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[eBay Plus] Lockwood T-Lock Digital Smart Deadbolt Lock $109.65 Delivered @ Sellit1212 eBay


Were clearing out some old stock.
These are similar/identical to the Yale Assure Smart Lock which retail for over $300 & should be a straight swap for a door with a deadbolt already installed.

At this price its cheaper than a locksmith callout on a drunken night out!

Please note these are new however old stock, sealed and requires a ZigBee hub to operate with internet. (We successfully run this on a $24 eBay ZigBee hub)

Using the coupon PLUSFL15 brings this down to $109.65 shipped (Note coupon expires 28/04/21)
Don't forget to use your Shopback/Cashrewards

Original Coupon Deal

Also have this going if interested:
4x Smart Plugs $50.15 Delivered

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  • hi everyone
    Which gateways are you using it with? Not interested in HA, wanted something simple.
    Saw smartthings mentioned. Any other ones?

    • Can pair directly with a full size Alexa if that floats your boat.

      • -1

        too much of a good thing =) was more thinking Xiaomi or similar

  • Got it installed and setup in HA with a Conbee II and ZHA.

    Took a bit of messing around with the alignment as seems the original holes in my door weren't too good. Lock had a bit of pressure on it once all the screws were tightened down (just turning by hand, didn't get to trying with motor at that point but sure it would have struggled or at least drained the batteries a lot quicker.) Got there in the end.

    Saw mention of DoorSense on here but looks like it's part of the Connected by August module. Anyone know where can get these cheap? Would be good to have, but the module looks like it costs double what the lock did.

    • +1

      No idea, but I plan to use an Xiaomi door sensor and then just use Home Assistant to define an automation to not trigger a door lock if the door is detected as open.

      About $15 and will achieve a similar thing. Worth a look given you have all the pieces.

      I think if you get the August module you’d also have to remove the ZigBee module that came preinstalled, so you might not be able to use ZHA? I believe August stuffs typically Bluetooth or wifi. I’d check if I was you whether the August module needs the August bridge to connect to a network, and in turn whether that bridge supports non US voltages. I have a current gen 2 August lock and to have remote access you either need to use HomeKit over Bluetooth (to say an Apple TV) or have that seperate bridge device which I’m not sure works at 240v for AU homes.

      • I was under the impression that the August used Wifi and would still be able to integrate with HA, haven't really looked into it but yeh don't want another bridge, just thought be good to have all integrated. JB has the module and bridge kit listed but $199 so no chance at that price.

        I prob don't really need door sense for this lock, at the moment I'm not using inbuilt autolock as it's on my internal garage door and not that big a deal to know the door state for me. So far I'm only auto locking when missus and I are both not home in HA in case we forget it.

        I do have some ZigBee door sensors, might put one on the front door.
        Have an Samsung A30 on there, autolocks since kids often forget, but handles it itself. Be good to handle by HA but doesn't integrate directly. Have discovered I can connect it to Smartthings which I can then integrate but bit of a pain though as the ST API needs HA to be internet accessible so not sure if worth the effort and risk.

        • I think some newer August might be WiFi and have done away with the bridge, but a number are or were bluetooth and had the small bridge device to do remote access. The ones with Home Assistant could connect to a HomeKit hub (Apple TV or iPad) alternatively.

  • +1

    Has anyone who installed this lock been able to:
    - access a log/info of failed/successful entries
    - turn the lights/switch camera/etc when the door is locks/unlocked?

    • Your hub would need to log that if it's compatible I think. I doubt the lock would store that info

      • thanks julz, those are the features that say on the box but i believe this T-Lock was meant to work with Telstra Hub. But is a discontinued model and can't access those features with other hubs.

        • A comment above suggests this is possible using Amazon echo integration but I certainly can’t replicate / do that using SmartThings. If anyone has ideas ..

      • I don't have a zigbee hub. What's the most cost effective, and space saving way of sorting one? The smaller Amazon Echoshow devices don't have it inbuilt.

        I do have a spare Raspberry Pi nano (and a regular sized one as well) if that's useful, but I'd still need a Conbee II or something wouldn't I?

