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[eBay Plus] Magic Keyboard for iPad Air (4th Gen) and 11‑Inch iPad Pro (2nd Gen) $359.10 Delivered @ Fastcomm eBay


Still a premium for this item but if you’re in the market it’s $140 cheaper than RRP. Another alternative is the Logitech Folio Touch for iPad Air cheapest at retail for $259 or Amazon currently for $235.37.

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  • I don't think they changed anything externally for the new 2021 ipad range, so these should fit as well?

    • Yeah, the dimensions are exactly the same. I confirmed with apple and they said the case will be the same.

  • Nice price. Damn, can't seem to find the 12.9" version though. At ~$350 this is actually somewhat acceptable. At $499, it's a complete rip IMO (just get a Macbook Air).

  • Pls put the seller in the title.

  • I got a MBA M1
    and paid $800 for iPad Air Gen4
    Can't really justify paying $350 for a keyboard (I know it's great….)

    • I think the keyboard is pretty limiting in terms of tilt angle, so its good if youre using it as a laptop replacement. But if you already have a MBA, theres almost no point in having the ipad fill in the same role, since they weigh around the same with the two combined.

  • Btw, these are $419 on apple education store, if you want to wait for the white to come out. Not much difference if you aren't an ebay plus member.

  • Any cheaper alternative?
    Maybe a bluetooth keybaord?

    • Yeah, there are a lot out there. Unfortunately I’ve gone through two cheaper ones already (one stopped charging and the other one stopped connecting). So I decided to pull the plug and get this. The Logitech is probably a better price/ benefit option but I like the smaller form factor with the apple keyboard and the ability to charge the case and the iPad at the same time is handy and time saving.

    • Agree with bigben77, don't bother with the cheaper ones. The genuine Apple device Just Plain Works, all the time. Yes, it's expensive, but you'll end up spending more working your way through the others.

    • Very happy with the brydge with my standard iPad. Makes it useable to type on my lap. Paid $109 with an eBay coupon 2 years ago and it hasn’t missed a beat including a year of daily commuting.

  • I've got Ipad 10.2. Can anyone explain to me why these cost more than what the IPAD costed? (IPAD was that ebay deal at $140 off lol)

  • I bought one of these for the 2020 iPad Pro. It definitely is expensive but I highly rate it. Aside from it getting dirty and easily damaged, it turns the iPad into a laptop which I then use for emails, documents etc. I would definitely buy it again.

  • Buy here if you have the Amex 15% cash offer saved to your card

    EDIT: Never mind, not local stock !


    Great price if you need one. I tried one and returned it, I prefer my 11” 2018 pro with just with the folio case.

  • This is hilarious, it's more expensive than what I paid for my Lenovo Chromebook Duet for just a keyboard