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Lenovo Smart Clock Essential $59, 2 for $99 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ The Good Guys


Was wanting to get one of these for Mothers Day for the wife, from the kids.
Seems to be a good price, especially if you need 2

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    My favorite desk clock. Looking neat & smart.

    • Better to get the non essential one?

      • agree. i think some people dont realise there are 2 version of this lenovo clock

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        Depends on your need. I have this one in the bedroom and it does the job. I have two smart screens from Lenovo in the kitchen and doorway

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    58 at HN
    2 for 98

    • I got it for $48 in the previsous deals

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        yes i know, but at this time seems HN is doing better

  • Is it possible to have the screen go completely off? Partner wants a clock that can play white noice and turn the screen off and just tap to wake.

    • No. I had to return as I found it way too bright. The non-essential version has a screen off option though

  • Any comments on the speaker quality?

    • Sounds the same as a google nest mini to me

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    I have this clock and it's wonderful. Small and discreet, not too bright at night time while sleeping.
    I like that it has a "turn off microphone" button, but I would prefer that it had a turn off listening button. I wish you had the option of pressing a button to talk to Google.
    I did have the Google Nest Hub, but it was too big, too invasive, sometimes the screen would turn on in the middle of the night and light the room up.
    My partner didn't like it in the bedroom, but this little Lenovo is perfect for a little bedside clock.

  • Is it dab?

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    Bought this a little while ago and had to return as I found it way too bright next to my head at night. Ended up getting the non-essential version which you can set to turn the screen off when it’s dark

  • I have this, it’s great and the screen dims at night. I don’t find it too bright.

  • Can anyone who owns this device, is the temperature displayed actual room temp taken from an inbuilt thermometer or via Google for your current location?

    • Yes, this is a question I didn’t realise I had. Anyone?

    • I can't confirm, but i have never seen any of these devices have a built in thermometer and usually assume its from the net.

  • To dim the clock, you just say for example ‘ hey google dim the screen to 50%’

  • Has it got a timer function?
    If I ask Google to set a timer e.g. 30sec, will it show the timer on the clock timing to zero?

    • You can ask it for example-‘hey google, set a timer for 30 minutes’ it doesn’t count down on the screen, but will sound an alarm when the time is up.

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