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Dewalt 20V Heat Gun (18V-Compatible, Tool Only) DCE530B $120.36 + $31.27 Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


For anyone on the Dewalt eco system and needing a portable heat gun I found this on Amazon for almost half the price of local stock ($209). Tool only, no battery is included. Free expedited international Delivery for prime members or $31.27 for non-members.

It is the US branded version with a 20V sticker on the side of the heat gun . This will work with Dewalt 18V batteries. Heat gun has a high and low setting reaching a claimed high temp of 530 degrees.

Price update. Back down lower then the original post I made. Postage has gone up for none members.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I have the wired version, now I have the wireless :). Thanks, OP.

    • Does your corded version have a thermostat/ability to set the temp?

      Mrs UWH is looking for this to set at correct temp for working with her resins.

      • +1

        Yes it does.

      • Corded - yes, gave it to my wife for bakery purpose.
        Cordless - no, 2 settings (high and low) only.

    • I have the butane version.
      Cheap, and works well for heatshrink, or paint removal.

      Unless you work in a coal mine, why would you want an electric heat gun?

      • +5

        Heat gun novice, but surely no consumables is a large +

        • Easier to refill the butane than to charge a battery.
          Small ones fill the same was as lighters.
          Big ones use the standard $1 butane canisters that last for ages.

        • How long would a battery last?

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            @Rosace: About 40 minutes on low setting - battery is 5.0 aH / 18V.

            High would be less than 40, maybe 20 minutes.

  • Good find OP- cheers

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    Looking for a drill driver for the odd job around the house. Maybe even a impact and drill combo. Any recommendations?

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      Ozito ones are not too bad, had one for 5 years with a few uses every month and it's still going strong.

    • +5

      Well go dewalt so you can add a heat gun to the collection

    • Either Dewalt, Matika, Milwaulkle or Bosch (Blue).

      Dewalt is my first choice.

    • I swear by Ozito. Best $35 I've ever spent at bunnings

    • -1

      For around the house get Ryobi. They are cheap and not shit tier.

      If you have lots of money by all means spend more but you wont get better value for money than Ryobi (IMO) for home use.

  • What about warranty?

    • Dewalt power tools are pretty good in terms of reliability, it's highly unlikely anything will go wrong with it under the warranty period.

      Saying that you will need to return it to the US if you're unlucky enough that something does go wrong. I've purchased many Dewalt power tools from the US over the last 10 years….never had a problem with any of them.

    • +2

      I had an issue out of the box with my Dewalt drill (DCD996N-XE).

      Because I bought it 3 weeks before I opened the box up and discovered the issue, it wasn’t able to be swapped with a new drill and it had to go off for repair.

      Stanley (who are the suppliers of Dewalt) were utterly useless in assisting, and took 6 weeks to get back to me.

      In the mean time, I had to return it to the store I bought it from. That was annoying, as I bought it online and had it delivered, because COVID, and I didn’t want to go to the store. The store (Sydney Tools) wouldn’t pay return postage, so I had to do the 80km round trip to the store (or post it at my expense).

      Got lost, heaps of traffic, very stressed, which all added to my absolute frustration with Dewalt, and the device not being faultless like I thought it would be.

      This is from a tool bought in Australia, from an Australian reseller. So I’m sure I will get negged on by people saying that their device was perfect. That’s great … but the calibre of a supplier is shown by how they react when something goes wrong. I have been less than impressed with what I have seen.

      I’m stuck in the dealt ecosystem, so it’s a little bit like a bad marriage and we are staying together for the kids.

      • +2

        In future say you will call fair trading, I purchased a $600 pressure washer online and on arrival it was broken, making all kinds of weird sounds

        Told me they would refund if I posted back which would have cost me $200+ through aus post

        In the end I told them I would call fair trading and the next day a delivery truck picked it up

      • Dewalt have a published 30 day satisfaction guarantee on their au site, should have been no issue getting a refund or replacement
        7.2 The 30 Day No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee entitles the consumer to a replacement, refund or in-store credit up to the purchase value of the original product, where the consumer is dissatisfied with the product and returns the entire product (including all accessories, batteries, chargers & kit boxes originally supplied as part of the product) back to the place of purchase.

        • To be honest, I didn’t think I’d need to bury my head in the T&C’s of a warranty document for a Dewalt. I thought they were the gold standard. I was wrong.

          Not that it would have done any good. Multiple phone calls and webforms to Dewalt (Stanley), with a glacial response time meant I took it up with the seller instead.

