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10% off Sitewide @ First Choice Liquor + 30% Cashback ($30 Cap) via ShopBack or 20% Cashback ($20 Cap) via Cashrewards


Edit - both SB and CR have added the promo code SITEWIDE to their pages.

I believe this is the highest cashback offer ever for First Choice Liquor.

30% Cashback (Cap $30) @ ShopBack

First Choice Liquor orders paid partially or in full with any gift cards will be ineligible for cashback.

For those that prefer Cashrewards - 20% capped at $20.

During the 15 hour promo, 20% cashback for First Choice Liquor is capped at $20 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 9am to 11:59pm AEST 19/04/2021.

Mod: OP, as per posting block: "In the case of a merchant offer AND a cashback offer, please link to the merchant directly and mention/link the cashback offer additionally".

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  • Deals are for online only

    • +5

      Sure would have a hard time going in a store demanding 30% cashback

      • +1

        I think Zippy7 means that first choice / cashrewards have shop in store with your linked visa promo etc

  • Shopback more generous

    • +3

      …with your data!

  • +1

    again………….. goddamn cash rewards doesn't work with FCL… every. single. time.

    Other liquor stores work fine.

    Nothing else open… made sure I closed the window, clicked onto FCL from the CR website again once everything was in the cart to be sure… still no dice.

    • +2

      Why not use the CR app?

      • +3

        This. I use app on my phone for all of these cashback deals and rarely have a problem.

        • +1

          I don't understand why only FCL though.

          • @RtN: That's weird, never had any issues with FCL and CR on my PC web browser

      • I tried them all. Nothing works.

    • Should only add items after clicking through. Should not be going back and clicking through after items already in cart, that is probably your problem right there.

  • Does it stack with promocode Sitewide for additional 10% off?

    • +1

      I might be mistaken, but the sitewide 10% off code does not show up on the ShopBack page and ShopBack's T&Cs says cashback is void if you use: "Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack" so I'm guessing they do not stack. Ditto for CashRewards.

  • will Cashrewards match ShopBack or list 10% off SITEWIDE as a code? :)

  • would you know if SB or CR will be updating to include SITEWIDE 10% off?

  • +2

    Don't think my liver can take it anymore

    • The liver is filthy and must be punished.

    • +2

      It's a cashback system, not an immediate discount.

      You have to join shopback, use their portal, after the returns period for your purchase has passed it goes into your shopback account which you can withdraw to your bank account - as long as you followed all the right steps and the cashback tracked, so there is an element of chance


      There are referral links - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/deals/shopback.com.au if you have not joined yet, if you join using one you will get a bonus from that.

      • +2

        Hi Tony, thanks I appreciate it.

  • I just got a 10% off sitewide email from 1st choice.

    Let's hope it's stackable

    • Is it listed under promos on shopback? That's the only way you can confirm if stackable otherwise it usually tracks and then the cashback is rejected later.

  • Can someone from Shopback confirm if SITEWIDE is stackable?

  • +4
  • Just checking if champagne is eligible? Can't see anything to state otherwise but I know some of the other booze retailers exclude it from cashbacks….

    • It may be

  • +3

    Lots of affordable vintage Wynns available

    • Good call - snagged some of these

  • +1

    It feels like every week they have CB!

    • +2

      Tip, if you click the cashback button below 'go to deal' then the arrow button for cashback history you can see the past cashback rates to compare.

      See screenshot

  • +1

    Does anyone know if this deal can be used more than once through Cashback ? Or is it limited to one transaction for the $30.00 CB. Also whether the code can be used twice too ?

    • itll be per cashback account. so you could do shopback then cashrewards but not 2 x shopback

    • on their last deal I was able to redeem the $30 cap x 3. Cashrewards makes notes about it being per member only. If I don't see it on the ShopBack terms then I will assume its just capped per transaction and not per member.

      sorry I thought it was First Choice but it was Liquorland promo recently.

  • First choice is great sometimes, but usually if there is a deal on at all they never have what I want available in NSW. No Guinness in the state apparently.

    • +1

      Yeah that's a bit annoying. I managed to get a case of Batch Elsie (milk stout) - a nice drop if you like smooth milk stouts. Works out $72 after cashback. $110 at Dan's.

  • Awesome deal

    Fuzz Peach Beer Bottle 330mL


    Price reduced from $58 to $33
    Pack (24)

  • what time window for SB?

  • anyone notice any errors when trying to make payment? i've made two but been unsuccessful on the 3rd and that is with different credit cards.

  • I have just made 2 purchases using the promo code and also Shopback green logo indicated so I had better get the 2 x 30% discounts! Certainly an excellent deal.

  • Been 4 hours no tracking from Shopback.

    Cashrewards tracked within 1 min.

    • Same here - Ordered around 11am via shopback and hasn't tracked

    • +1

      UPDATE: Shopback tracked afer 5 hours.

