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[PreOwned] BOGOF Controllers: 2 Switch Joycon $48, 2 Switch Pro $78, 2 PS5 $98, 2 XB1 $74, 2 Move $48 + Post ($0 C&C) @ EB Games


EB Games's two for 1 pre-owned sale is pretty average on games, but pretty great on hardware. Not all items are in stock for C&C and Delivery, but go for a hunt, see if you can pick yourself up a bargain :)

PS move controller is PS3 version with MINI usb port, although PS4 compatible,most likely bad battery already. This one is PS4 one with micro usb port/different SKU ID, battery still a gambling, but batter chance than PS3 version and should have been used much less frequent than standard controller

You can also mix and match items, and you'll get the cheaper of the two items free. E.g. get an XBOX Elite & a PS5 controller for $198.

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      Dunno, but still good value comparable to Facebook marketplace or Gumtree. Get a little dettol yourself and you have a cleaned product!

      • Get a little dettol yourself and you have a cleaned product!

        Dettol or Isopropyl Alcohol ?

        • +7

          I don't know. Maybe try Google

          • @Lockdude:

            Maybe try Google
            404 Not Found
            Page that you are trying to request cannot be found.

            Looks like the website owner forgot to renew the domain.

            • @jv: Haha, interesting! Why didn't "www.google.com" work? Does OzB not like the lack of http, or something?
              Does this work?

              Regardless, that was a joke fail :) I'll put in a better effort next time.

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                Why didn't "www.google.com" work?

                They forgot to pay the domain renewal fee

                I've now put in a request to purchase it for $9.25USD…

                • +5

                  @jv: If this makes you stinking rich, I hope you remember who found this for you.

                  • -1

                    @Lockdude: Google wouldn't cough up and buy it off JV, they'd send them broke fighting ownership through the legal system.

                    • @Matt P:

                      they'd send them broke fighting ownership through the legal system.

                      LOL. I've found a cheap lawyer on OzBargain…

                  • @Lockdude: You'd hopefully be doing us all a favour

                • @jv: Too late, some Argentinan bought it for $5

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    Wait, so I need to buy two left joycons?

    • Nope, just add a left and a right to your shopping cart.

    • +2

      Wait, so I need to buy two left joycons?

      If you and your friends are right arm amputees, then yes Jack…

    • +1

      in case one of it drifts within a month, then yeah I guess

  • if you buy a preowned left controller your get the buy one get one free deal so add the right and its $48

    • What if you buy a right controller? do you get the left one free?

      • +1

        when you add the right controller it suggests to pair it with the left since its on buy 1 preowned get 1 free yes you get the left for free just picked up mine

        • What if I buy both a left and right controllers? Do I get both free?

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    No stock in Sydney for ps5 controllers

    Also risky move to go for pre owned switch controllers

    • How come risky?

    • they have warranty so not really a risk

    • "No stock in Sydney for ps5 controllers"

      Just saw your comment after trying to check two out. Bugger. =0(

  • +3

    Lots of cheap pre-owned Joycons… I wonder why… (recent trade-in for new limited run joycons without the dreaded drift?)

    At least it's a cheap way of trying the DIY fix it procedure of replacing the stick assembly yourself… if you can get parts.

    • Could get ninny to fix it if your console is still under warranty? Really its shamful ninny hasnt fixed the underlying cause of it. Its a design flaw and even getting it repaired by ninny is a temporary fix

    • +1

      Parts are easy to get and cheap from aliexpress, done it a few times, takes a few mins and works well.

      Shame that it needs to be done in the first ace though.

  • A lot of great deals, but only issue is that you need to find the stock for it :/

  • saw the ps5 controller buy 1 get 1 free offer on eb games site before I even saw it on onbargain. was in stock in most stores near me. Was about to buy but went to have a meal first. come back and boom ozbargained…

    • +12

      Rookie error. Always choose to starve yourself. It's also cheaper than eating.

