What’s The Best Bed Sheet You’ve Ever Slept on?

Heard of 1000+ thread count sheets, does it make a difference for you? What’s a good brand and where did you buy it for good value?


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    Try Sheridan Millenia. They're pretty expensive but they're the best I've had.

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      I've got a set of these and i'm happy with them. Money spent on quality bedding is a good investment. You use it a lot and it's on yourself.

      • We used to get Myer-branded ones, but couldn't see any online anymore when they turned marketplaceish

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      $389 RRP for a fitted sheet 🥶

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        Noone ever pays retail for bedding.

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          Well, this OzB, nobody should pay retail for anything!

    • Stopped buying Sheridan, I always found their sizings are on the skimpy side. So a small amount of shrinkage makes them awful. been using Elysian from harris scarfe lately, either the 750 TC or 1000TC, better fit and as good or better quality.

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        I always found their sizings are on the skimpy side. So a small amount of shrinkage makes them awful

        I've had a few and they seem to have been okay so far. Perhaps I haven't noticed it.

        What I have noticed is that there is a difference between Sheridan and Sheridan Outlet. One would normally think that the "outlet" is where they shift the old stock for discounted sale but it isn't necessarily the case here. The Outlet seems to mostly have their own range of products. I'm not sure if the quality is the same or not.

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          I used to only buy Sheridan, my parents as well. We now won't touch them (my parents even used to sell them as part of their furniture business) and funnily enough it was my parents that persuaded me to stop buying them.

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            @gromit: Would be good if you say why you stopped buying Sheridan.

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              @Jono05: umm I did. read my first comment in the thread. sizing of sheets makes the fitted sheets very poor fits with even a small amount of shrinkage. They seem to cut the measurements too fine with no room for shrinkage.

              • @gromit: settle settle. not everyone can read ok

          • @gromit: So what do you use now?

        • I’ve read that The Outlet stuff is almost all inferior quality and purpose-made for The Outlet. Great scam.

          • @GourmetFoodie: Yeah but I figure the prices fit the quality if you get in at 50% off or there about.

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          Can confirm, bought a few towels from outlet and a few from the main site. Huge difference in price ($15 vs 80 per towel, on sale!) but the $15 outlet towels are thin and crusty now, where the $80 are still fluffy and absorbent after 2 years of biweekly use (we alternate 2 sets of 2 towels each week as one set is in the wash). They look completely different too. Outlet is no better than what you could grab at any discount store. Main site towels are extremely thick and require a tumble dry to keep the fluff from coming off onto you.

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            @Kill Joy: I’m glad I avoided the outlet based on your comparison. It’s a shame they have to be so scammy like that and pretend the outlet has “Sheridan” quality.

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              @GourmetFoodie: What's sad is they've done the math, and running the outlet store must be netting them more sales than the outlet does damage to their main brand, so lots of people fall for it and they're okay with it…

      • Stopped buying Sheridan, I always found their sizings are on the skimpy side. So a small amount of shrinkage makes them awful.

        Love me a taut bedsheet so I rather slight shrinkage than looseness, it becomes wrinkly/stretched again after sleeping on it anyway

    • 1200?? The highest I buy is 700..

      Next time I am due to upgrade will try.

      • Truth be told, I wouldn't waste my money on "how it feels" if I didn't sleep (almost) naked. I can definitely feel the difference with the thread count, but I'm not sure if I would care too much about it if I slept fully-clothed.

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    I've slept on 1000+ thread ones, a difference for sure - but depends on the price you can get it. I had some silk sheets and pillow cases etc - hard to maintain, but very comfortable. Overall, for me personally, dirt cheap normal ones do the job.

    even with the silk, it felt like a 25-50% better comfort level for 100-500% of the price ( I am not kidding, high 'tier' silk sheets are expensive).

    Up to you.

    I find a good bargain on some spotlight ones are best value pick imo. If not that, Kmart. Be aware though that some higher GSM sheets/threads may make you warmer/feel hotter while sleeping, or cooler (depending on the thread count). I noticed this more than the 'comfort' tbh…. I found super high thread counts were a bit too warm for me, depending on the brand.

    My opinion, of course.

    • which spotlight oines?

      • any ones that have been marked down a lot or on sale. eg was 100-150, now 30-40. I usually find they're always on sale and always quite good

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    What’s The Best Bed Sheet You’Ve Ever Slept on?

    After it has been washed and dried under the sun :)

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      I struggle with sleeping on fresh clean sheets. I feel like I am not washing them correctly. They just feel stiff and not natural

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        You talking about the sheets, right???

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        I don't like the feeling of fresh, dried sheets either. Using fabric softener helps and it smells amazing too.

        • Fabric softener is a waste of money. Harms the environment.

          baking soda and vinegar to soften them but only if you are using cheap sheets

      • You're probably using too much soap/detergent if they feel stiff.

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    Yep. Higher thread count doesn't mean you will have a better sleep. In warmer climates you are better off having quality lower thread sheets as they are more breathable.

