Thredbo 4-Day Lift Pass US$399 (~A$513) @ Ikon Pass


The deal involves a bit of a hack to get Thredbo lift passes for a bit cheaper despite Thredbo absolutely extorting all its customers.

During the peak season an adult lift pass is $169 per day, and this year there is no multi day discount. A 4 day lift pass for an adult will cost a whopping $676. The hack involves purchasing an ikon session pass for USD$399 which includes total of 4 days skiing at multiple resorts worldwide of which Thredbo participates. If you use a fee free card it equates to approx $513 so a saving of around $160 is available if you purchase the pass this way.

I bought 4 x ikon passes for myself and friends last week, just submit a form online and then they issue you a ticket to collect on arrival. Fairly easy process.

Thredbo were offering buy early and save discounts of up to 15% off but this was extremely limited and has now been pretty much exhausted (best maximum discount available is 6%, but this hack still trumps it)

**Please note this pass does not allow access during school holidays and during the off season (peak season is 26/06-12/09) the saving is only about $10.

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  • Pretty cheap, +1

  • For a second I thought it was a subscription program that gives you a pass to use certain lifts (elevators).

    • We have Express Paths at airports.. it wouldn't surprise me if there are VIP elevators one day that require a subscription.

  • Hmmm wonder if they cover Falls Creek.

    Edit: Buller. Yeahhh nahhh.

  • I havent been in the snow in Australia yet, but very keen to do it this season.
    Any suggestions for accomodation within 1hr radius of Thredbo?

    • Usually jindabyne would be your best best outside the national park 😎

    • Really not worth it. Bloody ripoff for poor snow. Go NZ if you are desperate to go this year. Just don't get sick. Otherwise, might be best to wait another year.

    • if you want to spend a week at the snow NZ is def the way to go, cheaper, better - AUS snow is a joke

      • I already got stuck in europe a year ago for 4 months. Not willing to take the risk again.
        This travel bubble doesnt give us any guarantees, both governments can change the rules overnight and not take any responsibility.

  • +3 votes

    Was actually planning on going this winter, thanks for the headsup about the prices, definately not going until I'm first offered a six figure salary.

  • Geez I miss Jucy's ski for free promo. I hope Vail wont try this shit at Hotham. If so, I will be using this deal and head to Remarks in NZ. $169 a day… for Thredbo?? I guess people must still pay it.

  • Thanks OP. I literally just purchased 4 days at thredbo for the $169 each day. Going to request a refund and try this method instead.

  • The resorts are making a motza using the COVID excuse…

  • For anyone looking to do more than 5 days at Thredbo, the Mountain Collective pass is cheaper than buying direct through Thredbo if you select Thredbo for your free extra day, and you get 2 free days at Mt Buller to boot!

    Base pass = $643 Aus
    Additional days = $84.50.
    Total for 6 days = $896.50

    Thredbo shop 6 day pass = $954 if you are lucky enough to get 5 days where you get the 6% discount, otherwise it's $1,014.

    For under 12s, the Mountain Collective pass is even better - pays for itself after 2 days

  • Thredbo don't care about plebs from ozbargain complaining about how expensive it is. They have their market who are happy to pay the prices they have advertised.

  • If I was willing to do it dirt cheap, what's the most realistic price I could go skiing. Idm anywhere.

  • What a rip off. The Epic season pass which covers all season at Perisher, Hotham and Falls Creek plus 5 days Hakuba Japan and 10 days at Whistler Canada is $850

    • Hey mate, just wondering how to access an Epic pass for $850 you keep mentioning? I can only see it listed at $950

  • People who can afford the accommodation and food can probably afford the passes at full price, which is just as well. It looks like the passes have ended. Quote:


  • Bah it's been Ozbargained!

  • The correct link for the current Ikon Session Pass is

    The pass linked above is the 2020/21 pass, which was valid in 2020 in the southern hemisphere, and 2020/21 in the northern.

  • I entertained the idea of going to the snow this year, saw the cheapest accommodation available for our family and have now decided will go to Japan instead.
    Prices are beyond ridiculous.

    • likewise, accom is the killer here in Oz. I was looking at the ikon base pass (~$930 AUD) gives you 5 days at both Thredbo & Mt Buller plus 5 days total at the NZ resorts of Remarks / CP & Hutt if you wanted to make a dash across the ditch. It also gives you 5 days in Niseko but last time i went there I vowed never to return and think its pretty unlikely O/S travel will be getting a greenlight before Nth hemi winter.

    • When I was looking at doing some cross-country skiing around Hotham I thought I'd check the cost of a single night stay in-case the weather turned poorly.

      It was about an $800 minimum up to $3000 a night.

      I flew to Japan for <$400 a few years ago.

      Australian price inflation is unbelievable.

    • The only reason I can even contemplate Thredbo is because I was told when rooms at the YHA would go on sale, and booked one for my family immediately. The general cost for accommodation there is getting absurd.

  • Is there anywhere decent to go and see snow in NSW without going to one of the big ski resorts? My wife has never seen snow - we live in SE QLD so would be interested in driving somewhere to see it.

    • Dead Horse Gap beyond Thredbo or on the road to Perisher. July or August best bet.
      Long drive just to see snow but…

    • You can play in the snow for free at the resorts. You could drive to Thredbo village and play and then get a coffee or lunch.

  • If you're keen to go Thredbo / Perisher, why not wait for one of Costco's Ski Passes instead?

    I didn't go in 2020 but in 2019, a single pass for the peak period (July to September)is listed as $319 which includes
    - 2 day lift pass
    - 2 day hire (ski boots, skis or snowboard and snowboard boots)
    - 2 x lessons
    - ski tube

    I'm not sure when (and if) Costco will sell another one this year but after using their pass both in 2018 and 2019 for a significant saving, I'd imagine this year's won't be too bad also? Might give them a call to check it out this year.

    • They are almost certainly not going to offer any discounts (outside of deals like this) for 2021. Given there's little to no competition with NZ, no one being able to travel to Japan during their winter and domestic tourism quite high (last year nearly all days were sold out), the demand exceeds supply.

      In the past there have been other promos for booking in advance or buy 4 get 1 free, but I'm not expecting any multi day pass offers this time around (nor were there any last year). There were some unfortunate folk who had accommodation booked but couldn't get lift passes last year.

      I seem to recall back in the day there were 2 nights accommodation and 2 days lift pass at The Station for $199 at Costco..

  • Flyng Ace, try Selwyn. You can toboggan, Make a snowman, etc and the slopes are very gentle. Havent been foe yonks but accomodation relatively cheap.