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[eBay Plus] AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8 Core 3.6GHz AM4 CPU Processor + Cooler $437.94 Delivered @ Harris Technology eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Harris Technology are selling AMD chips at near lowest prices for some time if used with the supplied code.

The best value is the 3600, but the best price drop might have to be the 3700X and if you're wondering how much better the 3800X is, articles say it is only 6% faster than the 3700X.

Note that the 5600X is about as powerful as a 3700X with all cores, but about 20% faster single-core. I can't say if it comes with a cooler.

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  • is amd cpu still value for money compared to intel equivalent?

    seems like the 5600x is quite expensive compared to last gen of 3600 etc..

    • The one differentiator, for me, because I care, is that the AMD chips support (unofficially) ECC RAM which you only get from Intel if you pay for the Xeon family. But for most people that's not a feature they care about.

      • Some of that support means that the ram modules 'work' but there is no ECC implementation. So it depends on the motherboard.

    • Not anymore. The same store sell 10700kf for $376 is a better option for me.

  • Why are you saying the 5600x doesn't come with a cooler?

    It does.

    I'd say that's the best deal here

    • If it does - there's nothing in the description of the product to imply that a cooler is included. But I concede that it might. Updated the post.

      • Looks like on the 5600x in the description it states "thermal solution: wraith stealth" pretty hard to spot but at least it does come with one

    • why ?

      wouldn't a cheapie after market cooler would still be better?

  • Why is this not hotter? Most other retailers are selling for $500+