Free 6 Month nbn Speed Upgrade from 100/20 to 250/25 or 1000/50 for Existing FTTP & Selected HFC Customers @ Telstra


I just noticed that my speeds have increased from 100mbps to 250mbps without any upgrade request from me; I checked on Whirlpool and others seem to be reporting the same thing.

Email I got:

Hi [name],

With more people working, studying, gaming, and streaming it's important to have fast internet that delivers a great experience. We're excited to let you know that for a limited time we've upgraded your internet speed by giving you the Superfast Internet Add-On to your Premium Internet Plan at no additional cost (usually $30 per month) for the next 6 months.

The Superfast Internet Add-On has the potential to more than double the download speeds of your current plan's nbnTM Premium Evening Speed – the Superfast Internet Add-On has typical download speeds of 230Mbps (7-11pm).

Speeds experienced may be lower due to various factors, including in-home set up and wiring. For ordinary/personal domestic use.

What's next?
You don’t need to do anything as we've already applied this upgrade so you can start enjoying your upgrade at no additional cost for the next 6 months.

On your next bill, you will see both the current Superfast Internet Add-On cost of $30, together with a discount applied for the Superfast Internet Add-On's full cost. This will continue for the next 6 months. Find out more about nbn internet speeds here. If you move to another plan during this period, the upgrade will no longer apply.

We will be in contact to notify you of when your free upgrade is due to expire. At that time, we will provide you with options to keep the Superfast Internet Add-On or automatically go back to Premium Evening Speed.

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    Damn I moved from NBN100 to NBN250 on Telstra a fortnight ago so I would have just missed this deal and got it for free. Although I am tempted to move to NBN 1GB/s though as Telstra sent me an offer to get it for $130

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      Gigabit is $119 unlimited @ Aussie Broadband and $119.95 3TB @ Superloop.

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        I would love to join Aussie BB but the $119 pricing for only 6 months though.

        I’ve been with Telstra a good while now so I always tell them about my loyalty and they keep me on the prices I’m at. I’ve had NBN250 for $100/mth for the last 12 months on Telstra just by messaging support and playing the loyalty card. So if I do Telstra $130 NBN 1GB/s I’ll most likely be able to sweet talk them into keeping me on that price

      • What suburbs/states are you guys in to be getting Gigabit internet?

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          I’m in Rockingham in WA on FTTP.

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          Have a look here

          • @Twix: Oh wow, thats a very useful. FTTN for me unfortunately.. 342m so 69-100 Mbps down.

            Currently with Lightning Broadband (wireless internet) for $95/month with 50/50 connection.

            Is NBN pretty reliable these days? Is there ever blackouts that last hours like there used to be back in the ADSL2+ days? Wondering if its worth shopping around for NBN deals instead.

            • @buckethat: FTTN @ 342m should be reliable and capable of around 108/40Mbps. There are scheduled and unscheduled outages from time to time from NBN and ISPs. Signup on a 1 month contract and give it go.

            • @buckethat: "Is NBN pretty reliable these days? Is there ever blackouts that last hours like there used to be back in the ADSL2+"

              No blackouts if you're with Telstra!
              If the landline fails then the Telstra modem automatically switches to 4G wireless.

              This happened to me some time ago and I didn't notice the landline failure coz I was switched to 4G.

              Great not having to worry about internet down time any more.

      • Aussie Broadband presents great value but I take issue with their liberal use of the word "unlimited". What they really operate on, is an arbitrary, unpublished data cap.

        The following guy was no doubt being a dick, but in his defence, he was on an "unlimited" plan.

        • They deserved the boot for using a script to download 35TB in 40 hours and making the CVC graph spike for fun.

          • @Twix: Yeah, I agree, like I said he was being a dick. But he was on a supposedly "unlimited" plan.

            IMHO ISPs shouldn't be allowed to use the term "unlimited" if they choose to place an artificial limit. Call it a 30 TB plan for example. 30 TB is enormous, but of course isn't as magical as the term "unlimited". They shouldn't be allowed to have it both ways is what I'm saying.

