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[LatitudePay] Apple Pencil 2nd Gen for $149 + Shipping (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman/The Good Guys


Harvey Norman Apple Pencil 2nd Gen (Delivery Options)

The Good Guys Apple Pencil 2nd Gen (C&C Only)

Since these guys never go on sale, 25% off is huge.

With the new iPad's announced, they are still using the 2nd Gen Apple Pencil (since 2018), so if anyone is looking to pick up one of these, this may be the accessory you need.

Original Deal: $50 off $150 Spend: Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, LE, Wireless1 I $25 off $75 @ Catch, Cotton on, Kogan @ LatitudePay

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    Apple Pencil 2nd Gen for $149

    When is the Apple Pen being released?

  • Seems like if you've had an account with latitude previously, and you've requested for it to be closed, you cant sign into your account again, keep getting password incorrect, even after resetting it. Any one else had similar issues?

    • You have contact them to reopen it (and they'll do another credit check).

      • I didn't think these guys did a credit check to begin with? I cant remember them doing one the first time.

        Whelp, just went through and checked, they did do one, I probably wont bother with this deal then, in the process of saving up for a house deposit, and don't want any thing affecting my credit score! seems my credit score went down about 60 points after I opened an account with them previously, and paid it out + closed it within the same month.. not sure if that's directly related to them, but the last time I checked it before having a latitude account I was 790 odd, now its down to 730 odd :O

        • Where did you check your credit with?
          You didn't have to tick the box to let them share with 3rd party so you shouldnt be getting credit hit with them.

        • Yes it can effect your credit score and the other poster is incorrect, this is nothing to do with 3rd parties. LatitudePay is doing the credit check themselves, nothing you tick or don't tick will stop that.

          You can see the info right here: https://support.latitudepay.com/hc/en-au/articles/3600315036...

          "Just remember if you re-apply, we'll need to run through another credit check for your new application."

          Yes, you should not reopen your account till after your mortgage has settled.