      • +1

        Same here

    • Over 6 hours without tracking using site.
      Ordered again, this time on App on family account.

      [UPDATE] First order finally tracked!
      Will cancel latest order.

  • +1

    Asahi 24pk

    Great beer for people who don't drink a lot of beer. Catalogue special, comes to $42 after everything is taken into account.
    Beats this deal(which got 70 votes) by $5

    • +1

      Already bought.

      • -4

        Already bought.

        And you didn't share?
        Poor form, Infidel. Not even you can drink all the Asahi beer around.

        • +1

          Always place order before sharing!
          Returned to find you had already commented.

          Price of a carton varies depending on container deposit. $69 less 10% here.

          Cashback is calculated excluding GST (Excludes taxes), so local price is higher at $45.16
          (cashback = $16.94 ((69ร—.9)รท1.1)ร—.3)

          Boozebud email offered a targeted $40 off $120 order plus free delivery, but no Asahi in stock.

          Back to enjoying a cold Asahi Dry ๐Ÿบ

  • Hi team - is the $30 cap per transaction or per member for the duration of the offer? ie. Can do two transactions that might be in excess of $30 cashback, but you'll still only get $30 max?

  • +6

    Hi guys, I just had my order tracked @ $25.00, should have been $30.00. Anyone else experience this ?

    • Yep same here

      • +1

        Contacted Shopback and they should have it fixed by tomorrow:

        'We have been informed by the team in charge that the correct rates will be reflected by tomorrow morning in your ShopBack account. We apologize for the hassle!'

    • Same here

    • Was your item worthy of $30 cashback at it's ex-tax price (not price paid w/GST)?

      • I got a $25 tracked email on a ~$120 order.

        • Mmm… something is afoot…

        • (120x0.90)/1.1x0.30=$29.45.

        • I raised a ticket over the weekend, but it appears to have been automatically updated to $30 now.

      • Yep, $115.20 order.

    • yep same. I spent over so should have received the $30. Both are being tracked @ $25.00

    • Same. Only $25.

    • Same here, $25 for a $180 order ๐Ÿ˜ข

    • Same $25 for $114 order.

      • Not $25. You should get $28

    • $25 on 160 spend..

  • +3

    Balter Hazy IPA is $54 (in SA) with code. After cashback it's $39.28 for 16 cans. Great price compared to ~$70 elsewhere.

    • That is what I was thinking but I'm going all out on the Fox Hat Red Pelt!

  • Yep tracked $25 rather than the whole $30. Do we reach out to shopback to rectify?

  • Used both sites.

    CR tracks within minutes. Expected to see SB as and when I get up in the morning lol

    Will be cranky if I only get $25 as well

    • $25 on $94 spend. Oh Shopback lol

  • Kept getting payment unsuccessful errors, did anyone else get the same issue?

    • My CommBank card didn't work. Tried Ubank next and had no issues.

    • my first two orders with amex worked fine, subsequent orders have not. I ended up selecting to pay via PayPal - hopefully that still works.

  • -1

    Does it track instantly or is there a wait time?

    • CR tooks around 5 minutes to track my payment

    • It tracked but only 25 for some reason :/ suppose to be 30

  • +1

    I only received $25

  • +7

    Suggest everyone email shopback and complain that tracking rate is capping amount at $25 and not $30 that should be.
    This is their email address - [email protected]

    • Thanks. tracked only $25 on $117 spend. Thanks for the email. Have emailed them with copy of invoice. Lets see.

      • +1

        I spent the exact same amount. Emailed them and they fixed, got the extra $5 tracked, didn't need invoice.

  • +1

    About 10 hours by now and still no tracking from ShopBack.

    • Same here. It might come through, but annoying they're so slow with it.

      I've already gone through SB not tracking with First Choice last year; even had a screenshot of SB active with the receipt, but they said it didn't track on their end so I lost $25.

      CR is usually quick with their tracking…wish I used that instead :(

    • Tracked for me this morning. About a day later.

  • +2

    Add me to the $25 train

    • +1

      I took notice and only ordered enough for $26 cashback to see how it plays out. Only got $25

    • +1

      And me tracked at $25 not $30

    • +1

      same, spend $130 and got tracked for $25๐Ÿ˜‚

  • cashrewards tracked after 10 minutes. $20.
    good stuff.
    thank god i didnt use shopback

  • Thanks, got a slab of Peroni Red for under $29!

  • Also $25. Did anyone screenshot the $30 cap?

    • +1

      No need. Would be in everyone's email and also this ozb post.

      SB should be fine to fix this for everyone.

  • +1

    They fixed it for me after I emailed them, got the extra $5 tracked.

  • Hey guys, how long does this take to appear on the cash back tracker? Iโ€™ve picked it up yesterday and still does not show

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