nbn 50/20 $59.95, 100/20 $74.95, 100/40 $88.95, 250/25 $99.95, 1000/50 3TB $119.95 for 6 Months (New Customers) @ Superloop


New promotional price for new customers only. Prices indicated last for 6 months from the date of signup then reverts the normal pricing.

Returning customers [who have previously been with Superloop and already received a six(6) month discount promotion] will not be eligible for a new promotion for a period of twelve (12) months.

For terms and conditions see https://www.superloop.com/legal/competitions-promotions.html

See previous popular deal.

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Referrer gets 10% off for 6 months. Referee gets $10 off for 6 months.

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  • Misleading deal. These plans are for the first 6 months only then revert to their current prices.

    • The normal prices for the plans have also been reduced. I am currently on the 50/20 plan and the original cost is $79.95. They have now reduced it to $69.95 which is a pretty decent price for unlimited 50/20 if you don't want to swap ISPs every 6 months.

      • You're right but that wasn't the deal that was posted.

        Also appears only the 50/20 and 25/10 plans were reduced - all the others have remained the same ongoing price.

      • Does not appear to be for existing customers. I'm on 100/40, logged into my account, no changes to pricing if i change plans.

        • i have just rang them and they have updated it for me.

        • I was able to change to the new pricing for 50/20 by changing plans in the portal and it will be switched over on the first of March.

          • @firestormx: Thanks OP and all, I was also able to save $5 using the online portal on 50/20 and get 5 off to 69.95.

            They should auto do it for customers but then every company does this never lower you to a smaller price same plan unless you ask or know to ask

            • @nicktids: Do you guys know when they offer 69.95 for unlimited 50/20? I am pretty gutted they didn't tell me. I just paid few days ago for my old plan and if I change it, I only get unlimited on 19/3.
              I'm incensed.

              Loyal customers always get kicked around in Australia.

              I will probably go Kogan for 63.95 for 6 months

      • How did you get it reduced? Mine is still showing $79.95

        • The reduced price didn't show in the portal for me yet. I just got billed for this month a few days ago as well. My plan is to wait a few days to see if the new price is reflected in the portal and to contact them if it doesn't happen.

          Edit: Actually, I just changed to the 50/20 $69.95 plan in the portal and it's been scheduled for the first of March.

      • also no guarantee that you can get the advertised speeds at all, for example the 1000/50 one you need to know if you have the right cables in the street.

        • 1000/50 is for FTTP (Fibre to the premises) and some HFC ("Cable") customers only.

          I am on 1000/50 with Superloop and get around 915Mbps down on average.

          • @simmomelb: Is changing from HFC to NBN going to change the reliability of the service?
            NBN is just a group of technologies right, one of which is HFC, and there's only one cable in the ground, so me switching services will still mean getting internet over the same wire that craps out every time it rains?

            • @1st-Amendment: no mate, NBN is the name of the government funded service the national broadband network service, to keep it simple just call it "supposedly fast internet" to use it to its full potential that's where the connection type comes in, HFC and FTTP s connection type. it refers to the type of wires running in your street and from street to your house and modem, old streets old suburbs old homes, even if they have new NBN Fiber cables out in the street(the kind that light travels through them instead of copper is electrical pulse, nothing is faster than the speed of light), so from street to another cable that connects to your house, most of those cables are still copper and the government didn't think of those, so the NBN people dont upgrade those, idk why or how costly it would be but its not part of the program, they still have old copper cable from street to house in most suburbs, that's a bottle neck for some so they wont be able to get full 1000Mbps speeds as copper craps out at around 300mbps so you might still be able to use the 250mbps plan but not the juicy 1000mbps

              • @striker5950: Sorry maybe I didn't phrase my question correctly, I have Bigpond Cable now, ie HFC, when I am eventually forced to move to an NBN plan, the only NBN option I have is HFC, so am I getting anything different, or will it be the same wires in the street, same unreliable service?

                Also worth noting, there is a common misconception about fibre and copper. Electricity moves at the speed of light too, so it's not so much that copper is slower, it's just more susceptible to environmental interference (such as moisture) and resistance over longer distances. We have 10Gb copper switches at work, so it's quite capable of high speed under certain conditions..

                • @1st-Amendment: NBN HFC is DOCSIS 3.1 over the same Telstra wires. If dropouts happen tell your ISP and NBN will send someone out to fix it.

                  • @Twix:

                    NBN HFC is DOCSIS 3.1

                    And Telstra is DOCSIS <3.1?