  • Man it'd be very risky with the switch controllers…I have one that drifts really bad the other is fine.

    • I had 4 switch joycons drift on me. I just decided to repair them all. It's fiddly but not too bad.

      Biggest issue is finding quality replacements.

      • oops i meant pro controller .. but yeh got one joycon that does the same…

  • just a heads up: amazon has discounts on bunch of ps5 games today.
    including watch dogs legion for $38.

  • +3

    your link for PS move controller is PS3 version with MINI usb port, although PS4 compatible,most likely bad battery already.


    This one is PS4 one with micro usb port/different SKU ID, battery still a gambling, but batter chance than PS3 version and should have been used much less frequent than standard controller

    • Thanks, I had no idea about this! I've updated the main post :)

      • Thanks OP. Bought a pair. original $96 pre-owned/brand new $119 is bit over priced but $48 a pair is a great price.

        • Couldn't agree more! I bought a pair way back when for…. testing my memory, but I think I score them for $19 each? They're the PS3 versions though, and I bought them in advance of the PSVR releasing, so snagged them just before prices went up (you know, back when they were useless). $48 for a pair of the updated PS4 ones sounds like a great deal.

      • I am actually looking for the ps3 move controller, thank you for both links!

        • Oh awesome! out of curiosity (I'm learning today!) how come? Does it have some advantage over the PS4 one?

          • +2

            @Lockdude: recently using my PS3 again, want to use it to play Time Crisis and House of the Dead :D

    • I still have a pair of PS3 move controller from Harvey Norman for $10, never open it and dont know how the battery becomes.

  • In for the xBone controller. Cracking deal, thank you!

  • Can I use the XBONE controller for PC?

    • +1

      Yes :) I do it all the time.

    • yes but if you need to do it wirelessly you'll need an adapter. you can get the official xbox controller adapter from eb which is also part of the special deal.

      • FYI, you can use this for other Xbox One wireless hardware, too. I use one to connect my Turtle Beach Stealth 600 (Gen 1) headset to my PC and it works a treat; saved me a heap of money as I was considering buying a second wireless PC headset, but now I don't need to.

        One thing I've noticed, though, is when you pair a device to the wireless adaptor it 'forgets' the console, so you need to re-pair it when you go back to using it on the console again. First World problem, really, but can be confusing the first time if you're not expecting it.

      • Anything past 2014 or 2015 will support Bluetooth. That said, many people have better experience with the wireless dongle over Bluetooth so it may still be worth getting.

  • +2

    Just picked up 2 xbone controllers. They gave me the original non-bluetooth ones, if that’s a deal breaker for anybody.

    • +1

      Interesting. I imagine that would be for a lot of people. But on a C&C you can decline when receiving the goods. Also, if delivered, you can return to EB Games for a refund. The page definitely shows wireless ones.

      Hope you're okay with the purchase!

      • I don't mean a 360 controller, I mean the original xbone ones that used wi-fi direct only and had no Bluetooth functionality. It's fine if you're using a xbone, but it won't connect to a PC wirelessly without the USB dongle that's sold separately.

        • Oooooh, sorry my bad. Makes sense :)

        • Thanks for the warning. That's a deal-killer for me.

    • +1

      Weird how they have so many 2nd hand ps5 controllers. People trsding them in for games or forced into buying them to get a console? Must be a real bargain cause they cant be too used either way

    • I have also ordered 2 but havent picked them up yet, how do i tell which version they are?

      • +1


        That's the older version, the part at the top with the Xbox logo button is on a separate piece of plastic.


        That's the newer version, the face of the controller is one piece of plastic, the part with the Xbox logo button is on a divot, but it is on a continuous plastic face.

        Also if you take the battery cover off and can see the model number is "1708", that's the newer Bluetooth one.

  • +1

    Joycon is somehow not durable:(

  • +1

    Grabbed 2 PS4 Controllers thanks OP!

