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17 Piece Sump Plug Removal Kit $26.99 (Was $44.99) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


Never get caught out with a weird sump plug on any car youll own in life.

Good to go with this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/617272 if youre not sure what socket you need

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    Does this work on butt plugs? Asking for a friend…

  • Though this is for watches..

  • Have this set. Good quality. Used on diff and trans plugs.

  • It doesn't look like this kit includes Torx bits for cars such as the Holden Astra unfortunately. Anyone with an Astra, consider replacing the sump Torx bolt to a standard one, I replaced mine with KSP1002 from Repco.

    • Unfortunately I own one of those lemons and had to take it to a mechanic to have the sump plug chiselled out. Bought a new one from eBay that's still good, so hopefully won't need to change that until I buy a decent car.

  • tempting, needed large hex for axle plug on BMW, that cost me $15 …..this kit should cover most contigencies …

  • Is the number of people who do basic service on a multitude of cars really this high? I would expect that by the second car the vehicles would have long outlived this toolkit

    • As an example, I needed two uncommon sockets to work on a Subaru Forester (13mm square and T-70 Torx)

      The options were basically:
      - $12-15 AUD each from China in who knows how long
      - $20 each socket delivered from eBay (AU stock)
      - $25 for a kit in a moulded case

      I wanted the tools sooner rather than later, so I spent $50 on two sets instead of $40 on two sockets, and have the tools I needed and many extras that may come in handy

    • When I had a car, it wasn't that I did basic service on MY multitude of cars, but once friends hear you can do basic service, you're doing their's as well.

  • When I ordered my car I made it part of the deal that they would remove all the sump plugs first so I'd never need one of these sets.

  • Can’t we just get to know the SCA Managers, wait for the item to go on clearance, broden the stock, then sell on eBay for profit? I heard you can make like a $1 mil or $75,000 doing this.

    • Isn't it more like: Buy $1M worth of merchandise for 90%off/ paying $100K and then selling off on eBay for $175K, making $75K profit?

  • Thanks OP. Now to find videos on changing transmission oil.

  • I had an old Peugeot and the sump bolt removal socket was $91 in 2002! This is a bargain in comparison

  • If you have an allen key socket set, quite often one of the larger sizes, coupled with a large-ish flat bladed screwdriver to take up the slack, will succeed in breaking most square sockets loose.

  • 4mm hose down the dip stick tube. Suck the hell out of it. That's what a lot of dealers do.