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Telstra 5G 12-Month Mobile Broadband Plan: $69 300GB Per Month + Free ZTE MU500 5G Wi-Fi Modem (New Telstra Customer) @ JB Hi-Fi


Telstra 5G 300GB/Month on 12 month $69/Month plan with Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Hotspot MU500 (RRP $599) for $0 Upfront @ JB Hifi with 12 months Norton 360 subscription.

Minimum cost $828 over 12 months. My local JB Hifi is offering the deal above. Should be nationwide.



Edit: removed IMEI in my receipt.

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    Can I plug the Erthnet cable of 5G modem into the WAN of my current NBN modem and get the 5G to come through instead of NBN?

    I have a Telstra Gen 2 modem like the one in link below, I thought I could unplug the nbn from the WAN plug and instead plug in my 5G modem to make Telstra modem use the 5G modem instead, buts its not working?


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      Change the gen2 modem to a bridge mode, should work then


    I got an offer in store $69 plan + $10 monthly credit = $59 / month 150GB + Bonus 150GB + 250 Gift card + A free 4GX model

    Do you think this is a good deal? Thanks

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      I don’t think so. 4GX has a lower speed than 5G if you have 5G coverage

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      you can get a good second hand huawei modem Router Huawei E5186 4G LTE Router for approx $80 delivered

      The modem router is obviously better than a 4GX hotspot.

      so you are getting a $250 jb gift card and $120 in monthly credit savings + $80 hotspot.


      If you don't really care about 5G, then I don't think it's that bad a deal. Assuming you got the MF910Y hotspot, that's a Cat12 4G device that supports download speeds of up to 150Mbps, which is still pretty fast (to me anyway).

      I guess apart from not being able to access 5G speeds, the main advantage of the MU500 hotspot over what you got is that it has an ethernet port, which gives you the flexibility to hook it up to a more capable router if you wanted to. Also, it's worth about $300-350 on eBay, which would be money in your pocket if you were to decide to sell it, as opposed to the $250 gift card that is locked up for use at JB only.

      But yeah, given the original deal is long expired, I personally wouldn't necessarily be disappointed with what you got


        I don’t need the modem because I got another 5G modem at home. Yes, personally I think it is a good deal for me, the gift card is JB Hifi gift card. I may come back on the weekend to check if they have a new offer or I will sign up this one.


          remember the 4GX hotspot doesn't have an ethernet port, so you will never be able to use it tethered to a PC or connect it to your home internet switch. It's an expensive wifi dongle.


            @xinyi: I don’t use the 4GX modem, I have a 5G modem.


      What did you end up getting? just spoke to a store yesterday and they are still offering this same deal (ends 30 May).

      I would prefer a 5g modem to a gift card though, but I wasn't in the market last month and now I've missed out on a seemingly great deal.

      How did you manage to get the $10 monthly credit part? the guy didn't mention such a thing, but guess I should ask for it?

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        I signed up this deal $59 ($69 plan + $10 monthly credit) / month 350GB (150 + 150 bonus) + $350 gift card instead of $250, the guy was very nice. I got a 5G modem at home so I don’t need the modem and I preferred the gift card instead.

        I just asked what the best deal you can offer and he told me $10 monthly credits. I am in QLD, not sure NSW.