How Much Do You Pay for nbn?

Got a month left on my current contract with Internode paying $80 a month for 50mbps - Unlimited (got a free month for the 6 month contract so it wasn't a bad deal at the time)

Service wise I would say Internode have been about a 8/10. Generally pretty good, were useless when I moved house but otherwise no complaints - customer service has always been local based from my experience (unlike Telstra which I was with last who were hopeless)

I'm doing a bit of research I feel like $80 a month is a bit standard there are a few 'sign up' deals where you pay less for 3-6 months then it hits the $70-$80 mark.

Anyone got any amazing deals they want to share or should I just accept that is where the NBN market it at right now?

Has to be unlimited and in the 50mbps range or better - I'm not complaining about $80 a month but just I know the savvy individuals of OzBargain can always do better then I can at finding deals!


  • $70 TPG 50/20 Get a consistent 7ms 46/19.

    AGL are offering $65 for AGL customers but I'm not sure how good it is.

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      AGL are using Southern Phone for nbn. Stay with TPG.

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        My gut was saying stay put.

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    Currently $109 Superloop for 1000/50. They recently pushed a free speed upgrade from my 250/25.

    • Superloop has been rock solid for me on hfc. Loving the 250 mbps speeds for $75 monthly promo currently. Hope nbnco revises wholesale pricing so this becomes the standard pricing.

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    On TPGs private fttb, $60 per month for unlimited 100/20 in Melbourne.

    Super happy with it.

    • TPGs private FTTB here in Brisbane…. its $59.99 per month for unlimited 100/40. It looks like we get a better deal up North!

    • Have to agree there! For the few years that I had it, it barely had any down time and the speeds were quite consistent around 80-90Mbps.

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      If we're gloating about non NBN services…

      I'm on iiNet cable, 120/40 on a speedtest just now over wifi, $40/month.

      • Yeah you win, shouldn't your plan speeds be up 350Mbps though?

        • I think the 350Mbps is actually the average evening speed, not the max
          I've never tried to max out the connection, pretty much all my connections are via 2G wifi-n, so I'm not really doing it justice

    • Same, TPG's private FTTB, in Sydney. $59.99/month for unlimited with 100/40 theoretical max, usually around 89/33 in reality according to speedtest. Had it for ~3.2 years, it's been very good.

      The provided Huawei HG659 modem is so-so, need to turn off a few things to get it to work sensibly:
      * Switch to sensible DNS (e.g. I use Dnsmasq for the LAN that then uses Google DNS + OpenDNS)
      * Home Network -> LAN Interface -> RA Settings -> Untick: Enable RA -> Save. Without this, accessing subtitle sites using TPG doesn't work, need to untick this box for it to work.
      * Internet -> Forwarding -> ALG -> Enable SIP ALG: untick -> save. Without this, cannot register or make VoIP SIP calls over WiFi. Need to untick this box for it to work.

      My main whinge is not the internet, it's the limitations & restrictions that flow from the bundled phone service. I use the landline less than ever before due to the shift to mobile calls & messaging apps & video conferencing, but when I was previously with internode NBN they had an included voicemail service, where if you didn't answer the phone call you would get an email with an attachment of the message the caller left. That was great. I wish TPG had something like that, but they don't, instead you have to provide your own old-school answering machine. TPG also prevent you from using other VoIP services, they want to lock you technically & contractually into using theirs, which is a bit rubbish.

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    $90 Telstra HFC 100/40

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      I'm on this plan as well. Love it. I've seen the offers for free uplift to 250 but I know they'll get me at the end of 6 months. And the drop back will then be 100/20

      • They upgraded us without telling us though, after a planned outage I tested the speed and lo and behold it was in the 250-280Mbps range

  • I'm on superloop 50/20 unlimited, $69.95 a month ongoing.

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    $89 for 100/40 with tpg with a free 6 month upgrade to 200 down but I’m actually pulling close to 800 down. I have been smashing it.

  • $79 for 200+/40 (for the first 6 months) with Mate.

    I was paying $59 for 50/20 before that offer came along. Same provider.

