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SYD/MEL-Gcoast/Cairns in Business Seat on Dreamliner + 20 Qantas Status & 1200 Points for $86.50 ($62 without Points) @ Jetstar


Jetstar is bringing 5 of its 787-8 Dreamliners out of storage for domestic flights from June.  It looks like these are to be used on the Sydney/Melbourne to Cairns/Gold Coast routes, and since Jetstar doesn't sell business class tickets on these routes, you could choose your seat from one of the 21 up front in the J cabin!

With the govt-subsidized half-price flights - still available on these routes, it means it's possible to score a flight from $62 one way in a Business class seat by paying $18 to choose your seat, and if you upgrade to the Max Bundle - half off as well - you can get a flight from $85, including 20 QF status credits, 1200 points, seat choice, an inflight meal AND 30kg luggage included!

So which flights?


From July 1st, 2021, these daily Jetstar Sydney-Cairns services will use Boeing 787 Dreamliners:

JQ952 Sydney – Cairns (07:30 - 10:35)
JQ957 Cairns – Sydney (12:05 - 15:00)
Sydney-Gold Coast

From July 1st, 2021, these daily Jetstar Sydney-Gold Coast services will use Boeing 787 Dreamliners:

JQ424 Sydney – Gold Coast (17:05 - 18:25)
JQ419 Gold Coast – Sydney (19:55 - 21:20)
Melbourne-Gold Coast

From June 1st, 2021, these daily Jetstar Melbourne-Gold Coast services will use Boeing 787 Dreamliners:

JQ432 Melbourne – Gold Coast (08:00 - 10:05)
JQ437 Gold Coast – Melbourne (11:35 - 13:50)
JQ434 Melbourne – Gold Coast (15:20 - 17:20)
JQ447 Gold Coast – Melbourne (18:50 - 21:05)

From June 25th, 2021, these daily Jetstar Melbourne-Cairns services will use Boeing 787 Dreamliners:

JQ944 Melbourne – Cairns (06:30 - 09:50)
JQ947 Cairns  Melbourne (11:20 - 14:45)
JQ950 Melbourne – Cairns (15:20 - 18:40)
JQ943 Cairns – Melbourne (20:10 - 23:35)

On the Jetstar website, you'll want to double check that the plane is indeed a 787 Dreamliner.  And there's also the risk that they change the plane in the days leading up to it, which would leave you with still the ability to choose a seat, but, it could be on a regular A320/1 instead.

If you're a Qantas Gold, Platinum or Platinum One frequent flyer, or a Qantas Club member, you are entitled to access Qantas Club lounges before your Jetstar flight on any fare type, where a lounge is available / open.

(hat tip to the Australian Frequent Flyer site and their forums)

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    I have to this day, never understood why Qantas would want to eat its own lunch with Jetstar domestically.
    Then again I am not an Irish Leprechaun with a private Island

    • +1

      Do island-owning Leprechaun's come in any other flavour than Irish?

      • +2

        That is a $ 24,000,000 question and well spotted

  • +2

    Can’t exactly call it business, it’s a business seat with no service/perks differential, sounds minor but it’s an important distinction

    The points/SCs here are the standard earn rate for flex economy (max bundle equivalent for jetstar)

    • +1

      minor wording difference but yes, fair, I've updated the title to avoid confusion/unintended misdirection

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    Avoid purchase tickets from beatthatflight. They listed some terrible travel agencies on the top of their search result. Once you booked with them, they will tell you to pay more to confirm the ticket and refuse a full refund if you don't want to pay.

    • +4

      That's unfortunate that the 3rd party website did that, and it'd be more useful to name who they were, for us and for other readers. To clarify, we don't sell any tickets. We just search published fares by other companies. At no point have we asked anyone to pay us more, or refused any refunds because we don't sell any tickets.

      This would be like blaming because a motel charged you extra when you tried to check in and then refused a refund.

      Travel agencies, airlines, hotels and more all have terms and conditions, might be worth discussing with the travel agency about whether this charge exists in their agreement with you.

      • -1

        At least like this case will help customers to negotiate with business owner and it shows rating and comments of motel when make booking, unlike beatthatflight just happy to receive commission from those business.

      • -2

        It is smart fare. I have Google them and find they are playing same trick for a long time and they been rate 1 star on product review and everyone end up with similar stories.

        So I don’t think that is the problem of terms and conditions as they been play it for such long time. As responsible platform should never doing business with scammers.

  • The issue is even Qantas has been changing their equipment at the last minute. There is no guarantee that you would fly in a Dreamliner on that day. Also the cancellations have become common.

    • Indeed :/ Used to do work on Qantas 737s and they could change the aircraft even minutes beforehand. But given they're scheduling them just for these legs, hopefully it won't change too often.

  • +1

    Good find though

  • Looks like the party is over. Jetstar has now added a new fee on top of max bundles for selecting these seats.

    • Hardly any half price seats available… Lucky to find it for 1 way unless you ana to go for like 2 weeks

  • Gambled on 4 seats to the Gold Coast over school holidays. Demand is hopefully high enough to keep the 787 going.

  • It's more likely that they are just getting the crew used to working onboard the Dreamliner again in anticipation of restarting international routes, rather than actually trying to fill up the plane.

    • and possibly keeping them rated for x number of hours. @joshabroad may know more.

    • I mean - at the moment Jetstar Airways (Australia) is borrowing a few A320 aircraft from Jetstar Japan as there aren’t enough aircraft to meet domestic and trans-Tasman demand (what a great problem to have!) and it has been touted as a move to increase capacity. But we will see! An awesome opportunity for some great seats at cheap rates for domestic travellers.

  • Pity it doesn't depart from International Terminals.

  • +2

    Thanks for the guide. I just upgraded my seat for a flight to Cairns.

    I think Jetstar have fixed this loophole as I was charged $40 per seat for an upgrade.

    Still better then paying $22 for an extra legroom seat though.

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