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Jollyfit Massage Gun $64.99 (Was $99.99) Delivered @ Jollyfit via Amazon AU


Mother's Day is coming soon.

Why not give mothers a high power massage gun to relax her muscles?

24V high power massage gun. Black!

3200 RPM and 6 massage attachments.

Now it is on Amazon Lightning Deals.

Get it at $64.99 today, no need codes. 2 colors are on sale.

Come with 30 days free return/refund guarantee.

If you think the product is not worth it, return it for free.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2021.

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    I think I saw this episode on one of those adult entertainment sites. Stepmoms though.

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      The Op is posting these deals a lot. This is the 3rd time this month. It appears they might be using Ozbargain for free advertising.

      Nobody is paying $99.99.

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        That's the only reason why they're on OZbargain.
        Honestly, I've noticed that OZB has become more of a space for spam than actual deals. Don't get me wrong, still plenty of deals to be had, just more cr#p advertisements than ever before.

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    Anyone bought one of these and can comment on the quality?


      I bought one a while back. I was a little skeptical, but figured it was worth a try for the investment. Actually works quite well. Battery seems to last a long time.


      I bought one a while back. Its great for this price. You will notice a difference between this and a far more expensive one. But for me its not enough to change my mind and go up. Especially if you arent using it several sessions a day. I have 3 cheap brand ones now and love not having to carry them around


    How does it work down 'there'

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      Dunno about that but could end up being a handy meat tenderiser


      i got a similar style gun. it doesnt vibrate, only pounds. would assume this would be similar

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    Jollyfit Massage Gun $64.99 (Was $99.99) Delivered @ Jollyfit via Amazon AU

    Current link is to "Chuirr" brand, rather than the pretty much identical "Jollyfit" model.

    The "Jollyfit" version is showing as $99.99 with $10 coupon.

    It seems the two items are just rebadges of the same product, hence why the OP may have posted the wrong link?

    There also seem to be other rebadges of the same product, such as the "Darkiron" model.


      I believe these things are all somewhat "rebranding" each other. just slightly different in terms of quality and design.


        just slightly different in terms of quality and design

        The first pictures of the "Jollyfit" and the "Darkiron" are basically identical.
        They even have the same badge or sticker: "Massage Gun".
        It looks to me like they are all the same product, with a different sticker in the case of the "Chuirr"

        What do you perceive to be the differences in "quality and design"?


          nah, I was referring to other massage guns, not paticularly the brands listed above.

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    Spam deal