    • I'm trying to do this with an Echo Plus too (turn on lights when the door gets unlocked). I can unlock and lock it from 'devices' using my Echo Plus no problems. But when I try to create a routine that is triggered by the lock, I can see the lock under "smart home" but clicking on it brings the message "Error: This device is not currently supported".

      • What are the steps? I will try too.
        Edit. Ok I see the same message.

        • I tried a few of the Yale apps; none of them found my lock. Unfortunately it looks like without the Telstra Hub we can't get the log/notifications nor get it to trigger a routine. Or I've got noobitus.

          It would be brilliant to have unlocking it trigger lights to go etc. Seems doable in Yale locks (with the Yale apps) but not this.

          • +1

            @MattyD: Yes same. Tried all apps but they don’t work.
            Seems using The echo as a hub is a one way communication. Alexa has trouble getting feedback from the lock. It can send lock/unlocked commands to it but gets no response. Sometimes it locks it but then says please check the lock is locked.
            Also if I open the unlock manually it doesn’t let Alexa know the lock is unlocked.

    • Edit: double post.

    • I'm using with a Conbee and ZHA so no problem using it to trigger other actions but haven't found a way to pull history off it.
      It only has two entities, lock status and power level.

      I found mention of it on the Yale using the Zwave module and Homeseer along with a bunch of other info so not sure if it's a limitation of the Zigbee module or Home Assistant.

  • i bought Sengled as advised by OP but Sengled home hub couldn't find lock. Called Lockwood support team and was on call for nearly 40minutes. They suggested Samsung smartthings. Unfortunately, there was issue with my lock as master codes and user codes were resetting for every 3 to 4 minutes. ebay Seller was quick enough to respond to my query and sending Return shipping label.

  • Has anyone got there's working with Google Home?

    I've got a cheap zigbee hub ( setup and working, but whenever I add the hub app (Smart Life) to Google Home there's no linked devices listed.

    Not sure if it's the hub, the app or the lock.

    • I don't have the lock, but I have that hub with Tuya ZigBee light switches and they work perfectly with Google Home.

    • How’s that hub going for you? I like that it’s wifi and doesn’t need to be with all the other gear as we have enough devices in the ‘nbn corner’ already!

      Other than your challenges getting Google Home to work with it, would you recommend?

      • +1

        Yeah its good. There seems to be a lot of apps (brightfun, smart life, brilliant life, tuya) that are just the same app just reskinned.

        Setting up/detecting the hub and the lock was easy enough.

  • Anyone joined one to home assistant with deconz? This is my first zigbee device, based on research I used a USB extension cable from my NAS and now when I tell the lock to connect it says connected but doesn't show up in deconz

    • +1

      I can’t remember where but I think I saw somewhere that it wasn’t showing in the UI for deconz for whatever reason. If this is your first device maybe give ZHA a go. Working fine for me with that.

      • Thanks, been trying to get my conbee to pass through to my home assistant docker for ZHA today. That's giving me grief too!

  • I installed 2 of these at home yesterday, connected to smartthings. They work well!

    But they haven't surfaced in google home, I assume so they can't be voice operated by any random shouting hey google to one of my speakers.

    • I installed mine on the weekend. Am trying to run it through Home assistant using Zigbee2mqtt. I am not using a hub but have a sniffer C2531 attached to a Raspberry Pi. The C2531 has allowed me to integrate some Ikea switches and Xiaomi devices to HA quite easily. I have been able to add the lock to Zigbee2mqtt but the device is recorded as unrecognised and consequently will not add to Homeassistant as a device. Anybody got any ideas what I need to do from here to get this working in Homeassistant.

      • +2

        Yes, I got it working with my HA and cc2531 via Zigbee2mqtt. You will need to add a device profile for it. This is what you will need to do:

        1. I have created a pastebin for the device profile, get it from here:
        2. Save it as YDD-D4F0-TSDB.js under \share\zigbee2mqtt in your HA device
        3. In HA, go to Supervisor > Dashboard - Addons > Zigbee2mqtt > Configuration and add (or update if you already have the entry) the following to point to the above file:

        - YDD-D4F0-TSDB.js

        1. Restart Z2M and HA and it should appear in Z2M as supported device and in HA as lock and you should be able to lock/unlock it.