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    $39 spintel 12Mbps unlimited.

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      My ADSL was faster than that, and cheaper too…

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      Better to get Felix 20/20 Mbps for $35 than this

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    25/10, dont pay a cent

    • They will catch you eventually.

  • $80 for 200mb+P/s (hit 260mb down today)
    Typically pay $80 for nbn50 but internode applied an upgrade for 6 months
    HFC. For a while thought 60mbps was max we could get but recently has been hitting over 200

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    $80 a month for 50mbps

    Daylight robbery when Superloop is offering $59 p/m for the same speeds. Tangerine is even less.

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      But they are only first 6-month intro offers.

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        Then switch back and forth every 6 months.

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          from my understanding its on a 12-month contract. You'd think they would just leave themselves open to people exploiting the offers.

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            from my understanding its on a 12-month contract.

            There is no contract with either Superloop or Tangerine.

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              @DoctorCalculon: Fair enough, I know most others have a 12 month contract.

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                most others have a 12 month contract

                I don't think so, mate. Contracts are long dead.
                Only Belong comes to mind.

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                  @DoctorCalculon: Well add Exetel to that list.

                  Besides, I think majority of people CBF churning every 6 months, outside of a few.

  • $85/ month for 500/30 on vodafone.

    • Have you got a link for this plan as I can't see it on their website?

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    Was with AussieBB for 6 months: Unlimited 50/20 for $70 (after $10 6 months discount), discounted ended and I am now with Leaptel for $60 (after $10 discount for 6 months) for 50/20.

    Once that discount ends, I will go to another provider with a discount

  • $99 for 100/20, bit pricey

  • ABB (HFC) 100/40 Unlimited - $109

    But I want to pay more when I can eventually get 1000/50. Don't need it, but why not give it a try 😁

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    Went from a capped plan on Aussie BB HFC to Superlopp churned under 1 min on the 50/20 unlimited for $70 no complaints, CBF changing every six months for a $10 discount each month

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      How does the cancellation work with ABB? Do they charge pro-rata till that day or for the whole month?

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        No pro rata just do it before they charge the next month

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        Aussie BB do pro rata refunds.

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    I'm with Superloop. $90pm for 100/40 and a static IP, currently paying $80 with referral award.

  • Nbn 100 for 89$ at occom . Didn't pay for activation fee

  • 100/40 telstra for $60

    • This appears to be incorrect.
      If you can provide link to support your claim

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        Probably pushed off cable onto NBN, deals like this are common if you asked to retain your old pricing

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          Correct - Kept cable pricing

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    $80/mo for 1000/50 through Superloop with static IP. Have a grandfathered SkyMesh 100/40 plan for $90/mo, got a free 6 month upgrade to 1000/50 and have a referral for the next few months. Probably won't go anywhere anytime soon, 100/40 for $90/mo is apparently still a great deal years later.

    • how are you paying $80pm for gigabit?

      I'm paying the same for 250/25

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    Just churned from ABB to superloop and now paying $75 for 100/20. Interestingly ABB were just quoted as saying they were losing a lot of customers doing exactly this due to the current incentives from NBN.

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      How is superloop compared to ABB? My 6 months discount with ABB is ending soon, looking to go to a cheaper plan.

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        Haven't noticed a difference

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    Spintel doing unlimited 50 for $65/mth

  • Optus HFC unlimited 50/20 $60 pm

  • $59 p/month 50/20 with Mate.

    Only get this price though cause I'm also using their mobile service and its a bundle price.

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    My goal is usually ~$60/mth for 50/20.

    I'm currently with Superloop on a $58.95 promo deal. They said that after this promo period ends they can put me on their $69.95 plan and give me a $5 discount for another 6 months. So that's not too bad.

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      Check out dodo with their gas and electricity discount comes down to $60 for 50/20

      • Thanks, but we don't have access to Dodo energy in Canberra.

  • 1000/50 Aussie Broadband $149

  • Optus FTTC unlimited 100/40 (speed pack 4) $80pm

  • Moved to Optus 5G. Very Happy.

