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Hisense 85" 85Q8 Ultra HD QLED Smart TV $3350 + Delivery @ Videopro


Seems like very good price for 85 inch
Not sure how it compares for Ozbargainer favorite Samsung 82 inch TU8000 for $2200 Mark

Tech-lovers will relish in the picture quality offered by the Q8 ULED TV, which harnesses industry-leading Quantum Dot Colour together with Full Array Local Dimming Pro and 200 Smooth Motion Rate, to offer impressive colour accuracy and definition. Dolby Vision™ HDR and Dolby Atmos Audio further the picture and sound quality of the Q8 ULED TV, offering Australians a crisp, clear and true-to-life viewing experience. Featuring the latest VIDAA 4.0 smart operating system, providing an unprecedented Smart TV experience thanks to its enhanced Artificial Intelligence, simplified interface and universal search functionality.

SCREEN SIZE 85" Measured Diagonally

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  • Would you guys wait for another 6-8 months for price to go further down ? Just wondering

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      Doubt it'll go much lower

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      With new 2021 tv models launch, price will go down. I think within couple of months the price of this tv will be between 2500-3000. The last sale prices of this tv was just under 4k and now this has come down around 3300 mark… We can expect some further price drop…

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      Prices will certainly go down but so will stock levels. Eventually there will be none left, so at what point will you jump in.

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      I own a plasma, I want all this tech to die, so the good stuff comes down.

  • A lot of good tv deals today. If considering delivery, it is a further $195.00 (for me anyway, might different depending where you are)

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      It’s that time of the year and it’s only just being. Hold tight and the better deals will come.

      • I would agree. This is new models time of year when last year's models become 'obsolete' even though almost identical. But it all comes down to stock now and how many left that they need to shift, how many the company imported, how popular the model is etc.
        My guess is given this is in 1st round of drops, they have plenty to shift. So may drop further via ebay site

      • Well this is a deleted line now so cheaper. The new lines will come out at not a discounted price.

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    Got it a few days ago for $3290. Great TV for the price. Was worried about the panel lottery potential but I got lucky or the newer ones have better QA. Was up againt a x900, 950 and a CX and this won for size, spec and price in the end. Didn't want to wait any longer for a better price potential as its EoL now

    • Do you not notice the sound sync? Happens only when you use Amazon prime and all hdmi connection.

      • It was very very minimal but it's easy adjusted. Just hit the menu button, select audio and adjust the sink and save for all hdmi inputs if you desire.

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    Think the Q8 is a different level to the Samsung you reference which probably competes with the Hisense S8

    • Yep Q8 picture quality better than Samsung.

    • Agree, the Samsung 82TU8000 is an entry level, Nothing fancy. Can't compare with hisense q8

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    3000 bucks.. have you guys considered a projector and a 100 inch screen ? Will not match the black levels but it will blow the experience out of the water dollar for dollar…100 inch is for a UST and a ALR screen for viewing in bright daylight…if you have a dark room 3000 bucks will get you a lot more ..I do have a samsung 75 inch ..but I also have a 130 inch projector set up and tbh I hardly use the TV .. it does not even compare..mind you the speakers and amp which were 1000 dollars for a used atmos compatible receiver and a 5.2.2 speaker set up which are all from different vendors and a dedicated home theatre room help..but 3000 on a telly with crap speakers …I would urge everyone to reconsider

    • +4

      Projectors are great in dimmer rooms, wheras this can run in a bright room.

      Similarly, projectors great for movie nights with volume up, but IMO wouldn't it be annoying waiting for projector to turn on when you just quickly want to use, and also the cooling fan of a projector - does it get annoying watching TV at quieter volumes? Maybe these things aren't a factor as I haven't looked at newer projectors, but was something I thought of them a few years ago.

      • Laser projectors now have quiet operation no bulbs, 20k hours and 26-28 dB. Check out LG HU810P on YouTube or forums, it's not in Australia yet, and price is more than $3k, but this model with a screen when it comes here, is my endgame.

      • My projector starts up faster than my TV. Fan noise isn't an issue unless you are going at ultra-bright levels. Main problem is if you are renting that mounting the projector and cables can be a challenge, as the projector is at the 'wrong' end of the room and needs power and HDMI connections.

    • +1

      Any recommendations for the ust / alr around this price bracket?

      • Yes, the XY Screens PET Crystal UST is the best value UST ALR screen. Have a look at it here:


      • For 100" screen you could get a Fengmi Black Grid ALR for around $700 from Banggood or similar. The other cheaper ALR screen brand is Telon, which you'd be able to get larger sizes (need to liaise directly with the company). XY screens are good (what I am using) but would be a few hundred bucks more.

        For the projector at this price range, you'd probably be looking at a Fengmi or Xiaomi 4K model, which would go for around $2.2k-2.5k on Kogan/Expansys/Nothing But Label (AliExpress Store based in Sydney).

        Total would be around $3k-$3.5k total.

        If you want to get non-Chinese brand, I think the Samsung LSP7T has been at around $3k mark on the EPP store (projector only) before, not quite sure what it is right now.

    • Aren't 4k projectors more expensive than this TV? How does full hd look in 100inch plus?

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      Yep I've been running 150 inch screen with projector for years in dedicated media room. Laugh at these "big" tv's

      • +3

        For a dedicated media room sure. For a living room TV still has plenty of advantages.