        Have fun! :)

        • +2

          Thanks sud33. Worked a treat. Is their any other information/actions available from the lock integration apart from detail of open/close and battery level? It would be great if you could control all features of this lock remotely via HA. Really appreciate your help on this.

        • +1

          Agreed, I currently use Zigbee2MQTT but is there any chance that we can get this working with ZHA and therefore use the new Set Codes features:

          I posted about it here:

          Also, getting the following error in the Z2M logs:
          Zigbee2MQTT:error 2021-05-11 09:41:51: Failed to configure 'front_door_lockwood', attempt 3 (TypeError: Cannot read property 'configureKey' of undefined
          at Configure.configure (/app/lib/extension/configure.js:133:69))

          @sud33p, happy to discuss offline but I can't PM you…

          • @Canberran: Just had a look at my logs and the same error also occurs for me, though I am having no problems remotely controlling the opening/closing.

            • @DORMANI: Yeah, open and close works great. I think that's all the Zigbee2MQTT supports:
              Exposes: lock (state, lock_state), battery, linkquality

              However, as per my above link, ZHA will support setting codes up, which would be really cool!

              • +1

                @Canberran: Will be interested in following your progress with ZHA integration as it would be ideal to have full functionality, particularly being able to log users based on keypad logins.

                • @DORMANI: Agreed, not my progress with ZHA though as I'm no developer. Need someone smarter that me, hence my posts in HA community.

                  Fingers crossed.

                  • @Canberran: @Canberran @DORMANI I haven't made a move to ZHA yet primarily because looks like it doesn't support as many devices as Z2M, but also its a bit of a hassle for the move with the re-setups since I am a bit time poor right now. But the option to support various lock features like setting up pin etc. is quite attractive, compared to Z2M, but this is when/if this device gets the support. I would think it would be easier to get ZtHA to support all those additional operations for this lock once we get this device onboarded, compared to Z2M because if you look at other supported Yale locks which is similar to the lockwood, all of them only supports lock, status and battery. So I am not too hopeful with Z2M. The problem is, I am a developer but not the right type fo this :). I am not a python dev, and also haven't done much dev in terms of Zigbee and HA, so its going to be a slow investigation if I get a chance to look into it. I am a bit time poor right now, so perhaps next week or so I will try to look into it but can't promise anything. I will be watching your post closely as well, hopefully someone who already has experience on this can help out quicker? Fingers crossed!

                    • @ggbhai: My friend has the Yale zwave lock and can set pin codes.

                      Just need to figure out how to expose this in zigbee too…

                      Thanks for the effort you've already put in @sud33p, you've been a big help just being able to integrate in the lock/unlock feature :)

                      • @Canberran: No worries, I will have a look when I get a chance, I am interested to get this working as well since this lock doesn't have any app.

                        Regarding your friend's Yale, is that via HA and Zigbee2mqtt or ZHA? Coz I checked the z2m support on Yale and don't see any that supports beyond lock/unlock status and battery.


                        Edit: ah, I re-read your msg and saw its a zwave, my bad. Yea, what I meant above was that the limitation of lock/status/battery only on the Yale locks is on the Z2M side, the locks do support other features and so does the Lockwood one from what I can see from their Zigbee compliance doc (link below). We just need to expose that to z2m or ZHA.


                        • @ggbhai: I currently use Z2M also, so I know what you mean about effort of re-pairing all my devices. BUT, if ZHA supports codes, and the API you for Zigbee also supports codes, we just need some smart people to get in on it :) My fingers are crossed.

                          Feel free to PM me if you need anything, will keep checking back on this sub to see if you're able to make any progress :)

                          • @Canberran: Thanks. Will also regularly check back to see if what progress has been made.

                        • @ggbhai: @sud33p this would be the relevant portion for adding this to ZHA and checking if we can set codes via ZHA:

                          • @Canberran: I’ve tried pairing one of these with zigbee2mqtt this evening. I can connect it to the zigbee stick but it doesn’t recognise the device of course. Keen to follow developments on this. I don’t know where to start with ‘herdsman converters’ ! :-/

                            • @mrkookz: I followed the instruction from sud33 posted on the 11-05-2021. To reiterate, download the file from the pastebin url using the download button. Find the file YDD-D4F0-TSDB.js on your computer, and move this file into the zigbee2mqtt directory as stated. This should be located at HomeAssistant\share\zigbee2mqtt. Adjust the configuration.yaml file held in this directory at the top of the file under "ëxternal converters" by adding

                              "external_converters": [

                              Leave the remainder of the file untouched. Restart HomeAssistant. You should then find the device recognised as supported.

