nbn 50/20Mbps $69/Month for First 6 Months (Was $79/Month) (New Customers Only) @ Aussie Broadband


This just came in the mail
Had a look at previous similar deals and people dont seem to happy but thought I should post anyway

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Until 30 June 2021, $100 (residential service) or $150 (business service) for the first only referral by referrer & $50 for referee. The normal referral bonuses of $50 each for referrer & referee apply afterwards.

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    PRICE in title

  • new customer better ask for a refer code from your friend, that you both can get $50 credit, make it $100, better than $60

  • i was browsing superloop fewdays ago, and while i am on superloop page, i receive a call from aussie broadband offering the service, i am not sure how the heck they can get my number and details while i was browsing superloop… :S i should have turn on my VPN

    They said i make an enquiry on their website, while i dont remember i made any enquiry with them at all…

  • My mum is with ABB… Service on HFC is ok (as long as NBN is ok). But $65 for 25Mbps…
    Anything worths switching to?

      • Mate has been better than I expected so far, so good on the 250 plan

        Churned over from SL at the start of this month dropping from 1000 plan

        The downgrade in speed hasn't been that noticeable really. The random dropouts I was

        experiencing with SL prior to churn were though. Not sure what was going on there.

      • Super loop has been better for me after switching when aussie price hiked

  • ABB needs to get on with time - 50/20 is $60 nowadays.

  • signged superloop nbn 50/20 , i would say fast connection so far so good

  • ABB is good but honestly always felt like im paying too much, im on 50/20 unlimited $79. 69, would be ok but 79 is a bit steep.

    • Depends what is included.
      They offer first class support with Aussie based call centers and no slow downs during peak.
      I'm with Future Broadband on their Unlimited plan (the cheaper data banking ones are nice but I like set and forget) for $85 but I looked at what I got included. Aussie based support, routed static IP address, and one VOIP phone service with included calls and a referral program.. Add it all up and the price made sense and was actually good value.

      I think this $69 deal for 6 months is really good value all up. If you want to sacrifice easy access to quality support or some network quality go with a cheaper company like many have done…. simple.

  • Not a deal. $65 or less is an every day price. Should be cheaper on 6mo discount. Get with the times ABB.

    Thanks to OP but hopefully the neg helps ABB pay attention.

  • Thanks for post, its still a dollar cheaper than SL normal rate (which im currently on) so ill switch to ABB for 6 months and then switch back to SL at $60 a month

    • Returning customers [who have previously been with Superloop and already received a six(6) month discount promotion] will not be eligible for a new promotion for a period of twelve (12) months.

      Keep this in mind.

  • Leaptel is also good, they have $59 pm for same speed per OP

  • Gaming pings improved after churning from ABB, premium provider my arse!

  • I thought ABB were considered the go to provider, at least they were a while ago.

    What's changed? Who's best now on a HFC connection?

    • In my opinion ABB still are the best.

      Me and my parents use ABB in 2 different households and love it. Best ISP we've ever dealt with.

      Sister swapped to TPG to save money but absolutely hates it, she is planning to move back to ABB and paying the extra $.

      In-laws are on Optus and it seems pretty decent but they have had some drop outs but not sure if it's Optus or NBN caused. But while I've visited their house it seems quick, lower ping, no jitter, good speeds e.g. 56mbps on a 50/20 plan.

    • Aussie BB are a go to ISP but you do pay a premium.

  • I just called up and they said you can't add a referral code AND a promo code. Only one.

  • For those on Superloop check your plan
    I've just realized they are still billing me for $78.95 on 50/20 unlimited plan when their standard pricing is $69.95 for the same plan. When I was on ABB they always moved me to the current cheaper offering for the same plan I was already on, this reminds me of my days with TPG.

    • Thanks for that! You've saved me $9/month!

      When I was presented with a comparison between the old and new plans, everything was the same except for the typical evening speeds: old = 44.4, new = 50. I wonder what changed?

    • Same thing happened to me. (Only after I TOLD them that the plan price had dropped)….
      They gave me the $69.95 plan but wouldn't allow me to jump on their new customer offer on the 100mb plan. So I'm now looking at ABB and will probably jump over at the end of the month.

  • They emailed an offer out last month for $10 off the 100/20 plan but I couldn't find anything on their dashboard to make the switch to the offer, calling their call centre they switched me onto the deal but did so 2 days before the end of the billing month, so I was charged the much higher rate for an entire month despite only having the faster speed for 2 days, they never mentioned this or even offered an option to start the deal after the billing period.
    Worst of all the higher speed seems to drop down to my previous 50mbps quickly after starting downloads/streams so it was pointless to take on the extra cost.
    At this point after a few recent drop outs and issues I've been recommending Superloop to people rather than ABB, especially after they closed their Warrnambool office.