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Baseus Computer Monitor Mounted LED Light Bar $29.74 Delivered @ baseus_officialstore_au eBay


After I bought the Baseus vacuum and posted about it here, I reached out to the store and asked if they'd do a deal on this monitor mounted lamp I've been watching and they obliged by dropping the price to $34.99. With the current eBay code, it drops to its lowest price ever, I believe. Code expires 26/4 so you'd need to jump in pretty soon.

I liked the idea of this because my desk is chockers with other random stuff and I could also power it from the USB port on my monitor. It looks pretty slick too. I've bought a few of their items now and I've been impressed with their quality. I've not got mine yet so can't comment firsthand.

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  • Thought it was monitor for that price by reading heading

    • Ah, I see what you mean. I just copied and pasted part of their description. I'll fix it.

    • Is that better?

      • Yes. Thank you for fixing it.

      • The price has been increased due to receiving so much supports from ozbargain community. Don't like to support this company or seller ever.

        • Yeah, they must have set a limit on the number of discounted items. I've expired this deal. You can still use the code to get it for lower than their lowest price but not as good as this deal obviously.

  • Why do we need this? Isn't monitor already bright enough?

    • It's mounted on the monitor, to light up your desk.

    • It's not for your monitor. It's for your desk and keyboard. I'm mounting mine on my workbench monitor and using it to light my workbench. The monitor is nowhere near bright enough to light the bench.

    • It's bias lighting, not backlighting.

      Your monitor IS bright, that's what this is for.

    • It makes a huge difference reading anything on your desk. If you are studying or working from printed materials I now see these as essential kit. Super helpful light. Helps somewhat for Zoom meetings with bounced light.

  • I dont buy baseus blitZwolf brands anymore now they try to be like xiaomi (sell everything) but by buying generic products and slap their brand.

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      Thanks for letting us know.

      • Most of their product you can find in aliexpress under different brands (that you never heard of). Exact same item same colour same design same description.

        Thats how i realise they just outsourcing, slap their brand and charge more.

    • I agree with this: they are slapping their name on generic products.

      In addition to this, my perception of them was not helped by the fact that after sending a short email with a simple question to their 'support', they didn't bother even answering. I used to think they were a company focused on quality and innovation. Sadly, I don't think that anymore.

      • This is nothing new but who cares.

        Still far cheaper than bricks and mortar stores locally here.

      • I'd be interested to know what China-based companies are focused on quality and innovation. Instead of the status quo 'cheap knock-offs to make a quick buck'

    • This is great price for a great product.

  • Have this and it's great for reading or working. Works perfect on my curved alienware 38" too

  • how does this compare to the xiaomi one?

    • The Xiaomi one has a wireless remote puck that allows you to change brightness and colour temperature. The Baseus (this one) has an inline remote. I kinda like the Xiaomi one better because the cabling is neater. Only one cable comes out of the monitor bar. Both products take USB 5V so you can plug into any Type-A ports (e.g. back of PC/laptop or a 5V USB charger).

      Do note that the Xiaomi cannot fit on the Alienware 38" curved monitor because the top part is too thick but Baseus works nicely because the clamp can expand wider. I saw this on a Youtube video so thought of sharing it.

      • Is the inline remote a separate cable to the power cable?

        Didn't see the remote in any of the product pictures. Seems to be controlled by knobs on the sides?

        • If like the one I purchased there are touch buttons on the side of the top of the bar. Gentle or braced touch only so you don't dislodge. The inline ones aren't bad when blutacked to the rear side of monitor. In reality I rarely adjust once in place.

  • The Kogan one here is still available, although they've bumped up the price to $28.99 since the deal. Good for anyone who has Kogan First and/or wants to take advantage of the millions of Kogan cashbacks available rn. Got mine the other day and pretty happy with it.

  • Normal lights cause eye strain?

  • Can you clip a webcam on top of this?

    • Really depends on the webcam design. You may need to resort to sticky tape. I had mine beside the monitor bar meaning the webcam is not dead centre. Not a big deal though because I just move my video conference app to where the webcam is situated.

  • What's the point of a monitor light bar if my room lights are kept on? Considering buying but cannot see the merits for my use case.

    • Think about it - People in the following situations should buy:

      • One person sleeps with the lights on while another keeps working
      • Sharehousing situations where lights can't be on
      • Don't want others knowing your'e on your PC and light is specifically only lighting the immediate area
      • Too much 'light' outside to warrant brightening up a room
      • Can't easily/too lazy to get to a light switch

      Am sure there are more.

      • Thanks for the considered response :D

      • One thing I found annoying is the shadow falling on things I am trying to read or work on, on my desk, because the overhead light is behind me. Would this help with that?

  • Wondering if the running cost of this light might be cheaper than my room light..

    • Depending what the output of your room light. But I found just this light is not enough.

    • I think it ultimately depends on your lighting positions. In my situation, I can get away with running 2 out of 4 down lights and then use the monitor bar to supplement light. I adjust the intensity depending on situation and colour temperature to match with my down lights. Probably save 16W (assuming 8W per LED down light) but consuming 5W on the monitor bar making total savings of 11W. I am not sure the savings are substantial enough but I think the best use case is when your work desk is not under ideal lighting. With a monitor bar, you don't have to use a table lamp which takes up precious desk space.

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed one.

  • Price has been jack up by the seller

  • Picked this up last week and it’s a very nice light, works perfectly with the Xiaomi Mi Curved 34” and is easily adjustable with multiple light and dimming settings, very good for the price. Single USB-A to USB-C cable is supplied and is very easy to cable manage with the monitor.

    Can see where the Xiaomi might get an edge ahead in terms of features, but for the price difference for local stock with express delivery this was an excellent deal.