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Oil Change Pack $50 (Free C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


SCA Oil Drain Pan 8 Litre - $6.99 - Discounted to $4.79
SCA Funnel Big Mouth - $3.99 - Discounted to $2.73
SCA Oil Filter (Dependent on your vehicle)
SCA Engine Oil Flush 300mL - $11.99 - Discounted to $8.22
SCA Semi Synthetic Engine Oil 10W-40 5 Litre - $32.99 - Discounted to $22.61

All together comes to $50 which is a great deal to do your own oil change rather than taking it to a mechanic.

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  • Do you need to lift up the car with a jack, to reach the oil filter underneath?

  • Well you still have to get under the car to undo the sump plug and replace it…using a new washer of course.

  • Plus a socket to remove sump plug (usually 17mm)

    And a jack and stands to get under the car safely.

    Plus possibly a tool to remove the filter. That's usually the hardest part, particularly if the last mechanic overtightened it.

    Not hard, but not really a job if you are clueless with mechanics, you'll probably get part way and regret it.

  • Personally never used engine flush. Save $8

    Cut the top off an old soda bottle as a funnel. Save $3

    And any 10L or so storage box will do to capture the oil, but it wont be usable for anything else again! Save $5 - actually I do have one of those!

    And check what rating of Oil to use, a lot use 10/30 or 5/30

    • Didn't realise people actually use an engine flush.

    • The oil drain container here used to be $20 but now they're slightly reduced at $15. Picked it up for just over $10 during the club sale. Its better (as long as you use it properly) as it can hold the oil too and any solids will not be drained immediately which means you can inspect for dropped items/metal shavings in your engine. Handy for when your hand slips and you lose the oil drain plug. Dont want to be fishing in a 8L pot of oil for it! https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/sca-sca-oil-drain-contai...

    • Yes also think the engine flush is unnecessary unless you have left the changes many thousands of kms (or years) overdue
      Not really sure I would use SCA unknown quality filters or oil either

      • The homebrand products are often made by other suppliers - SCA batteries made by Century (albeit in Thailand), some of their car washes are made by Koala Kare (more famous for Blu Murda truck wash), the oil flush is made by nulon, as are the calibre fuel additives.

        I'm not 100% sure as to who supplies SCA oil, but if I were to make a guess I would say penrite (given the made in Aus, they supply oils under other companies brands). Sure it may not be top quality but sure as sunrise it will do the job.

        Having compared a lot of SCA, Sakura and Ryco filters - I'd just be sticking with Ryco. The SCA and Sakura have smaller holes in the ones I've ordered

        • Yep, me too. Sticking with Ryco

          • +1 vote

            @King Tightarse: If you paying Ryco money, might as well get genuine.

            Z386 $16 at SCA, Toyota genuine can be had for $18
            Z432 $24 at SCA Toyota genuine about $22
            Z547 $28 at SCA, Honda genuine about $21

            • @t25: Yes but I usually buy them on eBay from SupaCheap or Sparesbox when I have a voucher, so I end up with Ryco.
              Cant trust the 'genuine' branded ones one eBay. Fakes everywhere. With those two, I know its genuine
              Z79A is $13.95 delivered so I usually get at least $5 off that.

      • SCA oil filters I've come across are the same as Wesfil/Cooper (so I'm not sure if it's across the range) which is owned by the same parent company that owns Ryco.

        SCOxxx part numbers cross reference to Wesfil WZxxx and Ryco Zxxx.

    • but it wont be usable for anything else again!

      Clean it with some soap and it can be usable for food or anything else you want.

  • Whats the purpose of the engine flush? Never seen any mechanics tell me to do this, or forums or any Youtube videos. Is SCA just selling you random crap?

    • Never used one because I assume it's some kind of solvent that would remain in the engine and dilute the new oil you put in .
      I guess if the old oil was really cruddy it would be beneficial .

    • The purpose is to basically dissolve any sludgey remnants in the engine along with any burnt on oil and even deposits of caked on particles in the engine. It's also really good at totally thinning out the oil, pretty handy for heavy weight oils when it comes time to drain it out for a service.

      Would I recommend an oil flush each service? No! I would recommend doing a flush or two (at the first two services) if you've purchased a car with zero history. I'd also recommend it for high KM's engines every few services.

      I've personally used a number of oil flushes on the market on both European and Japanese engines with ranging KM's and noticed benefits such as cleaning "burnt oil" heads on engines and removing heaps of particles that did not come out in prior services.

      I haven't used the SCA branded flush but I can strongly recommend the Liqui-Moly branded Engine Flush. https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/liqui-moly-liqui-moly-en...

  • I would rather spend $70 labour for every 10k kms to do all the dirty job.

    Just buy the engine oil and filter of your choice when special promo is on.