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LG K51S Smartphone 64GB (Titan Grey) - $99 @ JB Hi Fi


Seems to be on clearance at JB. Pretty decent specs for $99 (also has dual sim and headphone jack).
They still sell for around $200 elsewhere.

Key Features

Quad camera with standard, wide, macro & depth modes

Large 6.55" HD+ Hole-In display

Large capacity 4000mAh battery

DTS:X 3D surround sound

Dual Sim + additional SD Card slot

AI Cam / Google Lens / Google Assistant button

64GB storage

3GB Ram

Bluetooth v5.0

Wi-Fi 802.11 /b/g/n

Android P operating system

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  • +10

    The other phone makers really need to have these in their phone.

    Dual Sim + additional SD Card slot

    • +6

      I'd settle for just an sd slot and 3.5mm jack!

      Dunno what I'm going to do when my v30+ (quad dac) dies??

      • +19

        Could never understand people advocating to get rid of the headphone jack or the microsd card slot. If you aren't going to use it. You don't have to. It's that simple. Your phone's didn't get cheaper by losing these features. You just ended up paying more money for less features.

        • +11

          I think the big arguments are waterproofing and making space inside, which we know are completely BS excuses. Ridiculous that Samsung lambasted Apple for not having SD cards, replaceable batteries or a headphone jack and now the S21 removes all of them.

          • +5

            @Captain-Danke: It's total bs. There was a galaxy phone that was water resistant and it had a headphone jack.

            • +1

              @xoom: More than one, most notably the s5 to the s9 and this year's A72.

          • +2

            @Captain-Danke: I think apple purchased beats and then were like how do we make people buy this shit. But then it wasn’t until the AirPods that Samsung were like this is amazing let’s make AirPod clones and push them by removing the jack as well. And then while we’re at it nobody buys the galaxy s line for value anyway so let’s remove the goddamned sd card slot to upsell people to a higher model

        • +1

          Yeah it's getting hard to find phones with headphone jack now and I use it all the time even though I have earbuds too.

          • @Geoff-bargain: I thought it'd be an issue but my USB-C earphones have replaced the headphone jack just fine.

            It's rare that I want to charge at the same time and, if I do, I use my earbuds so that I'm not tethered to the wall.

            • +2

              @tiskael: Well it is not as bad on phones but still annoying and shouldn’t have been removed. However on iPads, I often need to charge and use headphones at the same time, every second day. I have an Air 3, last generation with a headphone jack. It is a bloody disgrace they have removed the jack. I don’t want to pay around 300 for headphones that need recharging, deplete the iPad or phone battery faster as they need Bluetooth all the time, can be more easily lost, which is a major reason they are sold individually in case you do lose one, and don’t sound any better than my $80 corded headphones.

            • @tiskael: Yeah I'll probably have to invest in some usb-c headphones at some point. I want to minimise adapters so wouldn't go that route.

            • @tiskael: I don't wantto use garbage usb c headphones when I have $1000 ciems..

        • -1

          People are still using cables earphones … Wut

        • +1

          The economic incentive is to have people upgrade to more memory (instead of buying a cheap micro-sd) and to have people purchase (in house) bluetooth headsets (Samsung for instance), aside fromt he technical aspects already mentioned.

          Apple has been pushing this successfully for years and adds on with additional stuff you didn't know you needed! Latest one being the air tags.

          To top all of that companies need to appear innovative, "never touch a running system" does not apply here.

      • Same here ! I didn't jump at tge Samsung S21 trade in offer recently because none of their phones on offer has dual sims.

    • +1

      The Asus Zenfone6 has:
      - dual SIM and dedicated MicroSD slot
      - headphone jack
      - no front-facing camera
      (back camera swivels, so you get full 4K front and back)
      - 5,000 mAh battery

      Zenfone6 is a 2-year old phone though … :-\

      • how much is one of these?

        • -1

          You have to buy it from overseas.
          It's not officially released in Australia.

          So, eBay ?