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    Driglo. 300 thread count, but not inflated numbers. Made from Australian cotton weaved by australian mills
    Cost $120 but soooo worth it. Was like slipping into a dream.

    Sadly not around anymore in that form. Also because of the thinness they only lasted 5 years. Can't have everything I guess.

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    Don't always rely on thread count alone

  • Sheridan 500 thread count cotton sateen, my normal bed sheets.

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    Depends if you’re using a fitted sheet only or a top sheet as well. Personally we only use fitted sheets and then wash the quilt cover or light cotton blanket (in summer) as often as we would a sheet. For me being 100% cotton is more important than thread count (though I’d be interested in trying bamboo too). A 1000 thread count poly cotton sheet would be too hot for my liking compared to a lower thread count 100% cotton sheet with a nice texture. IKEA is a good place to buy affordable 100% cotton sheets - we have some from ikea that we’ve been using for years that feel very nice and were cheap, sorry I can’t remember the name. I’d recommend feeling them before buying though (they have samples on display) and some have a smooth soft feel, others can be a bit rough/course. I had a bad experience with some 1000 thread count sheets I got from target that pilled horribly after one wash, they got returned, so like others have said there is much more to it than thread count. See Choice article https://www.choice.com.au/home-and-living/bedroom/mattresses...

    I recently bought a 100% cotton flannelette sheet from Spotlight for $1 (https://www.spotlightstores.com/bed/bed-linen/fitted-sheets/... looks like white has sold out) using the $20 voucher (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/613396) as we needed an extra king size fitted sheet and I didn’t want to spend a lot. I haven’t had flannelette sheets before and figure it was worth a go coming into winter for $1. It’s a different feel all together, very soft and cosy. I’m kinda of expecting that it might end up pilling, but so far so good. We have Kmart cotton flannelette sheets for our baby’s cot that have been washed a lot and haven’t pilled, so perhaps not.

    The other thing to consider is the look. Flannelette definitely looks (and is) cheap. If you go for a lower thread count you might see the pattern of the mattress or whatever you use under your sheet. For us we have a mattress protector similar to this (https://www.pillowtalk.com.au/200gsm-cotton-mattress-protect...) So it’s a uniform look even with a low thread count white cotton sheet. Speaking of mattress protectors, many cheap ones that are marketed as cotton will have a polypropylene layer (eg this one https://www.kmart.com.au/product/cotton-filled-fitted-mattre...) which has no stretch/give to it and will interfere with whatever cushioning/immersion properties the mattress has, and could also trap heat, as it’s essentially a plastic layer. It took me a while to find mattress protectors that were actually all cotton for the hot Qld weather.

    If you’re not a top sheet person, same applies to your quilt cover in terms of the fabric and feel. I was very fortunate to buy some very high quality cotton ones from vinnies over 10 years ago, that someone had got rid of as a couple of bottons and press studs were damaged. They still look and feel fantastic. I feel weird saying I bought op shop linen, but honestly they are fantastic and obviously have been washed many times over.

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      Nice answer code-man. Very detailed/well articulated. Much appreciated.

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        Thanks, I put far too much thought into linen, so may as well put it to good use. BTW I’m a -.-. —- -.. . / .-.. .- -.. -.—

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          Mmmyeah … for what it's worth, I have found that paying due attention to 'linen' can have … erm … 'repeated benefits'.

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          code lady ^

    • I keep having the thought at night that i want to learn morse code but keep forgetting, thanks for inadvertently reminding me ;)

    • Personally we only use fitted sheets and then wash the quilt cover or light cotton blanket (in summer) as often as we would a sheet

      Doesn't that get annoying (putting the cover on)? I hate having to do it!

      To answer OP, I bought a couple of sets from Adairs a few years back, been happy with the quality. Prior to that I had a set of fancy sounding sheets I got off some website, they were garbage and started pilling after about 6 months of use.

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        I used to hate it and get my older brother do it when I was a kid/teenager. But once he moved out I got pretty good at doing it. I generally have the cover inside out, put my arms through to hold the top corners of both the cover and the doona and flip the whole thing inside out. I should make a video… could be my big break into home instructional videos. My hubby has a different method but he seems to hate doing it to, so I reckon my method is best. The reason for the lack of flat sheets is that they always just end up in a scrunched uncomfortable mess at the bottom of the bed for me.

        • I've watched many videos on how to fold a fitted sheet, they always end up in a ball. Your video would probably go the same way 😅

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    Bamboo cotton sheets. Freaking love them

    • But my god they take ages to dry in Melbourne winter! BAH

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    • Yes this. Especially now it's getting colder.
      Mine are from Target.

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    What’s The Best Bed Sheet You’Ve Ever Slept on?


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      Username checks out.

  • Adair's world's softest sheets.

    Go have a feel. Beat anything else I touched. Random people regularly ask what sheets are on my bed. Yeah I'm popular.

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      What a slut.

      • Nah, bro it's the junkie lyf…

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          Well, the bed is the one place to sit other than my uber gaming chair. Teenage goals accomplished… Or midlife crisis activated. One of the two.

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    Older cotton sheets. Much smoother/less stiff than new ones.

