$16.80/Month 20GB, $9.80/Month 6GB Prepaid Mobile Plans for First 12 Months @ Moose Mobile (New Connections Only)


Saw this deal that's just started today. They previously had a $19.80/Month 20GB and $14.80/Month 6GB sale before this deal.

  • Moose $9.80 6GB Month to Month ($6 off for first 12 months, then reverts to $15.80)
  • Moose $16.80 20GB Month to Month ($7 off for first 12 months, then reverts to $23.80)


The Moose Mobile Promotional plans are only available to people joining Moose for the first time as a promotional discount or existing customers who want to add additional services to their account. These promos are not available for existing services already connected to Moose.

You can transfer a number in from another telco or connect a new service to an existing account to receive the promotional discount.

Full Terms & Conditions

Critical Information Summaries:
$9.80/Month 6GB
$16.80/Month 20GB

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  • Inc VoLTE + VoWiFi

  • I struggled to sign up. Went through the whole process and then it threw a "Your Cart Is Empty" message at the end.

  • No eSim. Welcome to 2015.

  • What network? Voda or Optus?

  • Thank you OP, ill be moving my parents away from VAYA's $16 for 3gb plan, for mooses $16 for 6gb.

    Also, its only $10 a month for the first 12… what a winner.

    I did consider spintels $13 for 5gb; but i want them to have "too much" data. Not too little.

  • when does this deal expire?

  • Bugger. Activated the 20% promo last week.

  • Just be aware that excess data charges are $15 per GB.

    I was on 6GB plan, thought it was a deal until I accidentally went over my data limit.

    Also Moose customer service is shut on Sundays for when your service gets blocked for over usage.

  • just got my sim card from this deal last week and the day i got it i began the activation process….
    it has been a week and my sim has still not activated. Every time i call their customer support they say it should be activated the next day…. but never occurs
    This morning it still did not activate…. I had enough so I rang them up telling them to cancel the activation process and give me a refund so I can subscribe to another provider.. they then stated that i will have to post the sim card back in order for them to process the refund…

    based on my experience would not recommend…

  • for 1st month of 12 months or for 12 month?