                        • @ggbhai: Any luck with the lock codes on zigbee?

        • I have HA and a C2531, so I could do it this way, alternatively I also Have a Vera Z-Wave hub so I'm keen to find out whether the Yale Z-Wave module would work…

          • @Hipsi: @sud33p do you get battery status for yours? Ive just added mine to z2m and althougb im able to lock and unlock, im not getting anything for the battery.

    • That’s been exactly my experience too:
      adding to SmartThings fine, can un/lock and automate. However, SmartThings does not seem to expose it to Google Assistant whatever I try.
      Also cannot read out code entering history or failed attempts from lock log.
      Welcoming anyone having any ideas!

  • Hi All. what is the simplest way of adding this to apple home app? ordered outside of this deal from same buyer. but am keen to know the simplest solution. tyia

    • It’s not going to work out of box as for Apple compatibility any device requires HomeKit integration. This lock just supports Zigbee. There are possibilities via eg Homebridge but unless you are already into smart home stuff, it’s going to be cheaper and quicker to just buy yourself a new lock that supports Apple HomeKit.

      • Thanks mate. I do have homebridge running on a Pi already

        • Have a look at a Conbee II as a USB ZigBee adapter for the Pi. Will be $70ish.

          I don’t know how to set it up with HomeBridge, I use Home Assistant, but I’m sure that’s doable if you search up some guides.

  • +1

    From research the august module seems the best and unlocks the most options. Search AYR202CBAKIT

    I picked one up from eBay US $87 delivered. Hope it works out lol

    • Let us know how you go.

      Sounds like it should work, but doubles the cost paid for the lock.

      Not as good a deal out of the box as we thought.

    • Let’s us know if it works 🤞🏽
      Note this is not a Yale lock. Is a Lockwood. I called the manufacturer. Called Assa Abloy. They said Yale and Lockwood were not compatible. Yale is the newer version of this lock.

      • as in you can't use an august module?

        • Correct. That’s what I was told by them.

          • +1

            @Mahalo: ahhh glad I didn't pull the trigger on this one then!


            I've got a Yale with an august module and it's great!

            Was thinking of using this on another door, but will need to wait.

            • @yozza: Lets wait and see what Evostar reports back after they receive their module and try it with this T-lock.

    • Following keenly. Picked up one of these locks for a new build front door, and would love to integrate it with the August / Yale Access Kit at some point.

    • +1

      Received. Installed. detected by app and Homekit. but I do have to wait for previous owner to allow me to change accounts with august. I've installed in my lock and added the module to august which has sent a request to the previous owner. lets hope they give me access soon! (or f me completely lol) but the module is a direct fit. and august app picks it up for setup. will report back soon. or if you don't hear from me within a week I've probably been shafted.

      • Good luck!

      • Fan-bloody-tastic! :)
        Thanks for letting us know.

    • Do you mind sharing where u ordered it from thanks.

  • did anyone manage to pair it with Xiaomi v3 hub (w/ zigbee)? thanks!

    • Wasn't successful.
      Probably OK if you have linked the Xiaomi hub with HomeAssistant.
      But I hate fiddly solutions. Would rather not have to run HomeAssistant separately.

      Bought the Sengled Hub because it was reportedly working with the Yale lock.
      However, upon pairing, the Yale lock seems to see the Sengled Hub but the Sengled Hub doesn't see the Yale lock!
      After timing out, the Yale lock ends up doing a factory reset :/

  • Heads up to check your batteries. Today there was no warning and the battery died in little over a month after use. I didn’t have a 9v battery backup outside. Lucky I had the back door not locked and went into my house ok.

    • So far mine's reporting 98% but that does remind me I should set up a notification in HA for when it drops.

      I do like Eufys backup of a USB port rather than a 9V, probably easier to get a hold of but it is what it is I guess.

      Did you have one bad cell or all were flat?

      • I just replaced all batteries and threw old ones in the bin.
        The lock is more responsive with the new batteries and quicker to unlock.

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