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[eBay Plus] Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro $521.05 Delivered @ Wireless1 eBay


Ive been toying with the idea of picking one of these up, pretty hard to resist at this price.

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      Yep I'd be thinking twice before trusting Ubiquiti, not just because they had a catastrophic breach, but because of how they responded (or didn't) to it.

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    Can you check the regular dream machine price please?

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    I have no idea what this is but something called a dream machine sounds so cool

    • It's a router.

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        It's a router.

        And a

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          AP sold separately ;-)

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            @Twix: Dream Machine has a decent built in AP… the Pro doesn't have an AP

            • @Megahowler: Whoops - thanks for that.

              I knew the UDM had one and incorrectly assumed the pro did too.

        • lol beside the last point, why is it too expensive? Convenient?

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            @ntt: Ubiquiti is basically set and forget.. once set up it just works flawlessly in my experience

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          …and enterprise security gateway

        • Also put advertising into the router management interface, and tried to set you up as a means of "data collection" as a user. Only for the purposes of research though.

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          a Switch without POE.

  • Are the issues with migrating an existing software controller onto these resolved yet? I've been holding off getting one because of the painful process and issues/limitations involved with migrating, but it would be nice to finally pull the trigger.

    • I was able to go from windows to cloud key 2 - just had to update the cloud key 2 firmware to latest first.

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    I got a UDM (non pro) a while ago and not real happy with it. I've had awesome experience with the APs using pfsense, but the UDM is a bit crap in my experience.

    • I've been looking at setting up VLANS with a Pfsense router and have only just found out I need a managed switch and access point, to isolate guests clients and specific machines on the LAN.

      Would the UDM Pro be the go, or would a managed switch and Ubiquiti access point work best?

      • No experience with the pro. Most of my issues are wireless related so you could be ok.