          Maybe Zenfone7 ?
          ( but no headphone jack )

          • +2

            @whyisave: yeah but what's the price? it makes no different if it aint in a reasonable ball park, and I don't see any quad dac in the specs either :(

            • -1

              @Jackson: look for " ASUS ZenFone 6 ( ZS630KL ) "

              you can buy 2nd hand from eBay
              or if you buy it new from eBay,
              you will find sometimes the ZF6 is more expensive than ZF7 .

              brand new, it will be about AU$ 800+ which is rather expensive
              but i sourced mine last year, at around AU$ 480 (2nd hand from overseas).

              • +2

                @whyisave: yeah nah, I ain't buying a second hand for for 500 odd dollars and it doesn't even have the quad dac, I can just buy the latest LG phone for some time yet for less money

                • -1

                  @Jackson: it has the following, which is important enough for many people :

                  *- dual SIM and dedicated MicroSD slot *
                  2 numbers and a 400GB MicroSD will store much of your music,
                  and/or Wikipedia offline

                  - headphone jack
                  beats Bluetooth for sound quality

                  - no front-facing camera
                  (back camera swivels, so you get full 4K front and back)
                  security, privacy conscious people
                  and for those that care about high quality front-facing pictures/video

                  - 5,000 mAh battery
                  3-4 days of performance, with some tweaking

                  BUT for Audio lovers, yes…a DAC is compulsory.

    • LG is officially out of mobile phone business.

  • -1

    "No stores were found within 200km of your location. Click the More Stores link below to see the closest stores."

    There is no link for More Stores

    • +4

      Tried to place a dummy order.

      Maroochydore HOME
      In stock

      Road trip!!!

      • Not there anymore

  • Closest store for an nsw address is in QLD.

    • Delivery then?!

      • No delivery

        • Road trip it is. 😂

  • No stock within 200klms of Sydney & no delivery available. I found this Nokia 4.2 still available -

    Nokia 4.2 (Pink Sand) $99.00

    Still using micro usb though.

    • +1

      A year older release than the LG but cpu is slightly better. Smaller screen and less storage. Looks to use android one so that's a plus.

  • None in Melbourne either.

  • +3

    LG is getting out of the phone business

    • They promised 2 years security updates. I don't expect any software update for $99 phone anyway. So IMO it doesn't matter if they are in business or not.

      • It will if you were looking to get other LG phone. Competition in any market ultimately benefits the consumers.

    • Thats a shame. I went from Samsung S7 Edge to LG V40 and its a much better phone. Still using it today and its great! I would defeintely buy another LG phone again.

  • +1

    LG announces the K61, K51S, and K41S mid-range smartphones to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy A series (18 FEB 2020)

  • Would this phone be better than my Galaxy S8+ in great condition?

    • definitely not. If your S8+ is in great condition what's the issue? Far superior phone. Just the glass alone. CPU/GPU etc would smash this entry level phone.

      • Mainly the camera for me, compared to some newer phones I find the quality really far behind. I've had my eye on the Pixel 5 because a smaller phone would be nice, but thought if I could get this one for $700 cheaper then why not. Thanks for the heads up on the CPU, I appreciate that!

  • +5

    Just pricematch with eBay. Paid $179 after $10 off. Agent sent voucher price difference with JB-HIFI $179-$99 and additional 5% off on top off $99.
    Voucher supposed to be $189 - $99 = $90 + (5% of $99) $4.95 = $94.95
    Just chat with an ebay agent and ask them about price match as long as available on JB-HIFI website.

    • Great idea. I was wondering if I do the same but while I'm pondering, the phone page was taken down so I was too slow!

    • +5

      Using maths that appears to be more than double the price.

      Regardless I thought that deal had ended at both JB & Officeworks, do you have a link please?

      • -1

        ok yes it's double the price at $100 more

        people buy phones here $1300 apiece and that's considered a good deal, and we fret over $100 here

        in the budget sector, $100 is often the difference between unusable crap and decent phone

        maths my posterior. $100 to save you from a painful experience is a good investment, my friend

        • Sorry. The only investments we do here of the high yielding variety. Like an 80k car.

  • I have a LG G6 and so sad they are going out of business. My TV and fridge are LG as well. Life was good with them.

    • +1

      theyre only shutting down their phone business… unless i missed the news about their appliance lines?

      • YOU ARE RIGHT! I thought they were shutting up shop for good.

        They are shutting their smart phone division. Sad though I got my Lg G6 flagship for $500!! Still going at 5 years.

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