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30% off All 200g Bags $19.60 + $8 Shipping @ Viking Jerky


Looks like they acquired the mailing list as well…

Summary of email

Three of the Friendly Grocer stores stocked Geronimos, which then stopped. The owner ("Viking Tony") approached Gerominos owner and acquired their recipes
They've finished building a commercial kitchen and "Viking Jerky" is being trialled with 4 Flavours

  • Original (traditional jerky)
  • The Craken (cracked pepper) aka BuckShot
  • Berserk Barbeque aka Spicy Shaman
  • Valhalla Habanero aka award winning Sidewinder

…more flavours to come

Limited stock

Shipping looks reasonable as a flat rate of $8 (unclear if they're using AusPost due to recent decisions to no longer deliver perishable products)

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    acquired by VikingJerky

    Not good news if you have a Cnut allergy…

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    I just want the Geronimo flavour without having a sore jaw.

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      Or cracked teeth.

  • I still have over $100 stuck with Geronimos :/ waited for a package that never came, tried reaching out to them with no response and then they shut down.

  • Looks like the web server is down. Im not sure they are prepared for the potential traffic from Ozbargain

    • It was down on the first 20 clicks :/

  • Is this even any good? How do ppl rate these

    • +3

      Haven't tried Viking but Geronimo was the bomb, cure was on the harder side (saw jaw after a while haha), but the seasoning was the best of the few that I tried (Jim's, Biltong Man, Swagman, Ripsaw, a couple random ones on eBay).

      Unfortunately if you dig into the OzB history a fair few people got stuffed about/screwed by Geronimo before they ended up shutting down. Hopefully 'Viking Tony' doesn't go the same route! I'm going to give it a try.

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    I was a long time Geronimo customer until they went AWOL on us.

    I tried D.Jays Gourmet and haven't looked back. Very comparable to Geronimo. $80/kg with various cut lengths, fatty varieties and flavours.

    Also sell Biltong, boerewors, and droewors!

  • Shame that people got screwed by Geronimo, when did this happen?
    For me Geronimo's was too dry/hard for me & my brother, whose very picky.

    The best I've had IMHO is Silvers (https://www.beefjerkybysilvers.com.au/).
    Another good thing is their flavors/quality that haven't changed much, if at all over a 4+ years period, came across them while on holidays interstate.
    Couldn't find a flavor that I didn't like, every time.
    Just wished that did bigger packs vs multiple small packs.

    Followed by jerky & biltong from https://biltong.com.au.
    Jim's also good, not as dry as some others, I've tried Swagman also, but too long ago & cant recall their taste.
    Heavenly jerky on eBay was nice, their Bourbon Honey (not dry) was good, but doesn't have a strong flavor, after trying their sample pack, I would only get this again.

    Looks like I need to try Ripsaw, Biltong Man & D.Jays, thanks for mentioning them.

    • Just wanted to add:
      Some flavors of Heavenly jerky was a bit dry.

      Also need to try Viking jerky.

  • the email is real dodgy, riddled with spelling errors, address is wrong at the bottom, if you already got burned by geronimo maybe something to consider

    • They take PayPal, so should be pretty safe if they don't deliver.

  • Merged from 30% off All 200g Bags $19.60 (Was $28) + $8 Shipping @ Viking Jerky

    I have had a few emails from Ozbargain customers telling me to post on here but I have been hesitant until now.
    I really hope some of them will comment and let everyone know how nice our product is.

    We have realized that there are so many people that enjoyed the Geronimo taste on here so have provided this deal now.
    So we can get out stock quickly I have a limited quantity for this sale so order while stock lasts.

    Offer is 30% off all 200g bags using codeword vikingj20030 VikingJerky
    with flat shipping rate of $8.

    • Odins Original (traditional jerky)
    • The Kraken (cracked pepper) aka BuckShot
    • Berserk Barbeque aka Spicy Shaman
    • Valhalla Habanero aka award winning Sidewinder

    We are also throwing in 100g of our tester, lemon, thyme and cracked pepper absolutely FREE!.

    400g VikingJerky giveaways Monthly on both Facebook and Instagram.

    VIKING Facebook
    VIKING Instagram

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      I will be back online this afternoon to follow up. Cooking and packing, cooking and packing, cooking and packing BRB :-)

    • I really like Jack Links teriyaki flavor which one of your flavors would you recommmend.

      • All of our flavours are top notch with no artificial flavours or preservatives and high in protein with no sugar added.
        We will do a teriyaki soon which was their Powwow and possibly if you order something today and email me I will do a sample of our tester natural hickory smoked Maple Jerky.

    • Can't pick up order? I live close by and don't want to pay $8 shipping :(

      • +1

        Yes you can pick up at our shop at Friendly Grocers any time between 6am-8pm 7 Days a week :-)
        I have stocked the front with ample 200g bags. They are all at discounted rate until this sale finishes.
        Friendly Grocers 77 Camelia Avenue, Everton Hills.

        • Cool, thanks! Do we get the 100g tester pack as well?

          • @j0hnd0e: Unfortunate, but no as I have the price down to $17 for walk-in customers during this sale.

    • Any comment about How dry/quality/Taste ? etc

    • +1

      It is American style beef jerky not biltong so dryer but as we are using a premium cut and slicing against grain, it is a great chew.. It is all natural so no added chemicals. A lot of jerkys and biltong have rubish in them to give them a longer shelf life, We do not.

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      Ordered when you sent out the email campaign and I've just ordered more thanks!

    • +1

      Same here. Got coworkers to get into these too! Thank you


    • +1

      Ordered two 200gm bags of the buckshot around 10 days or so ago, and they arrived a few days ago.
      It is just as good as geronimo (maybe even a little better since geronimo could sometimes have quality control issues)
      It's just as dry and flavoursome as i remember.
      Even the new tester product was great.
      Will be buying more soon.

  • FYI Op - AusPost has back-flipped on their previous decision not to transport perishable food.


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