    • +4

      Projectors are not bright enough in addition to poor black levels

  • +1

    Currently $4995 at JB

  • Does this have airplay?

  • +3

    I have the 75 inch version of this TV bought july last year

    Wonder if the wife would notice if I swapped it over for the 85 inch

    • +25

      I certainly hope your wife WOULD notice an extra 10".

    • Too many lines here. The mind boggles.

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    I rang good guys chatswood and they did it for 3200 delivered.

    • +1

      When did you ring? About 4 days ago, when it was about the same price as Videopro?

      I rang the Guys on the 1300 number a few days ago (just after their sale ended for a similar price) and they refused to match Videopro. Would only go down to $4200!

      Videopro wouldn't deliver the 85 inch since it was "too big" and Eagle Farm, the only distribution centre that had stock, is in Queensland…

      • +1

        FYI JB HiFi Rouse Hill, NSW price matched the Videopro $3350 for me yesterday. Picked it up today.

        • Thanks. Do you know how much delivery would have been? Or whether it would fit in a SWB HiAce van?

    • Any chance you could shoot us the receipt? I’m gonna try to get Harvey Norman too match.
      Thanks in advance

  • +1

    Have the Hisense's improved in terms of their usability? What I mean by that is a bought a 75inch a few years ago and while the picture was actually pretty good the unit was let down by things like the 10 seconds or more it took to turn on, which meant it was essentially useless when trying to use a Harmony remote or CEC as it took so long everything else had already switched or tried to switch to the correct inputs etc and you would invariably have to fluff around with the TV once it turned on.

    I gave up on it in the end and bought a Sony and it turns on in about a second and everything just works with CEC, I never have to use the other remotes.

    The Hisense was a good price at the time but so frustrating to use.

    • I use the harmony ultimate on mine which means i dont need the remote always pointed at the tv.
      Not sure if they have dedicated Input buttons (e.g. direct to hdmi1 or hdmi2 etc) on the newer tvs, that was the only gripe i had with my hisense.

      There is a workaround though for the harmony in setting the input without dedicated inputs

  • TV is awesome $2200 delivered



    • +3

      add $1000 😊 you almost gave me a heart attack 😋
      Great purchase!!!

    • +1

      Good price Peter.

    • +2

      The screenshot says $3,145 + delivery?

      Any chance you could send the invoice for $2,200 delivered.
      That would be awesome. Thanks so much.

      • +1

        Lol kidding right, clearly a typo

        • Oh man. You got me all hot and heavy…. anti climax.

    • That's a big tv.

    • How did you get it for $3200?

      • +1

        The TV was $3395 at that time at the Good Guys (note he uploaded the Vimeo 4 days ago) and JB Hifi. It was $3290 delivered to some cities from Appliance Central. Above he states he rang The Good Guys Chatswood directly, but a little known fact is that Good Guys will voluntarily give you a best price on their 1300 phone service if you just ask. They know in advance the stores they are willing to match (so Video Pro doesn't work for a price match in this case). I think I'll just try ringing the Chatswood store directly next time it goes on sale in all the major retailers.

        This deal isn't very helpful for those that don't live near Eagle Farm, unless you can find an intermediate to ship it to you.

      • I rang gg Chatswood and I said can you match 3280 delivered. He might have misheard me and done it for 3200

        • I want 1 but no luck to get it for $3200 in Adelaide.

  • -1

    75" was around 1399 last year, cant see how this is this much i think they shoudl be picked up for $1999

    • +3

      75Q8 for $1399 last year? No chance

      • -2

        Not same model just size.

    • +3

      That could be S8

      • +2

        Maybe he is thinking what's one tv now when you could buy 3 during the boxing day sales.
        9 months of no tv to then have 3 of these bad boys in the same room.
        I don't have the patience…

  • T1000 not a QLED set for $1399, its a LCD big difference.

    • What's Terminators got to do with QLEDs? :)
      I think you're mixing up your numbers

  • +1

    Does the software have Apple TV and Stan etc?

    • I don’t think any TV comes with Apple TV?

      • He is talking about the Apple TV app available in selected TVs:
        Smart TVs
        Samsung Smart TVs
        LG Smart TVs
        VIZIO Smart TVs
        Sony Smart TVs

    • Here ya go bud


  • +1

    Got the 65" version for $1350 during Afterpat/ebay deal.

    To answer some of the questions from above.
    Airplay from Iphone works for all the apps that are installed on the TV.Netflix, youtube, amazon prime (I have Chromecast connected to it but only use it Disney + )
    Vidaa 4 is very good and super fast
    Picture quality is amazing and black levels are stunning. i always wanted an oled screen but this is so close.

    I have played with motion settings for weeks using different youtube motion test videos and watching different sports

    For FTA and slower sports I prefer smooth option
    For faster sports Clear or custom 5/5 or 8/5 in some super fast motion sports.
    Some people on forums have mentioned to turn off motion smoothing but on my TV produces bad judder which disappears when switched to any of the above settings.

    I have watched F1, tennis , AFL , soccer and all are pretty fine when using sports mode using Clear mode. TV sometimes struggles with some handycam/older type of videos that require more play with motion smoothing to get it clear.
    Running the latest firmware

    • I'm definitely regretting missing out on that!

  • There’s still some stock at JB HiFi. I ordered mine from Warringah Mall
    Just ordered mine now, delivered for $3400

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