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Xiaomi Dreame T20 Stick Vacuum $499.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


This is a part of Costco's Hot Buys this week. Previous deals from Gearbite have been for ~$600, so $500 is a bargain!

I have a Dreame V9 that I bought 2 years ago. It's still going strong and is a great vacuum.

Costco's description:

12-Cone Cyclone Separation technology to filter out dust, dirt and hair. This cyclone filtration system works at 99.97% dust filtering efficiency, preventing dust from re-entering your house and also preventing the filter itself from growing clogged, providing 63% longer filter life than traditional cartridges. Swappable Battery and 0.6L Detachable Dust Bin. All elements are washable. 7-Stage Noise Reduction, so you can tidy up without fear of disturbing others in the next room.

Lightweight design of the Dreame T20 makes it easy to use and carry from room to room. Comes with multiple accessories which satisfy all your needs in home vacuuming, Intelligent All-Surface Brush. Smart All-Floor-Type Brush with Floor-type recognition and suction power adjustment. Anti-Hair Tangling design. Large battery provide up to 70 mins super-long run time. Full Colour LCD Screen provides real time working status and maintenance information. 125,000 RPM Motor, 25,000Pa suction force.

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  • Awaiting new bargain from Gearbite.

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      • Thank you skido :-)

      • That link doesn't have the T20 listed?

        Edit: Not listed in that deal, but the same code PLUSFL10 can be used to lower it to $539.10.

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          yea it doesn’t have t20 but I was replying to a generic comment for gearbite deal. anyone in the market for v9, v10 and v11 can consider the Gearbite deal.

          and those in the market for t20 can consider Costco, as it seems to be the cheapest at the moment :)

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    Got mine from Indiegogo for ~$300 back in December. It's an amazing vacuum and definitely worth $500. It's a really high quality made product and trounces my old Dyson V6 in every way.

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      We are in the same boat, got one from the campaign to replace a V6. It's been great so far, no issues at all! Still waiting on my referral bonus items to get here though lol

      • same here, heard some issues about the main brush failure but havent had issues at all

        • my battery and bursh failed once, but they wont do anything about it

        • Brush failure has been fixed, one posted a YouTube in the indegogo page explaining it

          • @bowtiehoon: i saw people fixing it themselves but idk if thats the one u r referring to

            • @Jollystacker: Yeah apparently it’s small piece of plastic rubbing against the wire, apparently they cut that piece of plastic off in all batches from the November batches onwards.

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    It's $509 at Gearbite with SITEWIDE15 which has been running for the past week I believe

  • will this drop in price to 350 like the other models? after 1 year?

  • Which Dyson model does the T20 compare to?

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      a lot of youtube video comparisons are T20 vs Dyson V11
      Its a great stick vacuum

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    These things might be decent enough vacuums, I don't know either way, but I'd never buy one because they're such blatant rip-offs of Dyson models. They'd be sued into oblivion if they were based anywhere but China.

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      Dyson can eat a dick. I don't reckon they have released anything interesting for 15 years other than more ads, more brochures and more vacuum models that are designed to fall into the same category as mobile phone obsolescence.

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      That might be a fair complaint, except that they're actually better than the Dysons they are ripping off. If a company is going to just sit on their IP and not innovate, I'd rather buy the improved rip off. And for less money too.

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      I would compare your grievance to something like the mobile phone industry.

      Prior to the iPhone most phones looked quite different. After its success, we saw the likes of Samsung create similar looking devices. There were some earlier Galaxy models that were pretty darn close to iPhone replicas but still slightly different.

      In time, we've seen improvements made in Samsung's line of phones where it technically eclipses Apple's iPhone in many aspects. There will always be customers who will love iPhones and others who will swear by Samsung.

      I think if Dyson really had grounds to stop the sales of Xiaomi then they would have applied already to stop them being sold in Australia. I'm not sure if they have though. I'd assume that Xiaomi used the Dyson as their base and worked out a way to configure that technology slightly differently to avoid issues. Also have you seen all the other stick vacuums in the market - they're all pretty similar in design and functions.

