[PC] Steam - Grid (2019) $3.59/Styx: Master of Shadows $1.44/PoE II:Deadfire Obsidian Ed. $20.85 - Fanatical


Great prices for these two racing games. If you do not have them already, at these prices they are a must buy if you are into racing. Just in time for the weekend, too.
Also a great price for Styx and a fantastic price for Pillars of Eternity II; Deadfire; Obsidian Edition.

Grid (2019): https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/grid

Styx: Master of Shadows: https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/styx-master-of-shadows-plu...
Expires 24/4/2021 1:50AM

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Obsidian Ed.: this is the all time lowest price for this edition
Expires 24/4/2021 1:00AM

From the website: Grid (2019):

Ready to Get Your Heart Racing?

The critically-acclaimed 2019 release GRID marks the return of a storied racing franchise back to its roots. A brand-new game inspired by the original, ground-breaking Race Driver GRID in 2008.

Delivering intense, unpredictable action, iconic cars and circuits, and innovative AI systems for constant competitive motorsport, GRID is a racing experience #LikeNoOther.

Career: Earn your place in the GRID World Series and take on the infamous Ravenwest Motorsport in GRID’s action-packed Career mode. Race through six threads covering each car class (Touring, GT, Tuner, Stock, FA Racing, Invitational), expand your garage and prove your driving skills across the globe.

Nemesis: Over 400 unique AI personalities create unpredictable racing around every corner, each race alive with overtakes, mistakes and highlight-reel moments. Aggravate an opponent too much and they’ll become your Nemesis, their personality instantly changing to make sure they reach the chequered flag before you – by any means necessary.

For Everyone: Accessible yet challenging, GRID is designed to cater for all types of racers. Codemasters’ patented attention to detail on handling and car design are matched with a responsive driving model and changeable assists to allow rookie drivers a place in the paddock, and hardcore racers to create the challenge they want.

LikeNoOther: A hand-picked selection of incredible cars spanning five decades – from classic tourers, to official modern IMSA and WEC machines, to JDM superstars, to American muscle heroes. Conquer over 80 routes across the globe – from the race-ready Sepang and Indianapolis, to stunning fictional street circuits on Havana and San Francisco.

Multiplayer: Jump into the action in seconds in Quick Match, where our curated selection of superb race events and competitive lobbies await you. Or, head to Private Match, and get the keys to GRID’s vast event creation options. Create multi-race championships, switch up the weather conditions, add a Qualifying session, create races up to 99 laps long, and so much more. Between any Multiplayer event, enjoy Skirmish: our no-rules figure-of-eight circuit where things get… destructive.


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