    • I'm about 10 meters away from the edge of being able to get Optus 5G, so they won't let me sign up to it. GG.

  • Tangerine. $80.00 per month, unlimited, 50 up/90 down avg at peak. Service 9/10.

  • $60/m Superloop 50/20 including temporary discount. 6 month discount ends in 4 months. Will probably churn to another provider.

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    Nothing… all is ported via my phone's hot spot

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    $90 Telstra. 270down/25up.

  • I think we pay $65 for 50mbps with Vodafone.

    I hope to upgrade to 100mbps with Aussie Broadband soon since I'm back into PC gaming and Warzone updates are HUGE!

  • $110/month with Telstra. Speedtest has me at 250/20. Not sure why, I'm fairly sure I signed up for the 100 plan.

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    I am currently getting three months free as a returning customer of TPG. Then it's $60 per month for 100/20

    • How are you getting $60 per month for 100/20, can't seem to find any plans for that on their website?

    • I second the above comment. How do you get that? Have never seen that advertised anywhere.

    • I'm on the FTTB M bundle. $59.99 per month, unlimited data. Maybe FTTB is not NBN? I've only been living in Aus for a short while and the broadband situation is confusing

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    I go for quality before price but then churn between the quality providers regularly for the non-loyalty discount.

    I consider AussieBB, Superloop and Future BB to be quality providers.

    was with ABB $65 for 50/20 until my six month honeymoon discount expired.
    now with Superloop $59.95 for 50/20 for the first six months.

    ABB was a smooth experience for my initial connection and installation after Optus HFC service was discontinued and Superloop I also cannot fault so far. The Churn was completed in an hour or so.

  • Belong $55
    Been with them since March 2020 and have not felt the need to churn or switch. Value for money - reasonable speed during peak hours - good speed during off-peak hours.

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    1000/50 Aussie BB - $149.

    Expensive, but living the dream.

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    Superloop 250/25 FTTP $75/month
    I'll probably switch back to Aussie BB after my 6 month discount ends.

    • Nice one. Ongoing or introductory price?

      Edit: saw your comment, thx

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      The $75 250/25 fttp only last for 3 month, it then reverts back to 100/20 for $75 for the remaining 3 months

  • Have used:

    Now with Spintel…

    Generally around the $50-$60 mark per month for either 25 or 50 speed, unlimited data.

    Main thing is to leave after each 6 months intro pricing ends…

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      actually considering all those. what is your preference or all rounder in your opinion in terms of customer support and consistent performance? thanks!

      • +1

        All were quite good.

        I move based on price - performance was quite similar for our basic needs.

        Just put a calendar reminder, and move out prior to the price hike.

        ABB had ok customer support, but couldn't make the speed faster. Superloop support was ok too. Tangerine… Didn't need support.

        • +1

          haha cheers mate!

    • do you wait till the 180th day before cancelling with your current provider and sign up with the new one?

      What's the most efficient way to minimise cost and down time when porting?

      • Sometimes it passes 6 months, and we then move over before the next billing date.
        Once I stuffed it up, and CANCELLED the ABB service before joining Superloop… There was no way to move over, without waiting quite a few days.

        Please ensure the old service remains ACTIVE until after the new service is working, and only then cancel the old service. Lesson learnt.

        Also, try porting a few hours before the new tech support closes, as sometimes new details need to be entered for the modem based on your NBN type (ie we have FTTN). The new provider can give it to you.

        • Thanks. I thought we don't need to tell old provider of switching for FTTN or FTTC?

          • @tajid: Yeah, don't tell them.
            Once new service is functioning, then cancel the old one.

  • I pay $89 for unlimited 100/20 but for some reason I get 250/50.

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      NBN and ISPs are running 6 month speed boost promos.

  • Do you need to talk to your old provider when porting or just the new one?

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      FTTP and Fixed Wireless = yes.
      FTTC, FTTN, FTTB, HFC = not required.

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    $75/mo on 250/25 with Superloop

    • What are you going to do after the 3 month free upgrade ends?

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        Look for another provider lol

        • wow man that's a great idea!

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