      Personally, I bought a Xiaomi vacuum based on all the reviews I read and its overall performance/reliability/price vs other brands including Dyson, Samsung etc.

    • +5

      James Dyson, a vocal Brexit supporter, moved his headquarters to Singapore, who happen to have free trade with the EU, immediately after Brexit.

      Don't worry about ethics when it comes to Dyson, because they certainly don't.

  • Is V20 worth the extra ~$150 from a V11. Happy to pay more if it’s significantly better but otherwise V11 at $359 on the eBay plus deal should do the trick I’m thinking?

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      T20 is basically a V11 with a detachable battery.

      • T20 also comes with a different head that is suitable for both hard floor and carpet with some sort of smart sensor to determine which mode it runs in.

        The V11 only comes with a hard floor head. Carpet head is due "soon" according to comments in the last few V11 deal posts.

        I don't know if anyone has compared the T20 head to the V11 carpet head.

    • +1

      The main differences:

      • The V11 doesn't have the hardwood/carpet dual head
      • The T20 has slightly less duration, but has detachable battery
      • The T20's filters can be washed in the sink

      There's a comparison between them here: https://china-gadgets.com/dreame-t20-cordless-vacuum-cleaner...

  • Urgh Costco don’t sell the spare battery. I’ve yet to find a place that sells the battery at a reasonable price. So regret not buying when I bought the vac, was being a stupid tight arse :(

    • Don't worry.. I still haven't had my spare battery delivered from the indiegogo deal!

  • I also got this through indiegogo - love it generally it’s great

    Mine the screen kept popping out but they are sending me a new main unit (body). The response was slow however I’m happy they provided a resolution.

    One thing to be mindful of is accessories such as an extra batter are nearly impossible to find. Hopefully this changes in the future however the parts (as I understand) are not compatible with previous versions of their vacuums

  • +3

    I've got one of these through Indiegogo received some time in January.

    Issues so far:
    - OLED screen popped out; received a brand new body via Fedex
    - Main brush stopped working; new brush got sent via Fedex (from videos it seems there is a tension point which causes the soldering joint to come loose? New versions have this fixed)

    I upgraded from a Dyson DC59 Animal and thoughts are:
    - T20, battery life is much better,
    - Unit is quite a bit heavier than the DC59
    - Head does not rotate as much as the DC59
    - Hardfloor performance is on-par to the DC59
    - DC59 has much better carpet performance (i think due to brush design)

    With above notes i'm not sure i'd be happy at the $499 price point, but at the Indiegogo price (~$280 AUD) i'm ok with. I have longevity concerns given the issues thus far so early in the piece.

  • all listing of T20 so far are with the carpet head, while this review dude only have hard floor head: https://china-gadgets.com/dreame-t20-cordless-vacuum-cleaner...

    So that mean hardfloor head exist, but just not sold anywhere, sigh~!

    • Are you talking about the mop?

      • Not the mop itself but the hard floor head that can attach the mop.

        Don't care about mop. Just want both hard floor head and carpet head

        • Why? Isn't the "carpet" head designed for both surfaces?

          • @whitelie: using a dyson v6 and really love the carpet looking hardfloor head, i am not too sure how well the new head will do with hardfloor. I know in theory it should work no problem.

            IMHO for this brand is quite expensive for me. May be just get a v10 combo instead

  • Off topic a bit… I'm looking for a stick vacuum for my quite elderly mother-in-law. She is worried that she won't be able to squeeze the trigger (like on a Dyson) for a long duration.

    Does anyone know a nice stick vacuum that has an on/off button instead of a continuous squeeze trigger?

    • V11 has this feature.

      • Dyson V11?

        • Dreame V11 I think he meant. I don’t think any Dyson model has that feature which I also like.

          • @dreamykitten: I went and looked at reviews for the Dreame T20, and it does have a trigger lock (essentially making it a switch).

        • The Dreame V11, theres a button to toggle between lock and hold for power, on the oled screen.

    • Dream T20 has this - squeeze trigger once and it stays on until you squeeze it again.

  • Is it possible to get further discounts at Costco through gift cards or something similar?

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