            • @Bad Company: RSP's aren't allowed to under Australian Consumer Law, no matter what the fine print says.

              • @whats up skip: But Aussie Broadband really did kick the guy off for downloading 35 TB in a month. That guy was being an idiot but he was entitled to, IMO.

                ABB, and other ISPs, should stop calling those unlimited plans.

                • @Bad Company: Just because a company does something doesn't mean it is legal. A person would either need to take legal action even just at VCAT/QCAT or similar. Alternatively they could try the TIO, State Consumer Affairs or the ACCC to advocate on their behalf. Whatever the case it would cost either some fees and probably significant time. Bottom line for most people it wouldn't be worth it.

                  The user could have just negotiated to pay some additional fee for being stupid and make an undertaking not to do it again. This would be the cheapest or easiest option.

  • Neat. @hellohi do you have HFC or FTTP?

    Has anyone with Telstra received a free upgrade to 1000/50?

  • Everyone with FTTN is crying inside. including me

  • Damn. Nothing for me, HFC (100)

    • I’m in the same boat - no email yet, but holding out for when my billing cycle resets on 14Apr.

      • same, nothing here.. (HFC 100)

        • So i thought to check telstra’s website, new customers receive the same offer (in addition to $20 off for the first 6 mths) but it’s referred to as an add-on. I checked the app and i can’t find anywhere to select and add-on even if i wanted it…?


      I'm on 100/40 with speed boost.

      Also got about $20 in discounts because they tried to increase my price without contacting me, so I involved the Tio.

      I'd love 250 for when my games get patched but I don't think I can justify this move as in 6 months they'll charge full retail, making it $130 vs $80

      • I was also on 100/40, they changed my plan to 100/20. I complained and they gave me speed boost for free after declining the $20 credit offer

  • -3 votes

    What's next?
    You don’t need to do anything

    This belongs in the forums. It is not a bargain, it is an announcement.

    • Agreed. It's not a bargain people signing up now can get, so really it's a psa and if you got it you got it.

  • After 10 years with Telstra I moved to ABB 5 months ago. Trying to get a hold of Telstra customer service was the last straw. Their chat system with massive delayed responses was the worst customer support I've ever seen.

    Wouldn't go back to these clowns.

    • tbh when you have the customer base of Telstra vs ABB you can see why.

      • large customer base is not an excuse for poor customer service and more so when you pay premium prices

    • Yep the SMS style messaging system they've implemented is an absolute joke. Takes a few hours just to get your first response, then minimum 10 minutes between responses once you have someone in Manila replying. It would take me 24 hours on average just to get past POI questions and the initial router reboot instructions before they would then assign my ticket to someone who could actually fix it and so I would then wait another day to get a response from that person. I've since joined with Aussie Broadband, when I call them I'm speaking to an onshore tech (actually qualified and knowledgeable!) within minutes.

      If they were priced the same I would still go with a 100/20 connection with Aussie Broadband over a 1000/25 connection with Telstra.

  • "And a big "get flapped" to anyone on FTTN"

    • NBN Spokesperson, probably.
  • what about fttc?

    • Not yet. NBN have to upgrade parts of the FTTC network for these speeds to become available.

  • I was on 100/20 and they only upgraded me to 250/25…
    would have been nice to see the 1000/50 as the other telcos are providing

  • This is targeted at existing users that don't use a lot of internet. Internode have the same thing - in their case if you average use of less than 500gb a month you will probably get the offer. You also need to be on FTTH. Not really a bargain a new customer can take advantage of so not sure it belongs here.

  • I'm stuck with FTTN and get 35/10.

    Can only dream of getting 100, let alone 250 or 1000 one day.

    • If you're stuck on FTTN speeds, would a 4G/5G home broadband be a viable/speedier option for you? Understandably, most of them have data caps of 500GB.

      e.g. if 4G Optus/Telstra/Vodafone in your area ranges from 150/30 to 100/20, you're okay with the data cap, and you don't need a landline… might be worth considering a 4G/5G home broadband instead of FTTN.

