Citi Ready Credit: 3.99% p.a. for 3 Years on Initial Balance Transferred to Your Account, $199 Establishment Fee @ Citibank


Another Citi SMS offer, hope it’s not targeted.
Perfect to buy the Tesla

Of course might be worse than getting a home loan topup, but great compared to a secured personal loan.


Save with just 3.99% p.a. for the first 3 years on the initial balance transferred

No monthly or annual fees. Just a one-off establishment fee of $199

Choose your own repayments each month, over the minimum payment due

Credit limit between $5,000 and $75,000

Citi Ready Credit is a line of credit that you can dip into whenever you need, without reapplying. With the introductory offer of 3.99% p.a. for 3 years on the initial balance transferred you can request the transfer of funds to your bank account.1 Whether it’s for a big purchase, a big event or paying off a balance elsewhere, Citi Ready Credit ensures you have the funds you need, when you need. Apply online in as little as 10 minutes.

A standard variable rate of 20.49% p.a. applies to balances after 3 years, ongoing purchases and cash advances.


As always, please beware of the risks of credit card/ credit line before deciding to take it up.
And Enjoy !!

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  • I wonder how many more of these we will get given Citi's announcement to depart the Australian market?

    • Yep, I was about to say… I wonder if citi will be around in 3 years?

    • They are trying to fatten the loan book up like Latitude Financial is with their deals. Take it whilst it lasts!

  • So you don't have to pay anything back for 3 years if I get a 20k loan for example?

    when is the 3.99% calculated?

    are there monthly repayments, what's the goal etc etc?

    • I expect it'd work like a home loan. So they work out the total amount you would owe (principal + interest) at the end of the term, and then divide that by 36 (3 years of monthly repayments). That's then what you pay every month for 36 months.

    • If you take a 20k loan, you will have to pay (20k + 3.99x20kx3)/ 36 in equal installments each month. Plus $199 set up fee. There are no additional monthly or annual fees.

      Check the calculator on the page and you can find out better.

      • Cool, can I pay it back in a lump sum just before the end of 36 months, therefore no interest?

        so just to clarify EG (20k + 3.99x20kx3)/ 36 in equal instalments each month (idc the actual number). Plus $199 set up fee (the only fee im paying is $199 for the entire 36 months, then i get hit with interest)

        how much of a hit to my credit would this be you reckon?

        EDIT: misread, 4% regardless, would default to 20% after 3 years, makes sense!

        • Why not get a zero percent credit card with 20k limit

          • @adrianhughes1998: Like where?

            EDIT: Would love to cash advance / loan 20k (directly to my bank to be free to use it; eg stock market etc)

            if you know a good deal lmk!

            • @blinkybro: Check Finder for deals. Obviously 0% for 12 or 15 months then it reverts. But can do balance transfers to other cards after that period is up

            • @blinkybro: Citi themselves do 0% for 30 months up to 80% of the balance approved. Can confirm pretty painless and the minimum payment is 2% of the remaining balance each month, leaves plenty for investing etc!


              • @mrcorehh: Not sure if i'm misunderstanding, but rate Cash advance rate 22.24% p.a. (cash advance is the only way to get it into your bank right?)

                • @blinkybro: You can “balance transfer” to a BSB and account number for you to “pay off your accounts yourself”

                  • @mrcorehh: 0% p.a. for 30 months (no balance transfer fee, reverts to cash advance rate)

                    isn't this the point saying it reverts to that if it doesn't work (eg to bsb / acc?)

                    sorry new to the balance transfer part!, do i apply for them to pay my bank directly? or something (pls explain haah!)

                    • @blinkybro: Yeah it will revert to balance transfer rate after 30 months, I’m personally going to pay mine off in 24 months to avoid the third year’s annual fee for only 6 months card usage.

                      I’ve had mine since February, transferred via EFT to bsb/acc at application and paid $0.51 interest on $30k since you have to pay interest on the annual fee ($49 first year).

                      No stress!

                      • @mrcorehh: Okay great, so just to clarify (prior to receiving the card, I can EFT transfer to my bsb/acc (bank) with say $16k of 80% of 20k balance (i can put this in during my application?)

                        and then I only pay $149+49 for 24 months of holding the card

                        • @blinkybro: Yep that’s correct, just do NOT use the card or it will revert to cash advance is my understanding, I activated the card and now it’s sitting locked away

                          • @mrcorehh: Okay noted, how do I avoid getting charged interest on the annual fee too, just pay off $49 quickly?

                            also just to confirm only balance fee free on 80% right?

                            so your 30k is on a 37500 card?

                            sorry to be a noob…

                            • @blinkybro: I’m not sure how to avoid paying the annual fee interest to be honest :(

                              They actually just won’t let you balance transfer more (probably so you try spend it..)

                              It’s actually 30.8k on a 38.5k card, yeah. :)

                              Neither mine nor my partners transfer went through without calling them, but we both called and requested the balance transfer over the phone and haven’t had a problem

                            • @blinkybro: Yep what @mrcorehh is saying is another way to do it. Most people don't realise there's better ways to borrow money than pay huge amounts of interest on the shit.

                  • @mrcorehh: Wow - this is a good deal - May be deserves a post by itself.
                    I have not done a balance transfer to a bsb/account before, but what I have done is :
                    1. balance transfer to a CC with amount more than what’s currently due
                    2. Thus making the CC with positive balance
                    3. You can then withdraw the positive balance from a CC either online or even ATM by paying only the cash withdrawal fees (usually between $2-$5) but no interest as long as you only withdraw the positive balance.
                    For eg. If your cc current balance is $1,000, do a BT of $10,000, effectively making the CC balance as +9,000. Withdraw $8,990, leaving $10 to cover for the withdrawal fees and you won’t be charged any interest.

                    • @Dealking: Yep you can also do this!

                    • @Dealking: Too complicated. Just get the money transferred direct to your bank account. I paid for most of my car using a 0% balance transfer in Citibank a few years back. Paid it all off within 18m. No interest paid at all ☺️

                      • @nafe: I guess I had asked for that. If I remember correctly the balance transfer had to be set up by calling Citi and the guy on the phone refused to transfer to bank. I know Citi does it and I have known them to even write a cheque in your name, but the rep I was talking to just wouldn’t do either and thus I had to do this complicated way.

                        • @Dealking: Yeah, they also do a "convenience cheque". A friend got one by telling them she had many cards to pay off and it was easier to do it that way. Was no problems.

  • Got same letter in the mail today..