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Sennheiser RS 120 II on-Ear Wireless Headphones $159.95 Delivered @ Sennheiser


Was looking for some new Sennheiser rs120 headphones. Found a great price on the actual Sennheiser site. Better than anywhere else I could find on the internet. Usual price is $199 on most online stores. Also offering free delivery when spending more than $50.

Also cashrewards is offering a 7% cashback at Sennheiser.

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    I want a HD600 or 650, I can’t wait for them to discount it below $400

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      Any reason why you don't get a 6XX from drop?

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    If you don’t mind a refurb, you can get that for $120 too.


  • These are great… been using them for years now.

  • what wireless tech do these use?
    Is the latency better than aptx LL ?

    Not much info in their tech specs

    • I don't know the actual tech they use but I'll say this much, they are fine for watching TV but I do notice the slightest of delays when shooting people in an Xbox One X. It could just be my perception, or it could be the fact that we run these headphones of our amp (rather than out of the Xbox or the TV directly) but whenever I'm playing a FPS it just seems to be slightly off. Not noticeable in other games, and as I said, not someoi notice when watching TV or streaming, just FPS games.

      But we've got two of them for watching TV when the kids have gone to bed and they are excellent.

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        but I do notice the slightest of delays when shooting people -
        in Xbox

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          Better keep an eye on him… Xbox One X might just be a location somewhere… since his shooting people in it!

        • For shooting… things….not in Xbox, I much prefer these:


          I've very weird shaped inner ears so being able to mould them myself is excellent in my opinion.

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      It uses a radio frequency. It might be quick but it's of poor quality

  • Have they got rid of the background hiss and the audio dropping out at really low volumes? I had a higher model pair RS170 and I got rid of them. Drove me crazy

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      Still present in my pair of RS120 II also if there is no audio signal (say you pause) for a while it will blast static into your ears until it registers audio again.

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        Yep, the static blast is the worst thing about these, will make you jump. 😬

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      Sounds like you had the source volume too low. The solution is to bump up the volume at the source, and use the volume controls on the headphones to turn it down.

  • These can be used directly with a PS4?

    • No, they connect to its own base using a radio signal. No Aux in or Bluetooth connection at all.

  • 9.8% at shopback, apparently.

    My HDR 170s are still going strong.

  • I had a pair of rs 110 which uses the same Radio frequency technology as these from what I can see

    It's OK for tv but the sound quality and the noticeable static while watching is horrible. Sometimes I had to move my head around to get a better signal and I was 3m away from the receiver. I put up with it because there was not much affordable choice at the time.

    But I got HDR-180s a while back and they are a world apart, much better bass, clearer high frequency and uses Bluetooth connection so no static issues.

  • I bought from JB Hi-fi in October 2021 for $119.
    Sound system is good but very unstable and always loving RF signal.
    The headset is very loose, will fall off easily if you tilted your head downwards by 30 degrees.
    Have to constantly tune to search for the right RF signal.
    I wouldn’t recommend this model.

    Get the RS175 instead but a little expensive.
    EBay sold for $275 during AfterPay 20% discount on March 19-23, which I believed is one of the cheapest price.

  • Worth paying a bit more for these for watching TV?


    Or can anyone else recommend a sub $200 set of wireless headphones for watching TV only?

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      The set you've linked are Bluetooth headphones. They'll only work for watching TV if your TV has Bluetooth built-in (or if you buy a separate BT transmitter with APTX for your TV - but be wary of cheaper BT transmitters that need to be turned on each time, you're better off with a mains-powered BT transmitter that is ready to go when you turn on your headphones)

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      Great choice if your TV supports aptx-ll (ll for low latency) or you can add a dongle that does, but a lot of TVs don't support BT to begin with. RF provides lower latency but according to rtings those are the best bluetooth TV cans around so they're a great choice. Also means you can use them with stuff besides the TV.

      Little bit cheaper with the current ebay sale right now, although officeworks might be nicer for any warranty issues to deal with - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Plantronics-BackBeat-Pro-2-Bluet...

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    I bought a set of these for my old man as he's hard of hearing and has trouble hearing the TV. They're nothing fantastic, but for the use case of hooking up wirelessly (and not via bluetooth) to the TV they definitely do the job. I bought them in store from The Good Guys around 2 years ago for around $150.

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    I have profound hearing loss. I had these and they were ok. I then got the rs185 and they are fantastic. I also now have the rs 195 which are also fantastic. Both are better for watching TV than $8000 hearing aids.

    I would definitely pay the extra for at least the rs185

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    I had these ages ago - like 10+ years ago…can't believe they're still selling them. I liken using these to using a rabbit ear antenna on a TV - they'll do the job, but not that well, due to radio frequency interference. Also ours had issues with charging consistency.

    These days IMO you're better off buying a decent BT transmitter with APTX LL and using decent BT headphones (which you may already have)

    • Agreed. The Aldi Bauhn Bluetooth headphones are miles better than these imo.

      • side note - I had the Aldi BT headphones for a day. The noise cancelling caused uncomfortable pressure on my ears, so I returned them. I've tried several cheaper and more expensive ANC headphones, the Aldi one created the most pressure. Bose QC35 II wasn't great either, for me. The Sony were the best for me in terms of comfort.

    • Yes. I have a pair of RS-170's which are ok, but I hardly use them now as I use my BT headset for pretty much everything. My Sennheisers just sit on the TV cabinet for the rare occasion that I need to watch TV silently in the lounge room.

  • Have these and dont like them

  • What is the use case for these? I was gifted a set once (not sure of exact model). Got excited about wireless headphones, I think the gifter did too. But I tried them once and sold them immediately. Like listening to radio over a poor signal, with background hiss and extra noise in general.

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      People who are hard of hearing. Got a pair of the RS120s years ago for the better half's dad and it was a gamechanger for him. His hearing was terrible and it meant he could crank the cans to hear the TV show without making everyone else watching put up with the volume being at insane levels.

      They died eventually and I think we replaced them with some of the newer models (180 gen maybe?) but I definitely rate them for this use case. Pretty sure sennheiser actually make a model that is ultra high gain specifically for this too.

    • I'm a night owl, wear these so I don't disturb the family.

  • I have one of this and I stopped using it because the radio tuning wheel is next to the volume wheel, so it's very easy to accidentally change the tuning and lose the connection when you try to adjust volume, and then it's very hard to tune it back. I had an Aldi wireless headphone before and it was much better because it had 3 fixed frequencies that you chose using a switch.

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