      • 4g is one bar where I live. There isn't any 5g.

        There is noise they'll upgrade my suburb to FTTC in 2023. Wait and see.

        FTTP would be the one but meh. Not going to happen.

        • There is no mention of upgrading anyone to FTTC in the nbn business plan. There are plans of upgrading sections of FTTN to FTTP.

  • iiNet did this a few weeks ago and gotta say am loving 250Mb internet…gonna be hard to go back to 40Mb when its over - stealthy marketing indeed.

  • Thanks for the heads up OP :)

    I was wondering why my internet/NBN skipped a beat last night.

    According to my UDM, it appears that Telstra has upgraded my HFC NBN from 100/20 to 250/25 (speed test from UDM However, I didn't receive that email about the free-temporary upgrade.

    Definitely appreciate the upgrade from a WiFi perspective. However, one of the bottlenecks that I have is that my UDM (sitting near the HFC NBN box in the living room) connects to my study/workspace via a powerline ethernet adapter (TL-PA9020P) that only passes through around 100Mbps to my study/workspace because of the building wiring quality/age and the distance… sigh… first world problems Oh wells, time to whip out the 50m ethernet cable and cable staple gun to directly hardwire the UDM to my study/workspace! :D

  • Nothing for me on 100/20 HFC :(

    • Same here… did a hard reboot, and have the first world problem of showing 104/37. It has been better than when I first went from cable to HFC - the download speed is comparable to cable, whereas initially I'd be lucky to get 95 Mbps download speed.

    • Same nil changed

  • Just tried mine and yep - suddenly (and without any emails), my prior 100/20 plan (still fuming about being cut from 40 to 20 up!), Speedtest is now giving me 273/24! ABOUT TIME there was something beneficial with Telstra, goodness knows why I've put up with them thus far…! (Ok it's primarily laziness).

  • While ours has gone from $80p/m for 100mbps when we on cable to 50mbps and now these days hovering around 30mbps for the same price smh.

  • I checked mine. Still on the same speed. Powered off my modem & Nbn box, turned it back on and now my Internet doesn’t work anymore. On hold with Telstra now. I hate OzBargain….

  • No love for 100/40 HFC customers? :(

  • Just checked. 15/1. Turns out my nbn connection is down and I'm on the 4g fall over. Didn't even realise.

  • Would this be noted on our Telstra accounts?

    I’m NBN HFC at the moment.

  • Shit, no free upgrade. And Telstra also increased my price and reduced my speed as well.

    Currently I’m paying $69 for 100/40 unlimited. And telstra give me a free upgrade which will change to 50/20M and asked me to pay $90z

    • +1 vote

      They tried to do that to me too, but I refused, so I'm on the same plan for at least the next 6 months.

  • Vodafone also had the same offer.

  • Any love for velocity ?

  • Take care with this offer. It's not all it seems. You can upgrade to Superfast for $0 for 6-months via the Telstra portal but you get locked into it for another 18-months after that. Read the fine print before upgrading. If you have been auto-upgraded then you have the option to opt-out of continuing. I'm on Telstra NBN HFC currently. 120/30 Premium for $110/month. Moving to UltraFast is $0 for the first 6-months then an additional $30 for the next 18-months.

  • I'm on superloop HFC 100/40, and they offered me an upgrade to 250/25.
    Thinking it was a good deal, I took up their "upgrade" offer, but my down speeds haven't increased (still in the 90s), and down speeds have decreased from 40 to 25.
    So much for an upgrade.

  • No upgrade. Boooo

  • I'm on HFC with a *free speed bump, since the force over to nbn…. Premium Evening speed as Telstra calls it, typically 100/40

    No boost to a higher tier for me, not surprised.

    Bill cycle flipped a week ago.

    *Took weeks of arguing with Telstra as they moved me from 100mb cable to nbn50 and tried to tell me that's the equivalent plan to what I was on (for 8 years) 🤦‍♂️