                    If dropouts happen tell your ISP and NBN will send someone out to fix it.

                    This is my problem with Telstra and the Indian/Phillipine call centres. They are hopeless. When I go NBN I'll be looking for local support

          • @simmomelb: and which one of the two connection types are you?

      • This is just standard prices across the board. TPG offers the exact same pricing but a good deal to get you to sign up with them for 6 months. I just told TPG and they offered me 1 months free so same deal. Spintel beats some of these prices anyway.

    • I REALLY hate these!

  • Anyone know if you can stack this with a referral code? TIA

    • Yes I believe you can, so while you get the special prices the link above which generates a random Ozbargain referral gives a 10% discount of their plan for 6 months as well.

      I really like superloop, on a HFC connection getting 107MB down and 19MB up and fortunately I have never needed to use support except when they sent me an outage notice which every provider will experience once in a while.

      Cheers 👍

      • Just tested signup and both referral and the 6mo discount doesn't seem to stack in checkout - unless this appears as an account credit at the end of the month?

        • Hmm, maybe the referrer that you tried has left SL but left his referral on the SL referral system here?

          Did you try more than once?

          • @zztrader: Yeah, tried it three times and the referral went through but it doesn't show so on checkout. Looking at the T&Cs, it would appear that the referee discount applies following the first bill, but I might call em later. https://www.superloop.com/documents/legal/20200429-SHBB-Refe...

            • @jhnsta: Wow, thats odd.

              So you dont get to choose the plan that shows 6 months discounted?

              The referrer will be invisible to you or who ever signs up on that link as it might be hidden meta data but will still register from when, where and what the signup referrer is.

              Am interested to see how you go with this as likely others will also ask or experience the same thing.

              • @zztrader: Just signed up, same thing. Didn't show the extra $10 off on checkout, even though it showed a green tick ✔ on both "referral code" (DQMYGL) and "promo code" (SWITCHNOW21) fields.

                Hoping to see the extra $10 off on the first bill, so I don't need to call them. From the reviews, their support doesn't seem to be amazing (at least on productreviews).

                • +1 vote

                  @caio: Hi Caio!

                  Heres some info on how the promotional offers and referrals work:

                  If you are the customer being referred then you will have the highest discount applied (at the time of this comment that is the current promotional offer that is automatically added on signup).

                  If you are the person doing the referral then you will get the offer as long as the customer begin referred leaves the code in the field.

                  For any time you see two ticks (one in promotional and one in referral fields) that means the referral has been accepted and the customer making the referral with still receive the discount, the person signing up will get just the promo offer.


      • Yes I believe you can, so while you get the special prices the link above which generates a random Ozbargain referral gives a 10% discount of their plan for 6 months as well.

        If you sign up to the discounted plans above, there is nothing further in it for you even if you use someone's referral code. However, if you do use someone's referral code they will receive 10% off of their bills as long as you (the newly signed up customer) remain billable for at least 6 months.

        So, no stacking of promotions for referees. Stacking only works for referrers.

    • Anyone has a referral code available? Happy to help save you 10% when I switch to them later this month

  • Nice. My 25M plan has dropped from $64.95 to $59.95. great Adelaide support team too. Very helpful

  • Anybody migrated from Aussie Broadband to these guys and is happy with the move?

    • +7 votes

      yep no issues for me

    • Yep - flawless

    • I switch between the 2 every 6 months and find them on par. Cutover is always quick too.

      • Do you switch on the expiry date of your current NBN month, or how does that work?

        I'd like to switch but don't want to double pay for days. Thanks.

        • nah i've always done it mid month and they credit you back the pro-rata for the portion of the month that you haven't used.

        • If you are porting away from Superloop maybe give them a call to confirm. This is showing in their T&C's so not sure if things have changed.

          Pro-Rata / Refund Information

          • Services are charged monthly, in-advance, and will remain active until the last day of the current billing period. Because of this, Superloop does not offer pro-rata refunds of service if you request to disconnect your service(s) part way through your billing period.

          If you are coming from Aussie their T&C's still say they offer pro-rata.

          Do you offer pro-rata closures?

          • Yes, we do. You can request a pro-rata closure with our team when closing the account.

      • looks like you're the pro user here :) thanks!

        anything extra needed to be done during the cut-over, I guess some configuration change only on the router, and that's it?

        • of course don't forget to cancel/suspend previous sub
        • Nah you don't change any router configuration when changing between SL and Aussie BB.