  • Never underestimate the value of a good mattress topper.

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    We were blown away by the quality of these recently staying at a friend's house and got them for all the beds in our house

    Also agree get a mattress topper

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      Any discount codes??

  • Any bedsheet which is washed and clean and fitted well preferably cotton one as they absorbs your sweat and reduce thermal.

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    Watch out the the thread count scams. There are thread counts and there are thread counts. Depending on how they calculate the thread count. Common understanding is that the higher the thread count, the better or softer the sheet. That is true, if the threads themselves are fine and single. But some brands use multiple pieces to twist into each thread, like a rope. Then it takes fewer of these rope threads to add up to a higher count. Then that gives a higher thread count, statistically speaking, but the actual feel is not soft, but rougher and coarser, as if woven by a bunch of tiny ropes, rather than single fine threads. So thread counts can be misleading, you can have a finer material with lower thread count using better quality thread, than a super high thread count using threads that have been twisted together before weaving the actual material. So reputation and feel is important, over a cheap unknown brand offering million thread counts.

    • Is that what they do for hotel sheets as I prefer heavier, thicker, more coarse feeling

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      Yep. Thread count is a scam targeted at people who call Moet & Chandon “Moey”.

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      Have a shot every time he says 'thread counts'

  • Grey linen sheet. Comfy, don't show stains and they age well without looking old and faded.

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    Use to be a Sheridan fan but I these days, I prefer my Canningvale Mille sateen 1000 thread count.

    Yes, thread count isn't the be all or end all, however because it's a sateen weave, it's very smooth and feels almost silky.

    The Canningvale Mille is thick and durable also but isn't overly stiff.

    Read up on Sateen


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    Thread count doesn't necessarily mean anything. I have some that my wife bought cheap off Catch which are some stupid high thread count but they've pilled badly after a few months.

    Personally, my favourite sheets are the type that hotels use: heavy white sheets. You can wash them a million times, they don't pill, and you can bleach them if they get discoloured.

    • same! i bought some from catch that were meant to be 1000 thread count, but they weren't 100% cotton and started piling as well

    • The Catch ones are so sh*t I can't believe I fell for them. I thought I was getting something luxurious because of the high thread count.

      Life lessons.

    • Agree, catch sheets pilled very quickly. Waste of money.

  • Best sheet set I've ever had were the one's from Aldi. Proper 1000 thread count and very heavy, only a single light blanket on top and that's it.

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    Try the new Uniqlo Airism ones. Really comfy. I love that they have 2 different sized pillow cases as well

    • +1 to this. Uniqlo airism sheets changed my life, like sleeping on a cloud. Wrinkle free out of the wash a plus

  • bonus points if you can find one where the fitted sheet doesnt end up all pilled after too short a time period.
    Ive had some Sheridan in both cotton and bamboo, and too easily do they become piled and annoying.

    Perhaps just too much friction on my sheets..

    • Ok I have a question 🙋‍♂️ How tf do you fold a fitted sheet??!

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      The IKEA DVALA hasn’t pilled for me and I’ve had them for 5+ years. They are quite thin though and I can’t guarantee the fabric is the same as 5 years ago. They are also 100% cotton and very cheap.

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    Jersey cotton

    • By far the best bedding!

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    What’s The Best Bed Sheet You’ve Ever Slept on?

    My mistresses'

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    A freshly washed one

  • Mmm love my bamboo sheets. Proper linen in summer. Flannelette in winter. Cotton sateen sometimes. NEVER polyester/polycotton.

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    Hospital blanket, the porous nature is great for circulation and to prevent you sticking to the bed in summer

    You can buy hospital blankets at many places

    thread count 5?

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    it's not the food but the company

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    Our Frette ones, just cotton, no idea on the thread count, made in Italy. Bit expensive so we don't use them all the time.

    Our everyday ones are Yves Delorme which are very pretty and lovely to sleep on.

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    These bamboo cotton sheets are the best. Tried a few other brands but target were surprisingly really good. I sweat a lot and the bamboo cotton is really breathable and super soft.


  • Hooker's

  • I picked up a Queen sized bamboo cotton bedsheet set for $59 and it's amazing. After trying this I realised that thread count doesn't matter, since this is only 375.

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    Ettitude. They're expensive though.

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    Kmart 500 thread one is very good for the money. They sell out very fast online, so best to check in-store.


    Smooth and soft. Have used it for over a year, no issue so far.

    • I also really love these!

  • Frette linen.

    On the more realistic and affordable level Sheridan Millenia is ok.

    The best stuff is truly from overseas and usually Italian. And ridiculously expensive.

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    Don't fall for the high thread count marketing.

    You are better buying a good 200-400 thread count sheet, anything above that probably isn't better.
    When you go above that then manufacturers use a multi ply thread so if they use a 2 ply thread for the same weave as a 400 thread count sheet they can call it 800 thread count as there are 2 threads in every stand.


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    Best in aus.

    The ones they have in the 5 star Turkish and Indian hotels are the best imo. Cotton is so soft and thick and breathable.

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