherry silent reds?

  • Coming from someone who used to exclusively use scissor switch keyboards, the tactile TKL version has ruined all other keyboards for me. Low profile good feeling mechanical keys with awesome connectivity, haven't had a single problem with it in the 6 months I've owned it. Price sucks, but I would buy it again.

    Just wish the secondary functions on keys were backlit, and even better responded to modifier keys (i.e. 5 becomes % when shift is held), but nothing can be perfect.