        • I'm on HFC so can't comment if its different for FTTN and others but all i had to do was restart the NBN modem after my current internet connection dropped out. No manual configuration changes required, including for my connected router.

          But yes definitely call the current provider after the fact to advise to cancel the service so they don't continue to charge.

      • So the offer conditions here refer to a 6 month discount every 12 months, not a 6 month discount every 18 months? Great.

      • do you have a voice service with your connection and if so does it port at the same time as the swap from one provider to the other?

        • Sorry, just NBN so I couldn’t say. I don’t have a landline service and never use the VoIP services the ISP’s offer.

    • Good speed.
      Mediocre service,
      I find it frequently dropping out throughout the early morning, router resets don't help.

      The company seems really good,
      The deal is good,
      Speed is good,
      Reliability just has it's moments.

      • Thank you for answered my un-asked question, I have the same issue of dropping out with my current provider too

      • Im on HFC with SL for over a year now and thankfully dont really have drop outs. Only if there is a major issue with NBN or a POI which is rare.

      • agree with mediocre service,
        melbourne eastern user here, few pretty bad dropouts past few months
        recall calling their call center 30mins before closing and it was already closed
        no emergency number to escalate

      • I have been having intermittent multiple drop outs too… have gone through countless number of troubleshoot sessions with Superloop.

        And they keep telling me that they are not able to log a fault with NBN until i see >5 drop outs a day consistently… which is rubbish to me..

        • Dropouts below the magical number of 5 NBN Co is seen as acceptable and reject the fault.

      • what tech are you on, never had a drop out on FTTP

    • Yeah no issues whatsoever

    • Yeah I made the swap from ABB - I'm similar to Jaydn, relability varies here and there but otherwise happy with the switch overall

    • I had an awful switch over to Superloop.
      I've just switched back to Aussie myself, would be very hesitant to go with Superloop again.

    • No, ever since I moved I've been getting drop outs, ping spikes, and packet loss. I had more issues in 1 week of Superloop than I did my whole time with Aussie BB. $20 saving isn't worth the extra hassle for me.

    • I have moved from ABB to SuperLoop. No hassle. the only thing for me was that I informed ABB to cancel. DO NOT inform ABB as the churn process to supposed to be seamless. Also ABB will pro rata so if you're concerned with billing cycles (Like I was) don't be as I was without internet for 2 days due to the cancel and reconnect as oppose to a move.

      I'm on 100/40 at SuperLoop and for evening speeds get about 105 consistently. ABB are great but price wise I was willing to put the effort into the move. Will revisit and compare ABB and Super loop once the 6 months are up with SuperLoop knowing that I'd be going to normal prices whichever option I go with.

      • Likewise, the ~$20 increase in cost per month put me off ABB.

        It wasn't like I was getting amazing speeds in the first place with my FTTC so how bad could it be to save $40 p/m for 6 months and then save $25 or so thereafter?

      • Oh so I don't have to wait till the end of my ABB billing cycle? Just get Superloop setup first then call ABB to cancel?

    • Yes. Switched after ABB price increase.

      No issues so far. Happy.

    • Yep. I moved from Aussie.

      Superloop have been great for me and slightly more performant than Aussie. I'm stuck on FTTN but I sync at 110/40, no dropouts, no issues with IPv6 beta, good speeds and international links.

      Can't comment on service since I've never had to call them. If I run into issues they can't resolve I'll just churn, switching RSPs takes minutes these days.

    • I churned from TPG last week, literally switched over in 5mins, changed MODEM setting to LAN & voila, all done.

      One thing to be careful of though, which i wasn't aware of until after the fact, TPG require 1mth notice to cancel, so now i gotta pay double for the first mth :(

    • I made the switch late last year. Move was seamless.
      Outages are difficult to deal with. Phone queue is incredibly slow and customer service is unhelpful.
      No communication of outages, scheduled or otherwise, that we got with ABB.

      As soon as our 6 months is up, we'll be switching back to ABB.

    • Any console gamers migrated from Aussie BB that can confirm it'll be NAT Type 2 capable ?

    • Changed from Aussie Broadband to Superloop in Sep 2019 not much of a difference

    • I left ABB more than 6months ago while they raised the 100/40 price , perfectly fine and no issue mate

    • They've been abysmal for the last couple of weeks. They don't update their outages page (which theyve had a bit recently). They don't respond on whirlpool due to outages and have the propensity to blame the NBN for any of their shortcomings.

      Think I'm done with them.