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Hisense 32" (81cm) HD LED Smart TV 32S4 $279 Delivered (RRP $399) @ Myer


Screen Size (Inches): 32
Energy Rating: 6
Screen Type: LED/LCD
Screen Resolution: HD
Kilowatts: 104
Smart Features: Netflix
Connectivity: USB
Warranty Duration: 3 Years
Warranty Type: Manufacturer

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    Note for those that make quick assumptions - this is HD… NOT Full HD. So it isn't 1080p.

  • So it's not HD. So it can be used to view movies from 1990 and backwards

    • HD is 720p, Full HD is 1080p.

    • It absolutely is.

      Ergo it will play a good deal of netflix at better quality (depends on content; but a lot of action movies are better at 720p vs 1080p thanks to the low bitrates used).

      And will be overkill for any DVD's.

      Also fta TV hd channels will be nice also.

      32" @ 720p is a very nice pixel density.

      • -1

        It's shite, only a decent screen a decade or more ago.

        • No, ive seen them in person. They're still perfectly decent.

      • Its always interesting when people neg scienticifc/technological fact/standards.

        It is HD rated.
        It is over the resolution of dvds.
        It is the resolution of many HD broadcasts.
        Netflix does have less artifacts when forced to 720p in action scenes.

        Yet someone negged it.

        "My opinion overruled your fact" is weird on ozb.

    • so blu rays won't work?

      • -1

        Yeah, they'll work just fine. But the 4k image will be downscaled; no major harm at only 32", from a couch viewing distance.

  • FYI
    This was on an eBay Plus sale for $189 inc shipping from BingLee on the 30/03

    Picked one up then.

  • Why are there no 32" FHD tvs? Must be something to do with the LCD panel manufacturing?

    • Yep.

      And as someone who used to sell TVs, when 32" was the popular size, most opted for 720p.

      While its easy to see the difference up close, across the length of the lounge room, very few customers felt the cost was justified.

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