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Australian Made P2 Respirator Masks 60 Pack $50 Delivered @ RespaGuard


This promo is back for a limited time, buy any 5 packs and get the 6th free (60pcs for $50 or $0.83 ea) of our proudly Australian Made P2 Respirator Masks.

You can order 10 packs and get the 11th and 12th pack for free, buy 15 and get your 16th, 17th and 18th packs for free and so on, and the two specials can be bought together.

When checking, out please check you added the full quantity, for example 6, and at the checkout it will come up as 5 packs + 1 free. However if you accidentally checked out with 5 instead of 6 or 10 instead of 12 ect, we will manually amend the order on our end and send out the free packs with your order. 

RespaGuard's respirator masks are exceptionally one of the highest grade P2 respirator masks in the country, achieving particle filtration efficiency of 99%. Head to our about us page to read more.

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    Hey rep great work getting locally made masks at a decent price! Hopefully someone here needs a mask or two. Based on our current covid situation, I'd be looking at 'wholesale' markets to medical clients (which I expect you may be already!)

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    Even without COVID, with winter around the corner, if it means I don't get the flu from some inconsiderate people. Wearing a mask isn't such a bad idea.

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      I got my flu from classmates that decided not to wear masks even when they were coughing :( I hate how there is still social stigma associated with mask wearing even after covid

      • -3

        How do you know it was from the class mates? Did you do genomic testing?

  • good value deal, can anyone comment on the comfort?

    • I’ve found them quite good. They’re a bit large for my face however I just loop the ear loops over my ponytail to make it tighter.

  • These are face masks. They have earloops so can't be a P2 respirator. Also the 99% efficiency of the filter media is suss, the certificate says it is compliant with 94% and nothing else. These maybe good face masks but nothing more.

    • Hi mickyboy1,

      Regarding the filtration, what you read was the leakage which is 0.94%, the actually filteraton % is 99.06%, that confusion happened to me too when i first read it :)

      Regarding the earloops, it's a question we get occasionally and yes they are P2 compliant, prior to 2020 the only type of mask you would generally find in Australia were the cup type masks, which can only use a headstrap and this is where the confusion comes from. Most of the large international competitor have similar range that are also both earloop and P2 compliant, See Example.

      Hope this helps answer your questions :)

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      No deal. No longer required.

      What do you use while sanding or spraying organic volatiles?

      Or are you one of those "I'll breath in the solvents, they're harmless" types?

      • mate there's so much shit being spread these days - masks can't keep the shit out..

        • +1

          Clearly! Im just as shocked at some of the ignorance.

          I cant believe people would claim masks are "no longer required".

          These activated charcoal masks are the bare minimum for paint or pesticide.

          VOC's are not good for anyone!

          Its like people magically forgot that chemical lung safety existed before…

    • +2

      It's scary how people think Covid is over. At last count we have 5% or so vaccinated with at least 1 dose. That's 95% susceptible. And with vaccine confidence wavering, the rate of vaccination is only going to increase slowly.

      All it takes is an unnoticed leak of the British variant from hotel quarantine and people acting like it's all over and Covid will explode.

      All you need to do is look at India when everyone ignored Covid restrictions because of the recent religious festival.

      • +1


        The most infuriating part for me, is the disregard for your fellow man.

        Even if you're the type who "doesnt believe it"; are you really that god damn delicate that you cant help your fellow person feel at ease?

        These people are so sensitive that 1 day of inconvenience here and there (you dont go to 'crowds' everyday), to calm the masses, might topple their fragile world.

  • Are these really 100% made in Australia? Been thinking about getting some but heard mixed messages about its country of origin.

    • Hi thoreon,

      Yes we manufacture these 100% in Australia, the materials that are used to make the masks are sourced from overseas as there are no manufacturers of the materials in Australia currently.

      Hope this helps clarify your questions :)

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