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Gigabyte Aorus GC-WBAX200 Dual Band Wi-Fi & Bluetooth PCI-E Network Card $60 Delivered @ PEPNIMBLE


$60 - price includes standard delivery Australia-wide with tracking.

Please NOTE that many vendors add extra surcharges when you pay via PayPal or Visa/Master Cards etc. We apply NO SURCHARGES or hidden costs for paying via PayPal, or Visa/Master cards. Afterpay and other BNPL options available and again no surcharges.

2x2 802.11ax Dual Band WIFI + BLUETOOTH 5 card GC-WBAX200 is an exclusive PCIe expansion card that offers support for the latest 2x2 802.11ax 160MHz Dual Band WIFI and BLUETOOTH 5 connectivity.

Intel WIFI 6 AX200 module built-in
Up to 2400Mbps connection speed (theoretical)
802.11abgn+acR2+ax(Pre-Standard) MIMO 2Tx2R
Paired with AORUS high performance 2Tx2R antenna
PCIe x1 interface card
Warranty: 3 Years

AORUS Antenna Supports Dual Band with Better WIFI Signal
All new antenna supported dual band 802.11ax 2.4GHz & 5GHz. Better signal strength compared to traditional antenna design. AORUS Antenna with smart antenna function for the best WIFI signal transmitting. Multiple angle tilt and magnetic base for the best signal strength direction and location.

WIFI Function
a/b/g/n/ac with wave 2 features, WMM*, WMM-Power Save, WPA, WPA2*, WPS*, PMF*, WIFI Direct*, WIFI Miracast*

IEEE WLAN Standard:
IEEE 802.11-2016 and select amendments (selected feature coverage)
IEEE 802.11a, b, g, n, ac, ax, d, e, h, i, k, r, u, v, w, ai; Fine Timing Measurement based on 802.11-2016

Security Methods- WPA* and WPA2*, 802.1X (EAP-TLS, TTLS, PEAP,EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA, EAP-AKA)
Authentication Protocols- 802.1X EAP-TTLS/MSCHAPv2, PEAPv0 –MSCHAPv2 (EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA, EAP-AKA’)


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    Our price includes delivery Australia-wide and there are no surcharges if someone pays via PayPal or Visa/Master Cards etc.

    Thanks :)


      Umart does not force a surcharge on debit card, Paypal and direct deposit payments. Delivery is $5 - $8 depending on location, so it ends up being cheaper if the buyer can pick up (in stock in all QLD & SA stores, and ready for pickup in 3-7 days in NSW stores), and only $3 more if they want it delivered by Umart.

      Can you really call this a "bargain"?

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        I didn't know we had an SA store! 😲


          Wait, what 😲

          Ohhh it’s in Croydon. Never knew either!


          You must be sleeping !

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    Does this need a connection to a F-USB connector on the MB?
    And is it low profile for small form PCs?

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      Wifi will without USB port connection but if you need Bluetooth function then yes you will have to connect the card via the supplied usb cable to the spare usb port on the motherboard.

      No sorry it is not low-profile.



        Thanks for prompt help.


          no problem.


        That's weird. I'm puzzled why it's done that way (seems this isn't the only AX200 card like that) instead of both being served by the PCIe slot.


          Yes we have many customer's asking about low profile version but we were not able to source either a low profile version from any distributors not a convertor bracket was available. One of our customer was really keen to get this card for this small form factor PC so he ended up modify the full bracket to low profile version using some handy-man skills :) … but please note if someone wants to go that way it will void the warranty.


            @pepnimble: Sorry, I was referring to the first part of what you said - the fact that it needs a connection to an internal USB header (for Bluetooth to work), despite already being connected via the PCIe slot.


              @Jabba the Hutt: oh..sorry about that :) yes that can also a bit of a drawback if one doesn't have a spare usb port available on the motherboard.

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    Wasn't this just recently $52.95 on Amazon?

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    Try again, Pepnimble.

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      Please check….that offer on Amazon has expired.


    The example below was an example of a bargain:


    This is not… ~$60 is normal selling price.

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    I have had this card for about 18 months now. Works flawlessly. I was initially concerned that it did not have a heatsink on the Intel chip like some competitors, but in my reasonably ventilated case I have experienced no problems so far. The only complaint that I have is that the cable for the external desktop antenna is quite short (May be a concern for people with a desktop PC on the ground and a workstation benchtop over 900mm)
    I just get the AX200 drivers from the Intel website or let windows update them. No need for any any special Gigabyte drivers.
    I replaced a TP-Link T9UH USB Adaptor with this and one welcome surprise is that this has a Wake On Lan function which works great. If my PC is asleep (which is also my Plex server) and My Chromcast TV or Firestick fires up Plex then my PC will wake up. This did not happen with the USB dongle. Big deal for me, perhaps not for others. You may need to go into device manager and power Management properties to enable this.


      Swap it out with an ax210 module for fun times :)


        I never realised that I could swap out the Intel module. My Grandchildren are looking forward to the ACMA ratifying the 6Ghz spectrum later this century.


    Not a deal. Was 53.50 on ebay this week.


    Is this compatible with linux? Is there a compatible driver? I'm having a hard time finding a reasonably priced linux compatible wifi card.