          There were multiple calls and emails to the store, only to be given the same response each time:
          “Bring it to the store and we’ll look at it”.

          At the end of the day, I wasn’t buying this to put in a glass cabinet and look at it, I needed a drill to do work with. So when I needed to use it, I needed it as quickly as possible. (I only waited 3 weeks to open it, as it was a Christmas present to myself, so it was under the tree).

          After more than an hour’s drive to get to the store, only to be told it’d be at least a three week wait time for repair, I was bloody pissed off, but I was told there was nothing they could do.

          At this point, I could have started saying “not good enough, I’ll take it up with Dewalt”, but how long would that have been? At least six weeks for a response it would seem. Plus whatever turnaround time. Plus the fact that they would most likely send me a refurbished drill.

          I won’t lie, I ended up subscribing to Amazon Prime, and ordering this heat gun last night … but it was with gritted teeth.

          The equipment is good, and the Dewalt DCF887N impact driver is a BEAST for my applications … but based on my experiences, I cannot recommend Dewalt (or Sydney Tools for that matter) if you aren’t already sporting yellow and black equipment.

          Whilst I’m working alongside people with ozito and Ryobi equipment, I do question whether my investment was worth it. They do similar jobs, and sometimes less power actually gives you more control. I can drive screws into hardwood in the blink of an eye … but if you aren’t paying attention, you can make some ugly mistakes. If I had my time over, I’d get a cheaper unit, and spend more money on quality driver bits. Other people with Dewalt have told me similar.

      • From what I've read on here, Sydney Tools should be avoided at all costs for online orders - only purchase in-store, but even then they're known for pretty shitty service should you need to make a warranty claim.

        Obviously you purchased online due to COVID-19, however if buying locally you're better going with places like Toolmart, Total Tools etc….but then you'll often pay more.

        • Yeah, that’s what really threw me. I assumed they were a small, crappy online discount store. When I went to their Castle Hill store I was blown away by how many people were working there, and the size of their inventory.
          Two stories full of product, jam packed neatly on shelves.

          They obviously do a lot of business, so must be quite large … so I was shocked that their customer service level was so low.

        • If you research them you'll see a history of dodgy dealings with the ATO, unexplained wealth and a sudden inability to understand English. To be fair this is going back a while and given their current scale I can't see how they could operate without being fully legit.

  • +8

    Will this dry my hair faster than the Dyson?

    • Sure much faster. Even burn your hair

    • +2

      Portable Air Fryer

      • Portable Air Hair Fryer

  • Can this heat up solder to remove chips from a circuit board?

    • +1

      This operation needs controlled temperature and smaller air flow area.

    • Probably, this heats up to 500 degrees which is higher than the melting point of solder.

      The heat might kill the the chips though.

    • lol, most heat guns like this will melt the whole board

    • You need one with continuous fine temperature control for hot air soldering. I use a Makita with reducer nozzles for fine SMD work and does the job well. I checked the temperatures of the dial settings with a thermometer so I know roughly where I am setting the temp in deg.

  • +1

    How does this $10 Power G heat gun (compatible with ALDI batteries) compare to this, which is 12 times the price?

    • they all work on the same principle, nothing to lose on buying the $10 one :)

    • wow nice, the top part looks identical

  • +1

    Much better than dysons expensive hair dryer.

  • This can be used to loosen up automotive glue?

    • I dont think it would be hot enough…

  • +1

    I have the corded version of this and it is excellent with great temperature control.
    Not sure if I would be jumping into a battery powered heat gun as my corded version pulls 2kW and my mind boggles how a 18v battery could match this for any decent jobs that need a good runtime. e.g. continuous paint stripping.
    Could be good for quick jobs I guess…

    • It's mostly for things like heatshrink. You would kill a battery pretty quick trying to remove paint.

      If you were going that way, something propane powered would be better. About $30 for the nozzle and $20 for a tank of gas.

      • Yep - maybe, but the corded version of this pulls paint very quickly. I've used it for heaps of work and very happy with it

  • Too true, I love either corded or cordless heat guns but sometime I had a job is to remove the stickers off the walls or windows and no powerpoint nearby, then cordless is the best solution.

  • +1

    interesting ordered this and it appears to have been shipped already and aus post tracking no…

  • Is this an overkill to repair plastic interior scratches in a car?

    • Id say it would be risky making things 1000x worse

  • Price goes up $134.49 now

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