  • +1

    Now I just need 2 friends

  • As soon as second controller added in cart, item become unavailable in any store….any reason why?

    • +2

      They likely only have one of them available in stock (if I'm to take a guess)

      • Spot on - as it checks availability of that store. Best to contact a local store directly and get them to check availability of others stores if your wanting multiples of something.

      • I had to travel about 30km away to find a store with 2 PS4 controllers, worth it though

    • I just called my local Ebgames about this same issue. They said it's showing up 1 because the other items are still being "withheld" from the online store, so if you visit them in store they are able to fix it up for you. Wanted to buy 2 PS5 controllers but only 1 was listed online. They said to come instore and they're able to sell me 2.B

  • Thanks OP. Picked up a spare controller I needed. Fingers crossed that it's not a crusty one! 🤞

  • +1

    Just gotten a pair of PS4 move controllers. Considering its $48 and pre-owned, a replacement battery would set me back around $30 mark so for a pair of replacement batteries, it would be around $60 + $48 which would come up to a total of $108. Wouldnt it be cheaper to just buy new ones with some 5% discount cards?

    Just food for thought: the pair I picked up are dirty as hell. Would recommend a good clean. The 2 sheets of antibacterial wipes I used to clean them are … yucks! Dirt grime and WTF dried stains on the straps! What the hell do people do with these controllers?!

    • See my comment above yours…it's the main reason why I avoid buying pre-owned controllers without generally seeing them first. Then again, I have managed to pickup up ones in great condition also.

    • I used to think what people used to do with the controllers, then I had a toddler, and it made all the sense.

  • Do you order 2 or 1(and get 1 for free)?

    • depends what your buying, being a buy 1 preowned get 1 free you add a preowned item to the cart then add another at same value or lower value and the 2nd item will be free at checkout, always double check the price as they may do tricky things like restrict to game + game only or accessory + accessory only

  • Tried to get two PS5 controllers but every store was sold out - despite 4 different stores saying they had stock of two. Never mind! The system isn't great, but this is only the second time this has happened during a sale.

  • Just got the switch dock (dock + charger + HDMI cable) + the switch pro controller (USB-A to USB-C Cable).
    Very clean overall and have tested it without any issue so far.
    Regardless they are saying there are like 3 months warranty.
    (Can't find any condition mentioning on the site anyway…Only the staff is saying that…).
    They said they can change it if it is not working properly.

  • Cool, I just need someone to buy the Switch pro controller at Adelaide :S

    • Will consider!

  • Thanks OP, was able to order two PS5 controllers :)

  • Would love to get a ps5 controller if anyone has excess from getting two? I'm in Melbourne area.

    • +1


  • Thought I'd try my luck - does anyone in Melbourne have an extra Switch Pro controller from this deal?

  • Someone out there gonna get my abused af xbone controller I traded in towards the current gen. Sorry not sorry. It's clean though.

  • Is joycon come with strap?

    • Nope. Bare controller

  • Selling pre-owned joycons sounds like a scam lmao. Just imagine the drift on those bad boys!

  • I picked up 2 xbox one controllers, one seems fine, the other has stick drift and i have to take it back. Looked like it was in good condition but shame about the drift. Tried updating the firmware and wiggling the stick around, the drift stops for a few seconds then starts again.

  • Joycons that I picked up were faulty, the buttons didnt work and there were no LED. Considering there's no stock left at my local, I cant even get a replacement under their warranty.

  • Perhaps a silly question but is there any PC software to check for drift on joycons - if I can't get access to a Switch?

    • I refunded my joy-cons and move controllers. the joy-cons also had drift issues. unexpected movements that is (in my case).

  • +1

    Bought 2 ps4 dual shocks, 1 was a 2nd gen white one, the other a 1st gen covered with dust. Charged both, neither turn on.
    Bought 8 PS4 Move controllers , all are marked as being PS4 micro usb models, 6 of the 8 are actually the old ps3 mini usb model.

    Good ol EB Games.

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